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This Saturday (April 30), from 4 to 6pm, I’ll be signing books at WHSmith book shop in Paris.

The store will be open as usual during this event so there won’t be any long-winded speeches from me or anything (whew!) – so you’re welcome to show up any time and say hi, and get a book signed. Or just say hi! (And check out my new haircut nearly-shaved head…)

Copies of the brand-new paperback edition of The Sweet Life in Paris will be available.

There’s also a Facebook Event page if you’d like to RSVP but that’s not necessary. And if you wish to reserve a book, you can do so at the link for WHSmith below, by contacting the store by e-email or telephone.

248, rue de Rivoli
Métro: Concorde
Tél: 01 44 77 88 99

*They will not have copies of my other books on hand or for sale, but you are welcome to bring pre-owned copies for signing.



    • Spiral Style

    Too bad I won’t be in Paris for two more weeks. Any book signings on the 14th of May?

    • christy

    I won’t be in Europe until later this year. {my big sigh goes here]

    • Eli

    May see you there!

    • Deborah

    I will be getting married on 9-10-11 and heading your way to Paris…any chance you’ll be doing any book signings in September? (Make it two big sighs, christy.) My daughters and I have ALL your books and am bringing my Paris one with me! Yay!

    • Norine

    Congratulations! It’s a fun book. I wish I could be there for you to sign it, and to find the source of that flaky looking croissant :-).

    • Frank

    An ad for Pillsbury’s “Toaster Strudel” popped up on this post.
    Recipe, please!

    • Katy

    Dammit, Lebovitz, couldn’t you wait until the 14th or 15th of May when I’ll be there?!? I’d absolutely love to have you sign my book. I bought The Sweet Life in hardback and my husband gave me Read for Dessert for xmas. This will be my last trip to Paris for a v e r y long time. We’re moving back to the States this summer . . . c’est la vie.

    • Marie aka Gardenfreshtomatoes

    Naturaly, the first time in 2 years I’m without one of your books while here…

    But I can come say ‘hi,’ right?

    Maybe my daughter needs a book….

    See you Saturday. I hope.

    • Barbara | VinoLuciStyle

    I just got my book. I am in Denver. Sigh…no signing for me. I just can’t get over the story about losing all of your cookbooks and hope they will show up one day still. On my doorstep. :)

    • Anna

    wish i could be there! have fun!

    • Michael Oliver

    This is a note about David’s iPhone app. Seems that the “Fan Wall” has been taken over by teenage girls who have no interest in the blog. I took it off my phone. Any developments on that?

    Hi Michael: The app developer also does Taylor Swift’s app and they did some sort of upgrade and some wires got crossed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! (And glad you had fun at Denise Acabo’s, too!) -dl

    • Michael Oliver

    IMHO – David Lebovitz is the Taylor Swift of Parisian food bloggers.

    • Ruth

    Congratulations! Wish I could be there to get a signed copy. Right continent, wrong country.

    • dorothy

    darling david,
    i ran as fast as i could to whsmith (coming from the matinee of romeo and juliet at the opera) and was thrilled when i arrived at 5 minutes before 6 o’clock. so excited to meet you since i love your blog and try everything you recommend.

    what? they say you left 10 minutes early? drats.

    i hope you appear in paris again some time soon. you crack me up.

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    dorothy: They sold out of books around 5 or 5:15pm or so, but I stayed around to chat with folks who came. A few minutes before 6, I went upstairs to check out their cookbooks but was in the store until after 6pm. I will be doing something at Colette in June so keep an eye on my Schedule page, or here on the blog, for news of that event.

    • jess

    Hi David~ aaw… how can i missed it..! I’ll wait for your next one at Colette then =) I have your “Sweet Life in Paris”, enjoy it sooo much!!

    • Carolina Jardim

    Still can’t believe I went back to Brazil before that happened! It would be something to get the book signed on the same store I finally found it (we don’t have “The Sweet Life in Paris” in Brazil yet).

    Congratulations for the great book, though. It inspired most of my “April in Paris” and most of my latest posts on my foodblog.

    • Paula F. Ludlow

    Dear David,
    I’ve been reading your book for the past week and loving it. It’s wonderful to remember all of the places I’ve visited in Paris over the last 25 years. You mentioned Le Dome for fish–but have you tried Bistro du Dome right next door. Same ownership, appropriately Parisian casual, great fish, and the most charming maitre’d I’ve ever encountered. He even pretends to remember me from visit to visit. I hope you’ve found it–the Right Bank branch near Bofinger is not nearly as welcoming but the food is just as good.
    Paula Ludlow


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