Recipe Schmecipe



Who needs recipes?




  • I can’t say I find those very appetizing or tempting in the least.

  • Hi David, I just stumbled onto your site a few days ago and have been reading voraciously ever since. Great stuff!! On my first attempt using my KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment, I tried your basic vanilla ice cream recipe last night. I didn’t have any vanilla bean lying around so I just used extract and squeezed a bit of agave syrup into the mix at the end. I can’t believe how AMAZING it turned out- the texture is better than any gelato I had in Italy.

    I’m having company this weekend and will be making panisses (thank you for the inspiration!!) to sit along side a radish, watercress, beet and goat cheese salad. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for maintaining this site- it’s my new best friend :)

  • this is bad. this is like the box of pre-made pancakes i saw last week in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, and on the side of the box it said, “Tastes Just Like Homemade!”. i think not.

  • um that’s gross. This is totally off-topic David but I had to brag to you that last night I had sour cherry cobbler for dessert made with cherries picked from the tree in our backyard. mmm I love summer :)

  • That looks disgusting. Who needs a recipe? Well, maybe I could figure it out myself.

  • You’re right. What I need is a plane ticket!

  • Really? I can’t imagine these would be good enough to replace a buttery shortbread or mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I’d say they are on-par with…Oreos. Blech!

  • Call me a child but I had a chuckle at “artisanale”, heh heh…

  • farine de blé tendre ?!
    et pourquoi pas du lait dans la pâte à galettes de blé noir aussi… pfff :)

  • While in Nice, did you hit the Marche de la Buffa? I found it on Christmas Eve last year and was floored by the great indoor market. I had walked by it at night for a couple of nights, but staggered into it in the morning looking for a boulangerie that was open. The cheese monger and I swapped “pleasantries” when I ordered 50 grams of cheese. “What are you going to do with just 50 grams?” “EAT!” I loved the place for throwing a meal together.

  • krysalia: Yes, when I got home, I was surprised to see they had regular flour in them as well! I would think the locals might have a manif if they knew about it…

  • Un soulèvement populaire, rien de moins :D

  • Okay, I give up, what the hell is that?