Get-Together at City Bakery in New York City

Next week I’ll be in New York City and there’s going to be a get-together and booksigning at The City Bakery, home of the fabulous pretzel croissant. It’ll be a chance to meet and greet. So if you live in the area, or feel like you need an excuse to visit New York next weekend, stop by for a visit!


The event will be next Sunday, September 30th, from 3-4:30pm.

The kind folks at Baileys have offered sippin’ samples as well.
(While it lasts…better get there before I do…)

This will be my only US visit this fall so if you’ve been waiting for your chance to meet up or get your book signed, come visit me upstairs at The City Bakery next weekend.

I’m looking forward to the get-together!

The City Bakery
3 West 18th Street
Near Union Square

(Big thanks to Maury Rubin for offering space for the event and making books available on short notice.)




  • Ok! See you then!


  • I want to try a pretzel croissant! Can you bring one back for me? Bises, M.G.

  • Wow — I think I may actually be in the city that day. If I am, I’ll be there.

  • Will the tour include SF? I’ll bring you Garrett Carmel Popcorn :)

  • Oh God I will be in New York city this week-end! (usually I’m in Antibes, French riviera)

    I will try to stop by, I love reading your blog!
    See you soon :-)


  • Wow, I can just walk over! I’ll try to be there with bells on!

  • There is a City Bakery in Los Angeles and those pretzel crossiants are just amazing.

  • Mmmmm now everyone’s got me excited! I just moved to NYC, I’ve been reading this blog and love it but I don’t have your book. I’ll come and say hi anyway (and try out this pretzel croissant), we don’t have to email you ahead, do we?

  • E: No need to email, just come as you are!
    (Provided you’re showered and dressed…)

    fred: Was just in San Francisco, twice, in June. And there’s Garrett’s in New York.

    Ms. Glaze: Didn’t you get the memo? You can’t bring croissants into France.

    C’est interdit!
    Mon dieu…ma chèrie

    French Laundry at Home: Great! Maybe with your influence, you can get us into Per Se.

  • I’ll be glassblowing in Brooklyn until 2pm on Sunday, so I may be able to stop by near the end of the event to meet you!

  • I love your blog AND the hot chocolate from City Bakery. What a perfect combo. I recently made the mango sorbet from The Perfect Scoop without actually having the book. I feel extraordinarily guilty about that but will be picking up your book this week considering how wonderful the sorbet turned out. Hope to see you on Sunday with a copy of the book in my hand!! :)

  • Hi David,
    At last! I can’t wait to meet, and City Bakery is yummy. Only thing is, I have an engagement at 2:30 that’s supposed to last a couple hours. Is there any chance you’ll stick around a bit longer? I actually know someone at Per Se, but I doubt he can get us in, ha!

    BTW, your plain frozen yogurt recipe inspired me to make creamed cottage cheese “ice cream.” It was delicious, if I do say so myself.

  • I’m staying only as long as the Baileys holds out (or people keep feeding me pretzel croissants), then that’s it.

    Actually, I may stick around as long as people linger. But I do have a rendez-vous early that night with a baking guru, so I do have to go home and sleep off some of the whiskey beforehand so I’m at my best.

  • When will you ever make an appearance in L.A.? I only have all your cookbooks for you to sign. : )

  • Ellen: I love LA! (I think I’m the only one…) and was hoping to get there last time. Don’t know when I’ll be back…but don’t you need to use up some of those miles and come to NY this weekend?

  • I am so glad I decided to goof off at work & catch up on my RSS feeds or I would never have caught this. I just moved to NYC a couple of weeks ago & have not yet visited city bakery (despite only living a couple of streets up & one block away). I can’t imagine a better time to rectify this omission.

    See you there!

  • Oh darn!
    Just as I’m boarding AF morning flight for Paree..
    Wouldn’t ya know it!

  • I’m so jealous that I can’t be there… will be in NY in a couple of weeks and was there last week!

    I love The City Bakery! Their hot chocolate is divinely decadent! Like drinking liquid truffles!

    You need to come to Boston sometime! BTW- I’ve been happily working my way through The Perfect Scoop… YUM!

  • Oh no, i have falled off the reading radar for a week or so (all thanks to work!) and missed your fantastic signing! Are you doing any more signings? Are you in NY for long? I’ve been flipping through my copy of “The Perfect Scoop” and just loving every recipe!!