French Chocolate Indulgence On Rue Tatin

I’ll soon be joining my friend Susan Loomis in her spectacular kitchen in Normandy, one hour from Paris, for a series of cooking classes November 5th-8th, from her home, On Rue Tatin


We’ll learn cooking tips and techniques from Susan in our hands-on classes and I’ll be leading seminars focusing on all aspects of chocolate during special tastings and hands-on demonstrations: you’ll learn everything from candymaking to making breakfast treats, and other ways to bake with chocolate in every way imaginable!


Susan is the author of On Rue Tatin, which chronicled her life moving to a village in France, restoring an ancient convent to become her cozy family home. Her other books include The French Farmhouse Cookbook (one of my French cooking bibles), and her latest, Cooking At Home On Rue Tatin.


You’ll learn the secrets and techniques of French country cooking in Susan’s stunning, professionally-equipped kitchen. Afterwards, we’ll gather to dine by the fireplace with wines chosen from Susan’s antique cave, and have a chance to savor a selection of Normandy cheeses, considered the finest in the world.


One evening our special guest will be Hervé Lestage, of Feuille de Vigne in Honfleur, who will lead us through a wine tasting, teaching you a new way to taste wine. My first tasting with Hervé changed everything I knew or thought about wine. Hervé is one of the most intriguing people I’ve met in France and we’ll taste amazing wines from his cave which he’ll specially select just for us.

As a grand finale to this culinary adventure, you’ll have the option to spend a day and me and Susan exploring the gastronomic delights of Paris. We’ll begin at an outdoor market, where you’ll find an outstanding selection of Provencal olives, hearth-baked breads, artisan salt, raw-milk cheeses, luscious fruits, and sparkling-fresh seafood.
We’ll dine in one of our most beloved Parisian bistros…but be sure to save room for all the chocolates we’ll sample when we visit my favorite chocolate shops, bakeries and pastry shops in Paris afterwards!

Special Note: For this extra day on November 8th, we’ve made available 3 spaces available for people who aren’t on our tour to join us, so if you live in Paris, or plan to be visiting then, you’re welcome to come along! The price for the full-day gastronomic adventure, including lunch with wine, is just 225€. Contact me to reserve a space, using the email link on left.

You can read more about this Three-Day Chocolate Indulgence and at Susan’s site, On Rue Tatin.


  • I’m not sure what’s in that first picture but it sure looks good :)

  • Oooh, I LOVE her books! On Rue Tatin is one of those books I curl up with to daydream… wish I could join you.

  • That sounds like a fabulous way to spend three days! Now, who to bump off for the inheritance money?

  • Hey David
    I am going to Spain and would like to spend some time in Basque country. I also plan to go into Basque France and Languedoc. I’m countin’ on you David-do you have any “foodie’ suggestions for me? Are you aware of any food, wine festivals that might be on in October and November?
    You are too “Canadian” to be American – have you considered promoting your new book in Vancouver BC-only 2.5 hours from ” Sur le Table”. You are too “Canadian to be American – if you came up here to you would have a good turn out.
    Take a big breath and click your heels and before you know it you will be in Kansas promoting your new book-I so enjoy your posts – would be lovely to see you here.

  • figures yo would torture me with such a steal David!
    I actually will try to make a tour next year, I am going I hope to Vermont for a sourdough class with Jeffrey Hamelman, though I would totally enjoy France more, how does onejust get up and go for good?


  • Broderick: That’s Susan’s famous Apple tarte Tatin, a caramelized upsidedown apple tart. And since she lives on rue Tatin, that’s one of her specialties.

    Maiolicagirl: Make sure to stop in Bayonne, famous for it’s chocolate…especially the whipped hot chocolate ‘mousse’ on the Pont Neuf (the chocolate street!)

    Jeremy: The first step is to visit your local consulate. After that, the fun begins!

    Jennifer: Glad you like Susan’s book…it’s just as charming as she is. She wrote a sequel, Tarte Tatin, which is now available in the US (It was previously only available in England and Europe.)

  • You’re looking for an assistant, aren’t you? (smile)

  • Hve I got a blast from the past for you:

    Click Here…

  • David, you make everything sound so wonderful! Each indulgence, whether French Chocolate or just your daily living in Paris, makes for a wonderful read. Thank you for being you. Just had to convey that message!!!

  • Mark: Wow! Thanks for digging that up. I guess I have been doing this for quite a while…and it’s interesting to see how I, and technology, have evolved together.