Howdy From Texas

They say that two of the worst things that you can eat are Fritos and white chocolate.


I’ve been here less than 24 hours and I’ve already slipped on one.

Guess I’ll just have to stick with laying off the white chocolate.




  • My mom would totally commend you. She has kind of a weakness for Fritos. I love ’em too, but I like the chili and lime ones best. Me, I usually crack in the presence of a salty product with some kind of construction-orange “cheez” angle to it – Cheetos, Cheez-Its, Sour Cream & Cheddar chips. That’s why I don’t often eat Fritos, ‘cos I need to also dip them in that unholy, goopy “chili con queso” in the jar.

  • David, please please please go to the Drive-thru of Taco Cabana and order 12 fresh tortillas and a large queso! Preferrably at 3am.

  • Sorry for side-tracking… I know I should be asking Patricia Wells about this but I cannot help thinking you must have attempted her financiers at home… so I hope you don’t mind my asking! In Patricia Wells’s recipe for financiers (from the Poujarin bakery?), she doesn’t specify whisking the eggwhites to frothy nor browning the butter. I wonder if you think these are necessary for making financiers?

  • Where’s the dang chili?

  • Everyone knows that “white” chocolate is not only an oxymoron but an abomination. What’s wrong with Fritos?

  • But when they said “worst” what they mean is “best”….at least for the Fritos.

  • frito pies probably fall into that category of “worst” foods too

  • Be sure to have a Frito Pie while in the Lone Star state

  • Is it just me, or do white chocolate-covered fritos sound really good?

  • Fritos are the apogee of junk-food bliss.

  • I was afraid this was going to include a recipe for white-chocolate-dipped Fritos. And unlike Jessica, I did not think that would be a good combination.

    Have fun on your vacation! Hope the food gets better.

  • If you get to the Dallas area, you can to go the Frito-Lay headquarters in Plano and tell them in person of your feelings. That is if you can get past security—it is like Fort Knox since they fear their secrets being stolen—fat, corn, water, fat and more corn…ick!

    Have fun in Texas!

  • Hmmm. Who is “they”? would it be the French? Oh well, I guess it’s true what they say… “You can take the boy out of France but if he goes to Texas keep him away from white chocolate and fritos… um. yeah.

  • I won’t pretend that Fritos are healthy or anything. But they have only three unobjectionable ingredients (corn, corn oil, salt). That’s hard to find in mass produced packaged gas station food.

    Plus they’re delicious.

  • There are certain times when this chick craves salt. I’d get my own salt lick if I thought the neighbors wouldn’t look at me weird. Because we don’t have a fence, I buy Fritos when I need salt. Mmmmmmmm. And the white chocolate dipped Fritos sounds pretty good. White chocolate is only good (to me) on salty pretzels, so that pretty delicious!

  • Hey David!

    At sonic they have frito pie. Fritos covered with chili, cheese, and onions. Its sounds not so tasty,but the whole is far greater then the sum of the parts. With a cherry limeade, it may be one of the truly great road food meals!

  • What exactly is white chocolate?

  • Yay! You’re in Texas! I’m breathlessly awaiting this Saturday’s class with you in San Antonio!

  • mmm, cherry limeade! I go to Sonic 3 times a week.

    I lurrrve me some chocolate candy made with Fritos. The salt goes excellently with dark chocolate.

    Welcome to Texas, yeehaw!

  • Oh gawd. I’m now craving Frito Pie.

  • You probably couldn’t help buying those because now that you’re in the U.S. everything is priced in dollars and looks so comparatively cheap.

  • I really thought that I would open this post and there would be white chocolate Frito nests or something! Eat some chili-cheese flavor ones for me…

    Wish they had those in France…

  • hear hear Pouncy, without Fritos you would not have Fritos Pie, which would be pretty interesting with white chocolate on top…

  • However, I think if you combine the fritos and the white chocolate, the chemical reaction that takes place makes them enormously high in vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega-3s.

    And perhaps toss them in batter and then into the fryer.

  • My dog’s feet smell just like Fritos. It’s enough to keep me away from them (the feet and the Fritos).

  • Hi David,

    Long-time reader, and first-time commenter here; finally moved to write in order to wish you a great class this evening and a fine stay here in my own town of Ft. Worth! I tried to get free to take the class, but alas, no luck. Have a great time, though; they’re a nice bunch over there at the cooking school.

    So an interesting bit of trivia about Fritos (and perhaps part of what makes them so darn good?) is that they are supposedly the last fried on a batch of oil: first plain potato chips, then through the line, until last is Fritos, where they soak up all the appalling ‘goodness’ of all that has preceded them. Enjoy them, I say, and save your guilt for something worthy, right?

    (And if your looking for some fine BBQ, don’t miss Railhead!)

  • Yes, but Fritos are gluten-free! And you have no idea how handy that becomes sometimes.

    (Or maybe that’s just justification in eating them. It’s hard to resist their salty goodness.)

  • Welcome back to Texas, David! Just for the record word is that Fritos were invented in San Antonio… see you at the CM class.

  • Hello, David! I’m picking you up tomorrow from the Driskill.

    Want to stop by Teo’s before we head to CM? Your call. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

    Central Market

  • You can get any of the best kinds of corn chip in Texas. Why settle for hydrogenated garbage?

  • You’re there – you’ve started – go big or go home!

  • add a Dublin Dr. Pepper to that Frito snack and welcome back.

  • If you think about it, Fritos are practically fat free, compared to, oh, say, something that is 100% fat. They really are the “haute” of chip, if I do say so.

  • Matt: Who eats chili for breakfast??

    Joanne: Actually the person who told me that white chocolate is the worst thing you can eat is someone who was a bean-to-bar chocolate maker!

    Henry: I can’t comment on other people’s recipes, and always recommend folks contact the author. Patricia’s website is listed on my Links page & you might want to send your question to her directly.

    giz: Not that I need the encouragement…but thanks for your support!

  • Whew! For a minute there I was worried that you had invented Frito crisp-white chocolate marble ice cream!

  • Phew! For just a moment there I thought you were going to say you had coated your Fritos in white chocolate…I’m still palpitating…

  • I too thought this post was going to introduce me to some sort of salty-sweet dessert. In this case, too salty and too sweet.

    I offer my sympathies to your palate, David.

  • Cissi’s Market in Austin sells chipotle chocolate covered Fritos that are excellent. The chipotle makes the fritos taste like the chili cheese Fritos. Yum.

  • Okay, so I must be the only person to now be considering a snack of Fritos and white chocolate. Shame on you David for giving me the most unholy food craving I’ve ever considered.

  • You’re in Texas? For how long? I get back in two days. Are you in Austin?

    White chocolate paired with raspberry is divine; whoever says it’s one of the “worst things that you can eat” hasn’t tried Godiva’s creamy goodness.

  • what? no Fritos in Paris? what on earth do they smash on their bologna sandwiches on white bread???

  • I love this post. It makes me smile. Well, maybe it makes me laugh. Come on. Don’t you think Fritos taste like dogs feet smell?