Finally! A great burger…

burger brioche

…one that I can really sink my teeth into.

(Um…I think…)




  • Good idea, but it is… Shopi…

  • Let’s not be too food-shopping-snobby. I can think of any number of days when I was thrilled to find a Shopi open. And you have to give their food stylist credit. It looks pretty scrumptious as well as being clever. (Granted, in reality it might flunk the taste test, and it would certainly be an odd mixture of textures biting into it. But hey, it looks good, in a nostalgic American sort of way.)

  • It makes me feel slightly sick, not sure why.

  • Hey,

    If you’re looking for a real (juicy and tasty) burger, go there:
    Restaurant le Floors
    100 rue Myrha
    75018 Paris
    Tel : 01 42 62 08 08

    It’s quite expensive but everything is handmade and the choice is amazing so it’s worth paying for!

  • Hmmmm looks a bit gross actually….

  • huh… the appearence of the burger makes me think about oil, meat, herbs, vinegar, mushrooms, ketchup, cheese, and then i see pear slices and chocolate, yikkes…

    it’s as apealing as thinking about mutton broth with strawberries, or as thinking about oysters covered with chocolate…

    it reminds me of a nice orange cake i saw once in a party, that has the shape and the color of a ham, with the bone and everything. what a strange idea !

  • I can hear our collective pancreas sobbing, just looking at that photo!

  • Urrrppp! The only thing worse than a fake burger is one with pears in it! How absolutely distressing!

  • anothercatherine, judith & amanda: To be honest, the bun looks pretty decent. But the rest of it, I’m not so sure….

    And we should indeed be thankful that they resisted adding raspberry “ketchup”…or something like that.

  • I can’t keep my eyes off of that green thing…If that is green. Green-brown…yeah.

    That’s um…well….interesting.

    Definetly something to look at. : P

  • Well..that looks like brioche, chocolate and caramel to me sprinkled with course sugar..I think it’s the French version of S’mores! Add a marshmallow and toast that baby up..and I’ll happily sink my teeth into it!

  • Susan: Actually, to build a better burger here, let’s skip the brioche, and replace it with two giant marshmallows. Ditch the pears and in their place, add a couple of sheets of peanut brittle. Then douse the whole shebang in salted butter caramel sauce.

    …et voilà!

  • I’m good with that….Bring it!

  • Ben, I’m not being snobby, but Shopi is Shopi, and any kind of “innovative” concept food from them should surely be avoided…

  • Just curious…Why is the Eiffel Tower Blue tonight and what is the ring of stars on it? I love to view it with the webcam and just noticed this.


  • Adrian & Ben: Compared to Franprix and Leader Price, Shopi is Cartier!

  • To Sandy: the Eiffel Tower is lit in blue with 12 yellow stars to celebrate the presidence of the European Union by France for 6 montgs (until Dec. 31st). The European flag is blue with 12 stars (a symbol of the 12 founding members of the E.U.).
    It is only this way for one more month so enjoy while it lasts!

  • I’m probably the only one that thinks that looks appetizing! Okay, so the bun not so much. Then again, I dip fries in chocolate malts.

  • Again… I’ll stick with a Lillet cocktail.

  • Not so pretty. Can you please hold the bacon bits and moth balls? Maybe deconstructed it might not be so bad. But a burger it’s not!
    What and where is Shopi?

  • Did it again. The cheeseburger at Coffee Parisien (despite being the only clients in the restaurant this afternoon..) remains excellent. Probably the best I’ve had in Paris thus far.