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This coming week, I’ll be doing a book signing for my new book, Ready for Dessert, at the WHSmith bookstore in Paris. The event will start at 7pm and promises to be as fun as last year’s event. Although I won’t be reading wacky messages this time around, because I’m all out.

(But the weekend isn’t over yet…so there’s still time.)

If you’re in town and would like to attend. But please RSVP so they know how many absinthe jello shots* to prepare.

Would love to see you all there!

*Just kidding. But wouldn’t that be fun?



    • Mrs Redboots

    Any chance of your doing a signing this day week? We will be in Paris that evening – well, Le Bourget, but can easily come into Paris and probably will.

    I used to live in W H Smith when I lived in Paris!

    • Paul MacNeil

    Just got home from Paris and had to thank you . I ate at both Les Papilles, Frenchie and Chez Dumonet and they were all excellent.

    The mango/lemon tart at Frenchie was unbelievable. I have been searching the internet high and low and cannot find the recipe. Do you know if the chef is open to sharing his recipe or know of a comparable recipe?

    thanks again for the recommendations.

    • Lentil Breakdown

    Just got your book and have been savoring every page. Love your writing, and one of my favorites is when you saw the recipe on the men’s room wall and went back to write it down. Just did a blog post of your cream cheese brownies for mother’s day. They were wonderful!

    • Pamela

    Hi David,

    I’m looking forward to seeing you there next Tuesday! I have just a quick question about it though – can we buy copies of it there (obvious question, but can’t find the answer on the WH Smith Paris website) or can we bring our own copy (if we have the book already)? I have waited until this event to get my copy but am getting nervous that there may not be any to buy when I get there if they haven’t got any (I know it might be silly to think that a book shop holding a book-signing event might not have the book-in-question in stock, but I’ve heard it happening before!)

    Thanks in advance and see you on the day!

    – Pamela

    • David

    Pamela: They have a fairly sizable number of copies of Ready for Dessert on hand, but you may wish to call the store to find out their policy on folks bringing in previously purchased book. (I think it’s okay, but you might want to confirm.)

    Copies of older books are certainly welcome, too.

    • Cyndy

    “Copies of older books are certainly welcome, too.”

    Hey, will you sign my Kindle? The Sweet Life in Paris is on there!

    • Stephanie

    Sounds fun. You had me at absinthe jello shots, then I read the footnote. Darn. I won’t be in Paris, but I do want to say (yet again) how much I love the book. I made the banana cake this past weekend and it was amazing. The mocha frosting was just divine.

    • Cooking in Mexico

    I wish you great success with the sale of this book and a fun day tomorrow. Yes, absinthe jello shots would be fun, worth the price of a plane ticket to Paris.


    • Giovani

    I have a fresh ginger cake in my oven and it’s almost ready to come out. My house smells amazing. I noticed that you don’t call for any salt in the recipe, any specific reason?

    • David

    The recipe has sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in it, which is salty, so I don’t add additional salt. I’ve not found it necessary.

    • Maureen

    Looking forward to listening to you and enjoying another book signing.
    We all had fun at last years.
    Excited about the new book, and working my way though all your recipes, again!

    • Giovani

    Good to know, thanks David! I made a trifle with the ginger cake, layered with vanilla roasted pears and lemon whipped cream.

    • parisbreakfasts

    I tweeted a nudge to Crown 4 U 2 come 2 NYC…
    waiting for response impatiently…

    • Janet

    Unfortunately, I won’t be coming to Paris this year, but I did pick up your new book yesterday. My only problem is what should I make first. The Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting and Salted Candied Peanuts sound heavenly, but the Chocolate Pots de Creme (with a little espresso) makes my month water. Decisions, decisions, what is a girl to do…

    • thaicookingwithjam

    ah, I love your new book. I managed to get all the out of print books before they went out of print and this one is such a nice compilation of all. I absolutely love it. Your chocolate chip cookie recipe is up to date the winner of it all. I sold them at the farmers’ market and people went crazy. Ah, now I want one of those cookies. Thank you for such great work. I really appreciate what you do.

    • Karin (an alien parisienne)

    May 19 is my birthday, and it looks like I might be making it a birthday event with some other Paris bloganista chicas! I’m confirming with one at yoga tonight in a couple of hours, but I do hope to attend. Hell yeah, absinthe jello shots sound great! Maybe we will have to pre-party with some, lol.* And, since the wonderful Gluten Free Girl has proclaimed on her blog that the recipes in Ready for Dessert are readily convertible to with gluten-free flours, I am even more excited about the book and book reading. I think I may have to see if my friends are willing to chip in on a birthday purchase of the book, though, as I am flat broke, *sigh*. I’m going to bring my dog-eared copy of The Sweet Life in Paris to be signed, though. Hope to see you there.

    *just kidding. I’m turning 42 for Pete’s sake. Probably better make it some green tea with extra antioxidants shots instead, haha.

    • Julie

    Wish I could make it!

    David, I’ve been slowly working my way through your book… oh good lord. I’m in love. So far I’ve made pistachio-cardamom cake, pineapple-rhubarb-raspberry cobbler, Robert’s Best Brownies, and tonight, Black and White Cookies! (If not for school and work eating up most of my time, I would have made many more). Anyway, everything was incredible and speedily gobbled up by my family and friends.

    I made black and white cookies with my mom years back, because she’s a New Yorker and those are her absolute favorites. She’s getting a delivery of these bad boys tomorrow and I’m pretty confident that she will be thrilled beyond belief. I forgot to pick up cake flour at the store this week, but was too excited to make the cookies to let that stop me. In case anyone wants to know, I used 270g of King Arthur AP flour and the cookies were still excellent. Also, I must say that it’s crucial to let the icings set before you taste them. I always taste everything as I prepare it, and the still-wet icing had definitely not reached its peak. However, by the time it was spread onto the cookies and the flavors had time to mingle and mellow, it was perfect.

    Thanks, David!

    • Jennifer

    Can you tell me the name of the cake on the cover of your book? It looks beautiful. I assume the recipe will be in the book?

    • David

    That’s the Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting and Salted Candied Peanuts, and the recipe is indeed in the book.

    • Kathy Diaz (foundbaking)

    I have your new book and I love it! Great photos and a wonderful collection of recipes!

    • Rebecca Haden

    I love this book. Initially, I was dismayed that so many recipes required a food processor, but now I’m toying with the idea of buying one. Since I’m essentially buying a food processor in order to make your recipes, I figure you can tell me the smallest and simplest one I can get and still be able to mix almond paste and stuff with insouciance.

    Thank you.

    • David

    That’s interesting that you noted the use of a food processor in recipes because when I wrote my first two books (which a variety of the recipes are from), I assumed people didn’t have a food processor, so I called for chopping things by hand, with a chef’s knife, and a few people wrote asking if they could use their food processor. (Like the fresh ginger for the ginger cake.)

    So when I updated the recipes, I included the use of a food processor, since I realized that more people had one than I thought. If you don’t have a food processor, in a majority of the recipes, I do state an alternative method of preparation. The Black & Decker Mini food processor is cheap (around $12) and does a good job for most kitchen tasks.

    • Jacqui

    Hi David,

    I’m planning to make your Banana Cake with Mocha Frosting and Salted Candied Peanuts for a work colleague’s birthday, and I have a qn about the frosting.

    Since you say the cake comes out quite high, I was thinking of taking the components to work and composing it there.

    You don’t mention a lot about the consistency of the frosting, so I was wondering, what happens if you make it in advance and refrigerate it? Will it be spreadable once it comes to room temp.?

    Any advice for handling and assembling the cake in this manner?


    • David
    David Lebovitz

    HI Jacqui: The frosting should be made and let come to room temperature, until it’s the consistency as shown on the cover of the book. (In the first printing of the book, the part about letting it come to room temperature was lopped off for some reason, but I think it’s pretty clear that when hot, it’s too thin to spread.)

    I’ve not chilled it so can’t say for certain what will happen but in all likelihood you can chill it and let it come to room temperature before use.

    • jacqui

    Wow, thanks for the speedy reply! I appreciate the guidance.


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