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Super tips on asking strangers permission to snap their photo.

Oh, la vache is right!

Let your homemade ice cream rest in Sweet Bliss.

International Travel Boo-Boos.

Drink wine through a straw?

Mastering perfect popcorn.

My new, favorite place to see Parisians in Birkenstocks.

I guess it’s not so hidden anymore.

Paris goes Wi-Fi!

le Smart car is en route to America.

Ever wonder how ‘shrooms are grown?

Oops…how many days ago was that?

Finalmente, there is good coffee in Paris, at Caldo Freddo.

Yum!—Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey.

Can someone send him a one-way ticket?

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    • Garrett

    Who needs a ticket? SF is a 90 minute drive? ;)

    • linda


    I especially like the wine one! I must say I am partial to a glass of rose!!!

    • Brenda

    A great big thank you, David, for putting up the link to tips on asking permission to photograph others. I realize that you’re probably preaching to the converted, but those are good pointers for us globetrotting Ugly Americans to be reminded of.

    • Paige

    Smart cars have been available here in Canada for a few years, and they’re starting to be hugely popular – even in Alberta, home of the giant pick-up truck. A lot of businesses are using them as commercial vehicles, as they generate a lot of attention.

    • My Melange


    I am just curious as to what you thought of your HK experience…can you share?

    • David

    My Melange: I liked my meal at Hidden Kitchen…

    On the plus side, the food was really great and the hosts are truly lovely folks and do a great job with everything. It was a joy to watch them cook and serve, and to meet them as well.

    On the other side, you don’t have a choice with who you’re dining with (which you may or may not care about—I did meet some lovely people, though…) and when I went it was summer, and the dining room was rather hot.

    I do think it was a great experience and was glad I went.

    Brenda: I’m not sure we Americans have the market on ‘ugly’ tourists cornered (I’ve seen examples from folks everywhere…except me, of course…) these are great tips.

    I’ve seen people just whip out their cameras and start snapping away. They just don’t realize the people who live where they’re visiting aren’t on vacation and don’t necessarily want to be part of someones vacation slide show…or Flickr page, as is my case : )

    I saw someone in Paris taking pictures on the métro and someone came over and grabbed the camera out of her hand. The person was obviously a bit deranged, but I’ll bet she asked from then on before taking pictures of anyone else!

    Paige: Yes, they’re using them for advertising here too. They’ve introduced a sports car and a 4-door model, but I don’t think they’ve had much success with them as I rarely see them.

    Linda: Rosé rocks! I just wish the temperature would rise a little around here so I could have a good excuse to polish off the rest of the bottles I’ve been stockpiling.

    Garrett: If you can get to Paris in 90 minutes…you’re hired!

    • My Melange

    Thanks for sharing David!! My HK experience is coming up the end of September. I do think it will be fun to ‘watch’ the kitchen. Hopefully it will be a touch cooler for us ;)


    • Krooie

    Someone here in our little Indiana hamlet owns a Smart Car. I’ve seen it a couple times around town, and it always draws a crowd when they park. I’m not sure where they purchased it, but it sure looks cool, and I’d love to take it for a spin!

    • Annie

    Thank you for the fabulous “perfect popcorn” link! I got up immediately upon reading it, and I am writing to you this minute, while I munch on my delicious, fluffy, crunchy, unburnt popcorn with salt and real butter. Yum!


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