Wednesday PM: Quittin’ Time

That’s okay.

I really didn’t want to make a batch of ice cream tonight anyways.

Quittin' Time

(Although I really didn’t want to spend the next forty-five minutes on my hands and knees with a sponge and a bucket either.)




  • all i can say is:
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

  • I’m sorry for your knees and your loss of ice cream. I did the same with a full pitcher of home-squeezed orange juice yesterday. No fun at all.

    And yet, what’s most striking about your photo is not the loss of ice cream in your future, but how unjust it is that I can only find eggs with yolks paler than the yellow of your blog background. Those yolks are orange like carrots! Gorgeous!

  • Christy: And I paid for them dearly, I might add…

  • OUCH! i hate it when that happens!

  • Aww! (aren’t those yolks nice and orange! When I was in the states they were so pale!)

  • Eeek! Well, maybe you can comfort yourself by making something with all that butter!

  • Life just can’t be smooth. Eggs … they’re pretty darn sticky. I guess you know that by now. Sorry.

  • But at least it was good blog fodder!

  • Oh, how terrible! How did that happen?

  • Outstanding eggs !!!!!! I did the same many years ago , and while I was standing there with a shocked look on my face our border collie made quick work of all the eggs ( great cleaner , nuttier than one of your fruit cakes)

  • Awww bummer!

  • Bugger!!

    – as we ‘Downunder’ say at moments like these.

  • Aww. That’s a pain. I’ve had similar accidents. The worst is lugging the fridge out of the way to clean the floor. Ugh.

    Wish I had such healthy looking eggs. Even the “natural” and “cage-free” birds don’t seem to produce bright orange yolks like those. Yet another reason to go to France!

  • Eggs!
    Also a ‘Downunder’ girl here, and the eggs I buy in Tasmania ($2.75/half dozen) are as orange as that. Free range, peoples, free range.
    I’ve never dropped an egg before, but I know that Lucy the cat would love me forever if I did. :)
    I feel your pain David, I’ve dropped a carton of cream.

  • Saddd! I’m sorry!

  • Oh, total sympathy from Canada’s west coast — hope the rest of the day went better.

  • Oh no! Was it to be the chocolate ice cream from last week? Nooooo! Oh but look at the yolks in those European eggs. They’re just so much ‘eggier’ than any I can find here in SF.

  • I have to agree. Those are some mighty fine Parisian huevos you have there, David ;-)

  • I’m with Amy — free range! I get eggs from my mom, here in the SF Bay Area, and the yolks rival the yellow of yours, David. But oh, the sorrow of the wasted eggs. Sorry!!

  • Correction: I get eggs from my mothers CHICKENS. Not my mother. Ahem.

  • Art happens…!!! :)

  • No dog?

    They clean up these kinds of messes really well.

  • I would like to know what those chickens are eating. Free-range does not explain their hue. Our eggs, from the South American chicken lady at Union Square look nothing like those.

  • Ain’t that a bite in the cheap seats !

  • So sad. But even more hilarious.

  • When this happens I just ask my husband to clean it up and then leave the room. He prefers that to the fuss I make and the language I use.

  • I hate when that happens

  • Eggs are bad.
    I dumped a cup of sugar yesterday while making toffee, and, in spite of repeated cleaning, I’m still skating around the kitchen. Wanna trade messes?

  • David: Do you notice a difference in taste or texture between the orange eggs (organic, free-range, etc.) and the pale yellow eggs (US eggs)?

  • Oh MY! look at your fridge! Fabulous.

    sorry about the eggs. we get nice ones here in SF from Eatwell Farm. And yes, they taste better…

  • Those eggs are so freaking orange, what are they feeding those chickens? George Hamiltons?

  • i think now you can feel really lucky and happy : you don’t have some carpet on your kitchen floor, as some appartments do :D

  • I feel for you… I did the exact same thing. Eggs, especially en masse, are the hardest thing to clean up! Too bad, they were nice looking eggs!

  • Oh man those eggs look like they’d have been rich as croesus.

    Newb question: Why are the yolks orange instead of yellow? Is it something in the chickens’ diet that makes their livers put out more bilirubin than your standard battery-farmed egg-layer, or?

  • bilirubin? Duh AQ. I meant xanthophyll. Sorry, brain is fried at the moment.

  • One of the saddest sights in a kitchen. I feel for you.

  • That would be my worst nightmare!

  • Oooops. What a (sadly) familiar sight!!

  • Oh no!!!!

  • I didn’t realize my fridge was going to get such scrutiny! I would have tidied it up a little first.

    Well, as it was, I had plenty of tidying up to do last night. Yuck!

  • Thats such a bummer. Eggs in France are sooo freakin good too. Those orange yolks are so flavorfull. I buy the organic cage free eggs here, and they are still not the same.

  • look at all that butter! the fridge of a baker!

  • :( oh no.

    I was coming up the stairs the other day, 8 months pregnant and carrying groceries. Being a bit front-heavy, I tipped over–of course the hand holding the eggs was the one I put down to break my fall. So, my basement steps looked just like your floor a few days ago.

    (but, being 8 months pregnant, I got out of having to clean up the mess)

  • Hi friends, just did a little research about the color of the egg yolks and here is the answer:

    Egg yolks gain their color from the concentration of a yellow pigment found in plants called xanthophyll.

    Chickens that are fed yellow cornmeal, alfalfa or marigold petals — all of which are rich in xanthophyll — will produce eggs with deeply yellow yolks, like yours. Chickens that are fed on barley lay eggs with light yellow yolks.

    ANd now we know. But we don’t know why one country uses xanthophyll rich food an others don’t. hmmmmm?

  • Those eggs deserve to be eaten à la coque! Yes, they do taste better. I’ve lived in both countries. Plus, try making Créme Caramel with pale eggs. And, WHY is your cream so white???

  • Oh, maybe it also has something to do with the type of chickens? Here they are brown eggs…

  • I’m so sorry all of your eggs broke…but your photo made me think of something funny that happened while we were living in Belgium (funny-weird, not funny-ha-ha). The military actually had a seminar about how different the eggs in Europe were, compared to America. Apparently many Americans at NATO had been freaking out because the yolks are such a darker color.

  • I buy my eggs from a lady who lives just outside of town (I also buy her good milk from her Jersey cows). We had our first real snow/freeze a couple of weeks ago, and Isabelle fessed up to slipping on the ice with a bucket of 10 dozen! She said she only lost 2 dozen, but ouch — I think her dogs helped out since all the pigs are in the freezer at the moment.

  • Now I am curious about what is in your fridge! I’ve tried peering around the edge of the photo, but that doesn’t work. May we have a full frontal fridge foto?

  • Jane, my dear, you must have missed this.

    Although it was a little less-packed, and cleaner then…

  • haha that happens to me alllll the time, i mean not always with eggs but still I’m miss woopsy doopsy!