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Flourless Chocolate & Raspberry Cake

Join me and cookbook author Susan Loomis at her home On Rue Tatin, for a Three-Day Chocolate Indulgence, November 16-19, 2008.

You’ll participate in daily hands-on cooking classes, as well as learn new techniques and discover the secrets of great French country cooking and baking. Aside from whipping up classic and modern French chocolate dessert and confections with me, we’ll also have a guided chocolate tasting to learn how to evaluate chocolate, a wine tasting with expert Hervé Lestage, and focused tastings to increase your appreciation of the spectacular bounty of France, including olive and nut oils, salts, and Calvados.

And one special morning, we’ll visit a country market that dates back to medieval times in a neighboring village and gather ingredients for a bountiful French feast.

We’ll dine by the fire in Susan’s beautifully-restored country home, and spend our days cooking and baking, sharing techniques and recipes. This culinary adventure is three fun-filled days, which is perfect if you’d like to combine it with a trip to Paris.

To register, or for more information, visit: On Rue Tatin.



    • Jill

    Your blog is a dangerous addiction. I am a chef to two picky young boys and a husband on a no-sodium diet who doesn’t much care for sweets. And, I’m stuck in the states. Turning down this invitation for a three day bite of heaven might just kill me. If I die, please throw chocolate croissants on my grave.

    • steamy kitchen

    if i could hire someone to be a substitute wife and mother for 1 week at home, i’d be right there.

    • David

    Jaden: If I had a wife and a mother like you, I’d never let you leave the house either!


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