Winter Stinks


If I have to put on a sweater and carry an umbrella one more day, I’m going to scream…




  • Ä°stanbul is also under grey clouds for a long time. I feel the same way. I’m waiting for the sun.

  • Well, you did get a damn cool photo, though. Seems to be miserable winters everywhere. Here in St. Paul, Minnesota, we mark the second winter in a row with no snow that sticks. My cross country skis are weeping.

  • No,not everywhere is a miserable winter weather.
    Here in Israel we have a wonderful winter, around 15-20C , very few rainy days, mostly sunny and not too warm ones. You can have a wonderful meal in one of the fish restaurants on the sea-shore, or travel to the north, which is green and covered with beautiful wild flowers.
    So David, what about the warm beaches of Eilat, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc..
    P.S. There is very good food around here..

  • From Seattle……I agree…next year I will find the sun…

  • But at least you get winter in Paris. I’ll trade any day.

  • I am looking out on a thin layer of snow in sunny Italy. March 1st and snow! Quitchabitchin!

  • Judith, it snowed in Paris the day before yesterday too. And rained. And the sun came out a few times but it was so windy it chased the clouds back. And we had sleet…

  • So…I guess you don’t want to exchange weather? It started to snow this morning and now we have already 4 more inches of white…and the forecast predicts even more! Would be nice, if we had December… but who needs snow in March? I’m so done with this white stuff ;)

  • Nicky, I remember when I moved to Munich many years ago all our friends gloated at how I was going to be shocked by Bavarian winters. Being from Chicago, I was completely unphased!

    However, now that I’ve lived in Paris for some 13 years, I’ve lost my tough skin and am whining with the best of them!!

  • Meg: Are you saying I’m the best whiner in Paris?
    : 0
    Il y a beaucoup de raleurs!
    ; )