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Fog City News

Merci beaucoup to the swarm of folks that showed up for my booksigning and ice cream tasting at Fog City News yesterday. I hadn’t been in the store in some time and was not only thrilled to see the most unusual and creative selection of chocolate tablets that’s ever been collected in one place, but it was great to meet those of you who stopped by for a scoop and to have your book inscribed by yours truly.

I left with a nice selection of bars myself, including a few from local favorites E. Guittard and some unusual tastes to sample as well. How about a chocolate bar seasoned with pink Himalayan salt and caramel and another one with bananas and ginger, both from Coppeneur in Germany? Can’t wait to try those.

And in case you missed my class at Draeger‘s yesterday evening, Brian over at Chocolate Gourmand posted a terrific write-up of the chocolate-filled event.

(Although I don’t know who that goofy-looking guy in the photos is…)


    • Gail

    Geez, are you doing your ‘Arnauld’ impersonation?

    • Kalyn

    David, I was so glad I got to see you for a minute and what fun to run into you again today. Now I see why all the west coast women bloggers are all falling in love with you. You’re great. Hope I can see you again sometime.

    • Jeremy

    David, he posted not post!
    Your right, were checking your spelling!

    • David

    Kalyn: Loved running into you too.

    Jeremy: Well, this time my excuse is I don’t have internet access where I’m staying and I’m copping a wireless signal from a neighbor by hanging out of the window with the glare and fog of San Francisco beaming down on me and my laptop screen, which I’m holding on to for dear life.

    …and don’t you mean, we’re?
    : )

    • rooney

    no, he meant you’re


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