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two donuts

Donuts! Now there’s a new concept.

Actually there’s nothing new about donuts, and places like Krispy Kreme have come, and (almost) gone. But tucked away in a sunny corner of 24th Street in the Mission is the Dynamo Donut & Coffee shop.

chocolate donuts

It’s not really a shop, but a stand, a counter on the street with a nice shiny espresso machine and a few covered cake stands of donuts, whose flavors change on a daily basis.

Each day, three of four varieties of donuts are whipped up, and when I was there, Spiced Chocolate, Coconut, and Vanilla Glaze. Of course, we got one of each.

Gulp! The camera doesn’t lie—we got two of each.

donut menu

We missed Caramel-Sel and Lemon Pistachio, and Bacon-Apple with Maple Glaze (omg! It’s making me crazy just typing those words), but I love anything with coconut and the coconut-topped donut was tender and cakey, with big, crusty shards of coconut embedded into the top. But the big winner was the Spiced Chocolate. Each soft, brown, sugar-crusted circle was bursting with dark chocolate flavor, with the heat of chipotle chiles giving it a nice afterburn. We agreed that that was our favorite.

coconut donuts

The only downside was that I left them unattended on my friend’s kitchen counter, went out to do some errands, and when I came home, there was just a few crumbs of one of the Coconut donuts left. I have a 7:20am flight to New York tomorrow and was hoping they’d be open early for a quick, last-minute coffee ‘n donut grab, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But I know where I’m heading first next time I come back. And I’ll be sure to hide them well, or eat them quickly.

Dynamo Donut & Coffee
2760 24th Street (at Hampshire)
San Francisco, CA
(415) 920-1978

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    • Caitlin

    Oh, man…I really did NOT need to know about this place. This is almost in my ‘hood—too close for comfort. Farewell, David! Have a safe flight.

    • Jeremy

    I wonder, will you go to the Doughnut plant while your in the city?

    • Saja

    The bacon-apple donut is kind of blowing my mind. My good lord, that sounds amazing!

    • Amy Sherman

    My Dynamo Donuts were horribly mushy. Sounds like you had better luck. Perhaps they deserve another chance…?

    • Dana Mccauley

    I went on a donut making binge earlier this summer – after all, once you make one batch you may as well keep going until the oil needs to be changed.

    There is really nothing like a super fresh scratch donut. Yum!

    I think those coconut jobbies look especially declicious.

    • Hilary

    Spiced Chocolate … um, yeah.

    • Annie

    Oh my how I love someone who spends his vacation eating! Seriously, if I could map my dream travels, it would be to all the great cities in the world with the first goal of eating everything I could get my hands on. You know how to travel David!

    • Julia Morris

    $2.50 for a donut? They’d better be good.

    • Anne

    Them’s Paris prices! (well almost….)

    • Joan

    Ummm donuts – another thing I miss about the US. That and American bacon.

    I’m so jealous !

    When you are in NY, could you sous-vide a slice of Koronet’s for me and ship it overnight?


    • priya

    okay david, when you get back and type out your next post, puhleeese make sure that it includes recipes for chocolate cupcakes and donuts.

    • Joan Pan

    Oh yah ~ try this place:

    I haven’t been in years but it was fabulous. Looks like they have expanded.

    • Susan

    Well..if Krispy Kreme did nothing else, they got bakers reinventing the donut. Thank goodness, right? That Maple-Bacon sounds portable pancakes and bacon! I could get up early for that.

    • C(h)ristine

    I am so hitting this place next week, now. I love reading about your life in Paris, David…but part of me wishes you lived back here so I can acknowledge and keep running to all the places you love…

    • Stacey

    As an expat from SF living in Berlin for the past 11 years, I must tell you that I hate you.. how come you get to spend a week in SF EATING??? It´s been great following your taste buds around the city.. but I am so jealous I could cry.

    • Erin

    mmm. . . doughnuts. I am heading to Portland this weekend and plan to indulge in a maple bacon doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts. Boy am I excited!

    • Mariangela

    Although it’s in my neighborhood, Dynamo Donut is not likely to have the same sensory effect on me as Pierre Herme’s canneles or macarons or chocolate gianduia croissants nor Gerard Mulot’s croissants (not fried of course) that I am longing for less than 24 hours after leaving Paris…

    • krysalia

    I’m craving lemon thyme with honey glaze :D

    • Nikki

    Where I work, I make an apple-bacon-gruyere scone. I’m totally making a maple glaze to put on a…apple bacon brownie. With little toffee bits. I’m excited. I’ve got to get crackin’…

    • justfoodnow

    Oh my gawd! We don’t even get anything like that here in Cape Town. We can get almost anything, but not doughnuts, burgers or fast food. Our claim to fame is KFC, MacDonalds and ……. err…… steak places?

    Normally I don’t like junkfood, but those doughnuts look like works of art.

    Now I feel hard done by.

    • Wendy

    Dynamo is only 6 blocks from home- a big thank you David. I bought 3 donuts- chocolate chipotle, lemon pistachio and the apple-bacon maple glaze. Since my husband of 25 years has never been known to eat donuts, I ate the apple-bacon without having to share. Around midnight my darling Bernie needed a snack. I actually had to talk him into just one bite, but he succumbed to the charms of these light and delicious creations. 2 donuts later, I did not hear a peep about how they lay like a rock in your stomach. It was pretty romantic to stand in our kitchen and gaze at the SF skyline while munching these donuts. They’re not just for breakfast!

    • Dawn in CA

    Perhaps when you get home, you can finally put those Xocopilli chocolates to good use… in a donut recipe! Yeah, I know they are made with cumin, and the ones you ate had chipotle, but I bet you could come up with something delish. Have fun in NY, looking forward to more U.S. posts.

    • Sky G

    My wife and I were in the city last night for a wedding and so we stopped here on our way home this morning. The donuts were super fresh and wonderful. We had the vanilla glazed, chipotle chocolate, lemon thyme and ginger orange – LOVED them all. I had a really excellent macchiato – I’m a huge fan of Stumptown Coffee in Portland, and was pleasantly surprised to see that’s what they were serving. Good thing this place is 2 hours away, I’d be there daily if it was close.

    • Anna

    I love doughnuts and just returned from, coincidentally, NY to San Francisco. You must visit the Doughnut Plant in Manhattan for incredible coconut custard doughnuts. We purchased ours from Dean and Delucca rather than their retail store but still wonderful. I must make a trek to Mission St. for my next doughnut experience. While it is almost ubiquitous in restaurants now, not all are good.

    • Christina

    Thanks for the recommendation. We were on our way down HWY 1 to the Big Sur and in a hurry for something quick for breakfast. The line was too long at Tartine! We ordered the candied orange and bacon apple w/maple glaze. So delicious!

    • haia

    ok.we are planning a trip to usa-san fransisco and also to paris in the way back home and y just find this blog and it cames just in time-but i see we have to stay in san for at least one month


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