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The Perfect Scoop
is now available in a large-format softcover edition. Packed with recipes for ice creams and sherbets, plus non-dairy fruit sorbets and granitas of all kinds, this is the book so many folks have been using to churn up all sorts of frozen desserts. And it’s now available in a new format at a lower price.

gianduja.jpg marbled.jpg

You’ll find not just ice creams like Hazelnut-Chocolate Gelato and a coffee-charged Mocha Sherbet, but recipes for ice cream puffs topped with steaming Hot Fudge Sauce and Candied Almonds, homemade chocolate-dipped Peppermint Patties to mix inside your favorite flavor, and Buttercrunch Toffee to crumble over the top of your frosty scoops.

rasprose2.jpg anise.jpg

With both metrics and standard measurements, get your ice cream makers out and start churning today!

Photos by Lara Hata.

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    • Lindsay

    I love soft cover cookbooks– there aren’t enough in my opinion! Looking forward to a summer with many perfect scoops!

    • GrapeSugar

    This is on my birthday list! It’s May 23 :)

    • Megan

    That figures because I just bought the hardcover version a couple of weeks ago. But that’s okay because I prefer hardcover cookbooks. I absolutely love this book and have already made two recipes from it… and have plans to make, well… the rest of them! I’m especially intrigued by the ice cream cone recipe.

    • Steph (Desserts for Breakfast)

    I have this in hardcover and HAVE to say that every recipe I’ve made from it has been amazing and awesome! I snub store-bought ice cream now. Thanks, David Lebovitz!

    • Lisa

    You’re truly the king of ice cream, David. Surely you must be responsible for a surge in the sales of ice cream makers.

    I bought this book a couple of years ago for my brother and he says it was the best gift ever, and I am happy to raid his freezer on a regular basis!!

    Thank you for the inspiration! — Lisa

    • Jessica @ How Sweet

    This is a must-buy for me!

    • Jennifer Jo

    I’m getting an electric ice cream maker for mother’s day (it’s in the mail) and I already have your book (hardback). Come Sunday, we’ll all be flying high!

    • DessertForTwo

    Yay! I always have a hard time getting something to hold open a hard-cover cookbook for me in the kitchen while I cook. This soft-cover edition is just in time for summer! Thanks! :)

    • Alanna Kellogg

    I finally ordered a hard-cover copy just a couple of months ago, David, already a dozen pages are bookmarked. I love cookbooks that delve so deep on a single important subject.

    • Jim Hartman

    While I have the hard cover edition, what I really want is an e-Book edition.

    • biscuitsmom

    i just got this in hard cover last week but no regrets – i prefer the hard cover any way. i already made the lemon speculoos ice cream – mmmmmm :) looking forward to many more creations from your book! xo

    • my little expat kitchen

    If only I had an ice-cream maker…

    • John DePaula

    The Perfect Scoop: Now in Soft Serve! ;-)

    • Danica

    Now THAT’s a book after my own heart….ice cream is my FAVORITE dessert :)

    • Bushbaby

    I second the request for the e-book edition! The pictures on this post almost made me cry because it made me want good ice cream so badly! Have been living in Africa for over a year, and good ice cream is practically nonexistent here. When I get home, I am buying an ice cream maker!

    • Laura

    Congratulations, David. Now I can keep the hardcover for me and get the softcover for my five year old who is constantly taking it off the cookbook shelf to look at your glorious pictures while begging me to make her some ice cream!

    • naomi

    I hope it increases your sales, but I had to buy a copy last fall. I’d been visiting your blog too much not to get it. I like a hardback for a cookbook, ’cause they get drenched enough when I use them. I don’t know how long a paperback would stay in one piece (or maybe I do – I have a fair amount taped together).

    • Bonnie

    Have all your books David and just LOVE the new RFD!
    Had to share this recent dessert from Elliotts in Seattle: Sea Salt Caramel Sundae / Layers of caramel ribbon sea salt ice cream and pistachio waffle cookies. Served with chantilly cream. Housemade caramel and chocolate sauce and a sea salt caramel.
    Now I can make the caramel sauce, but how to add the sea salt so it doesn’t “melt” into the sauce …and then just swirl it into the vanilla ice cream? Un peu de conseille, svp.

    • parisbreakfasts

    After reading Bonnies’ description of Sea Salt Caramel Sundae, I just died and went to heaven.
    To be honest I’m afraid to have your book in the house.
    Would I ever stop making ice cream I ask myself?
    Today I was wandering the streets of New York looking for a decent ice cream place and thinking why is that?
    They are ALL OVER PARIS.
    Maybe the answer is to break down and make my own.
    Who know’s maybe I’ll get sick of it.
    Wouldn’t that be grand..
    Congrats on the softbound copy of your trop delicious book.

    • Cindy

    I have Perfect Scoop in hardcover and it is my go-to for any and all things ice cream related. Love it.

    • jam

    this is THE bible. We use this to make ice cream for our restaurant. So much information and so much you can adapt from. I love it so much. Oatmeal Raisin one is the killer.Thank you for such a great book.

    • Susan

    Oh..Yay! I have the hard cover..but there are birthdays coming and this would make great gifts!

    • Angie McKaig

    Just putting in a vote for “this book is definitely worth it”! I’ve owned the hardcover for 2+ years and it’s become my ice cream bible. I recently bought a copy for my stepdaughter, who’s starting her own forays into home made ice cream. I recommend this book to everyone in my social circle on a regular basis. Sadly, most of them just come over and eat up all the ice cream I make! :)

    • Will

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to try out some of the sorbet recipes, so far I’ve only had success with strawberry sorbet; everything else turns out runny or filled with ice crystals.

    • David

    Bonnie: Try using a flaky salt, but not one that’s too coarse, so they don’t melt quickly. Also add the salt at the last moment, before swirling it in so it doesn’t melt. Some of it will melt, but you’ll still likely get nice tiny pockets of salt in there.

    John: Lol! Well, you beat me to it! (Although someone on Twitter came up with that one as well..)

    Jim: I have been investigation e-books. The black & white Kindle doesn’t seem like the right choice for a colorful book, such as this, but the iPad has potential. I just need someone to send me one over here in Paris (hello Apple?!) to play with, so I can figure out the format..

    • the lacquer spoon

    Delicious! Icy sweets reminds me of summer to come soon!!

    • Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    I was tempted to get the new soft-cover today… but went for the hardcover instead. I’m a sucker for books. :) Also bought an ice cream maker as an early mother’s day present for myself, since I’ve been wanting one for a long time. David, you are definitely a positive influence on me. I’m so excited to whip up some new recipes this weekend! xo

    p.s. – the Cuisinart ICE-20 is on sale at Amazon for $44 right now. Score!

    • jennifer selvin

    So this is my train of thought today: eat at Pizetta 211, see a chocolate cake that looks good, but too full. Come home and make cake with children so that partner can sleep. Make the chocolate pave cake in Ready for Dessert. When I unmold it, realize it’s the same cake I saw at Pizetta 211. Eat some. Incredible. Think about how much I love your cookbooks. Decide I need the cuisinart ICE-50 because I love The Perfect Scoop so much. Go on ebay. Buy. Think that I’ve economized because I made a whole chocolate pave for about what it would have cost in restaurant. Feel virtuous. And thankful for David Lebovitz.

    • Karin W.

    Chiming in with the rest–all of the ice cream flavors I’ve made so far have been really divine…I even bought a couple of peppermint plants so that I could make the mint-chocolate ice cream on a regular basis througout the summer.

    I made my first batch of ice cream for the season this past Saturday–the panforte flavor. Absolutely delicious, and I’ll never go back to using commercially-produced candied citrus peel again after having made my own candied orange peel from the recipe in The Perfect Scoop. Yum, yum, yum.

    • Kristin

    Perfect timing! My children and I always make homemade ice cream on the first day of summer and they’re already talking about what kind(s) they want to make. ~K

    • Andrea

    David – thank you so much for this book. I was inspired to buy an ice cream maker by reading some food blogs that recommended your book, and the ice cream maker (attachment) and book (and your memoir, which is so well-written, by the way) came on Thursday. I made coffee ice cream and blueberry yogurt this weekend and they were both amazing. I’m excited to play around with recipes are add-ins. Thanks again!

    • Kat

    Another one barracking for an eread book! Let us know when you have one David. My small house doesn’t have room for cookbooks, everything has been condensed to data, so much better!

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Kat: There is an electronic edition of The Perfect Scoop in the works and the publisher plans to release it sometime in 2011.


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