Did You Get It?

“What did I get?” you’re perhaps asking yourself.

Hint: It’s not something that’s gonna make you itch.
It’s my newsletter, which is sent out infrequently to subscribers. The latest one contained lots of info about my upcoming giant Paris book party, an astonishingly long list of strikes happening in France this month, news of exciting chocolate tours, and references to folks wearing short shorts sans slip.

“How do I get this exciting and sometimes tawdry newsletter?” you’re probably asking yourself.

It’s simple.
Just enter your email address in the green box to the right and you’ll be the first to get my seasonal updates as well as news and tips. You won’t be innundated by email (unless you’re Matt) and your address is never, ever shared.

Never miss a post!


  • November 3, 2006 1:26pm

    Uhh, can you send one to latecomers or are you gonna make us wait for the next edition? ;)

  • Christian
    November 3, 2006 3:50pm

    I actually signed up a few weeks ago, got a confirmation email, and didn’t get your latest newsletter.

    Not sure if there’s a glitch in the system, just FYI.

    I’d love to see it, but I might cry since I just left Paris for at least a couple months and won’t be able to come to your book party!

  • B
    November 3, 2006 4:01pm

    Nope, didn’t get it. Maybe it’s just slow coming from Paris…

  • November 3, 2006 10:48pm

    me neither and i have been signed up for months. something is afoot methinks.

  • November 4, 2006 3:24am

    Hmmm. Perhaps if you’re not getting it, you may want to check your mail filters. Since it gets sent out ‘in bulk’ some services block email that is sent en masse. Also, I’ve found out (the hard way) that some US servers routinely block mail from foreign addresses, especially in workplaces.

    Try entering the info again, and sorry that you missed the last newsletter…

  • gladys
    November 4, 2006 9:36am

    I didn’t get it either, signed up a few weeks ago, I don’t have any blocks or firewalls, and it didn’t go to my junkmail. Maybe it’s the foreign thing.

  • Kelly
    November 4, 2006 6:07pm

    In the meantime folks — until the newsletter intercept problems are addressed — check out the news about the recent Salon du Chocolat in Paris at http://www.parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com. Mouth-wateringly-interesting!

  • November 5, 2006 9:15am

    Sorry about the delivery issues. You mean I’m doing all that writing and no one can read it? Actually I’ve gotten quite a few responses back, so a good portion of folks are getting it. The newsletter software is from way back when I started the site, in 1999, and if I change it, I’ll lose the hundreds of thousands of people who already signed up, so I’m not sure what to do.

    Any suggestions? Help!

  • Lynn
    November 5, 2006 1:00pm

    I have been signed up since summer & didn’t receive this either. Tried re-upping & message came back that I was signed up……….When Paris book party? In May when we come for the chocolate tour (yes, we are registered)?

  • November 6, 2006 2:12am

    I signed up months ago and didn’t get it either… I checked my bulk mail box as well.

    Look forward to receiving it once the glitch is fixed!!

  • jennifer
    November 6, 2006 8:27pm

    Ditto – (on the signed up a while ago but not getting it part).

  • Steve
    November 6, 2006 10:16pm

    Hate to add to the chorus but there does seem to be a number of subscribers who do not receive these e-mails (I’m one of them, too). As a certified technophobe I picture thousands of tiny little e-mail messages getting bottlenecked somewhere, like grains of sand in an hourglass, so that a message addressed to me must wait its turn to be sent on its way, but I don’t think that’s how things actually work.

  • November 7, 2006 1:53am

    Ok…will forward the comments to my web master for him to unravel!

    UPDATE: My long-suffering web master informed me that my subscriber program, as well as my site, has been overloading the server, so he’s installing a new subscriber program. Hopefully he’ll be able to transfer everyone’s email addresses to the new service.

    Will keep you posted and thanks for your patience!

  • Sam from Oz
    November 13, 2006 5:00am

    thanks david for all the chocolate you made with us just last week. I had so much fun and i am sure gradma did too.
    i really enjoyed the day in paris and i’ll remeber that trip for the rest of my life.
    Thankyou so much