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I took a break for some quality family time, which, by happy coincidence, included a dose of beach time as well. Now I’m back and figuring out the best way to keep my tan (which I rarely get) so I can look as sporty as the Parisians, who seem to be perennially bronzed and beautiful. I’m hoping to put together a post about the trip, but I get irked when I’m sitting at home and people are posting pictures of beautiful beaches, so I’ll try to keep those to a minimum when I do ; )

(However, when I figure out how to solve that tech issue, I reserve the right to do so. And to add one at the top of this post, too*.)

In my absence, my blog decided not to let me upload photos anymore, and someone also was going around on social media, sending messages to and fro, as if they were me. So if you got one that was in broken English or with dubious grammatical mistakes, that might have been me. But if I asked you for personal information or a credit card number, it wasn’t.

In the meantime, here are some links to where the real me has been around the web, and where I’ll be…

– I had a lot to talk about with Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats. So much so, that we recorded two podcast episodes! In them, we delved into a lot of subjects and got personal, and real. Check out the Special Sauce podcasts. If you don’t listen to podcasts, the transcript is on their site.

– Marie called my salad-making lesson with her, The Ultimate Vinaigrette (which, coming from a Frenchwoman, is a flattering compliment!) It’s here in this video, and part of her charming My Life In Sourdough web series about a French girl falling in love with her sourdough starter. Merci, Marie!

– One of the things we love about Nigella Lawson is that she doesn’t shy away from all the good things in life…like cake, cookies, and ice cream. And I was thrilled to find out that she is a fan of the new edition of The Perfect Scoop! Check out her review here.

The Perfect Scoop

-Speaking of ice cream, I wasn’t able to get out and about for the release of the updated edition of The Perfect Scoop. But I couldn’t resist a chance to enjoy some La Newyorkina ice cream, and to sit down for a conversation with Matt Robard, editor of Taste, for a chat and book signing. We’ll be doing this event at Books Are Magic in New York on July 9th. There will be samples of ice cream (first come, first serve!) and I’ll be signing copies of the new, updated edition of The Perfect Scoop. The event is free but the store requests that you RSVP at the Facebook Event Page so they know how many people to expect.

*Updates: For some reason, the tech gods prevailed and I was finally able to upload photos, so I added one at the top of this post.




    • Katarina

    I agree with Nigella, your book made me finally get an ice cream machine. Albeit given I’m a struggling student it was a cheap second hand one, but it was worth it :-)

    I’m currently on location in the middle of nowhere doing research, & on the weekend I make a little ice cream for the to relax. The stirring is a good way to wind down. Also my research involves a lot of hiking, so the I like to think I need the boost of calories too ;)

    I recently also tried a flavour combo of my own- white miso, white chocolate, Mexican vanilla, & a final albeit possibly overwhelming swirl of mesquite caramel drizzled throughout. I made it for my partners 30th birthday. Went over well.

    Loved the nectarine sorbet recipe especially. Thanks again David.

    • Beth

    I have just finished making your Perfect Scoop chocolate sorbet using Cacao Barry Brut cocoa powder and Manjari chocolate. Perfection. Our profound thanks.

    • Marge

    You know that moment when you dream about ice cream! You make it happen! Thank you for the links and the podcasts!

    • Berit

    The chocolate sorbet is also one of my favorites and the first one of your ice cream recipes I tried. I love freaking people out with it. They seem to expect a washed out icy chocolate, and then it’s so smooth and intense; it completely blows them away.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Beth and Berit: Really glad you like the chocolate sorbet in The Perfect Scoop. I always loved the Chocolate Sorbet at Berthillon in Paris, and didn’t miss the cream or dairy in it, and wanted to recreate something like it at home. It’s also one of my favorite recipes from the book, if not the favorite!

    • Kimberly

    I’ve stayed a few times at that lovely place in the photo!! I hope you made it to the other side of the island, for some malasadas at Tex’s.

    • gfy

    Re: Serious Eats interview, cannot believe that Summerhill is one of your favorite books! I found that book somewhere like a library book sale and thought it was fascinating! Have never heard of anyone else who knew of it.

    Maybe you would also enjoy one of my all time favorites, My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George…teen fiction but very much in the spirit of Summerhill.

    • Kim

    Hi David
    When I started reading this blog I wanted to send it to Nigella!! But … she loves your book The Perfect Scoop. The interview by Ed Levine was fun. The vinegarette video I sent to my daughter.

    • Kim

    Yeah also
    I had ‘you’ follow me on Instagram
    My heart pounded but then plummeted… it wasn’t you. I didn’t follow back.


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