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Last night, celebrating my good health, I took advantage of an invitation I received to meet the Paris Bloggers.

Unlike the Paris Food Bloggers, my friends who are a fine, upstanding bunch of citizens, the Paris Bloggers are a wanton, hedonistic tribe who didn’t have a clue who I was. So they tried to ply me with Cosmopolitans anyways in hopes of getting a picture of the newbie in some sort of Cosmopolitany altered state.
Since they don’t know me all that well, they thought they could tempt me with vodka and raw vegetables with dip. But they were wrong.

At least I hope so. I don’t recall much near the end of the party…

And here’s the bloggers who attended. Don’t let any degenerate pictures on their sites fool you; many of their blogs have great inside tips on Paris, and make good reading.

Hillary Keegin & Aaron Ross of 13

Eric of Paris Daily Photo

Seth from The Paris Times

Pascal Fonquernie of

Polly of Polly Vous Français

Amy Alkon of Advice Goddess

Susie & Cesar of Ivy Paris

Richard of Eye Prefer Paris

Elliott Hester, guest blogger of Postcards from Paris/LA Times
(who they should keep, please!)

Heidi of The Paris Update

Catherine, the Petite Anglaise

Jennifer of No Place Like it

Le Meg of Leblageur

Laurie of The Paris Blog



    • adrian

    sounded great…

    • Mel

    Looks like a great night. Wish I had know of all these Paris blogs before when I had visited Paris back in ’97 & 2003. Still had fun, but I’m sure more fun would have been had knowing al the low-down, fun places to go.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Oh- your link for petiteanglais is missing an ‘e’

    • Meg

    You were there?! I’m a huge fan and would have embarassed myself by recounting bits from your blog. I came rather late and possibly missed you – what rotten luck!

    Next time,

    • Eric

    Hey David,

    It was fun chatting with you. I am very grateful to Richard from Eye Prefer Paris to have organized this blogger’s party. Let’s hope there will be another one soon.

    • Michael

    Yeah, and don’t forget to invite the FOBs next time! (Friends of Bloggers!)

    • sam

    you met Petite Anglaise????!!!!

    I am not sure about offering myself as a date yet. Haven’t decided. The advantage of being is a host is that I can miss the deadlines everyone else has so it gives me some more time to consider my prize. The disadvantage is that I know what some of the other ‘dates’ on offer are and next to them I would lucky to get a single bid.

    But you (and only you) can have one free, anytime.

    • susie

    damn, missed you, have wanted to meet you since I heard from my clients and a mutual friend how great your chocolate tours are!
    so you’re not confused I have wear both bonapart and I V Y paris hats at all times

    • David

    Sam: Silly girl…there’s only one petite anglaise in my life…you!

    Susie & Meg: Sorry you didn’t say hi. No one else there had a clue as to who I was. ; )

    Eric: Yes, that was fun. Next time maybe we can take over one of the passages. I hear they’re empty at night.

    Mel: Thanks for the correction. I tried to swipe all the URLs and the code from Richard’s site, but he somehow had them protected. So I had to type ’em all in myself.

    The things I do for my readers…

    • LauraN

    Very happy to have found your blog!

    Have been making your chocolate pave’ for three years now, I can make it my sleep, and it never fails to make people drool, served with your chocolate sauce and whatever I decide to add.

    I did an intership at Chez Panisse this year and they still serve the Pave’ and still have buckets of the same chocolate sauce.

    Thanks for teaching me to pair cardamom with oranges, an amazing combination I never get tired of.

    A fan in the Bay area,


    • richard

    there’s sucha a buzz about my party.sorry u couldn’t copy the the links of my blog. it has nothing to do with me -it’s typepad. thanks for the funny post. boy , those food bloggers sound boring- maybe all they want to talk about is food. BTW, u weren’t the only newbie- most of us were because most of us never met before,

    • Jennifer

    It was an excellent party. I’m so glad to have met you and discussed social “faux pas” and everything else under the sun.

    I hope I didn’t hang all over you. I’m desperately bad at that…. I still think that you and Eric are blogging rock stars.

    • Marie, Paris

    Tis funny that you mention the paris Food bloggers. We actually mentionned you last time we met… I’ll let you know of our next gathering, where we’ll be happy to count you in!

    • Seth Weintraub

    Hey David et al
    great meeting everyone, lots of fun..when is the next ?



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