I Don’t Know About You….

…but that’s my kinda bakery!

BabyCakes NYC (Website)

BabyCakes Cookbook (Amazon)

BabyCakesNYC (Twitter)


  • Haha, what a fantastic ad! I love the re-done Gary Glitter song.


  • I’m somehow reminded of Bakesale Betty on Telegraph and 51st. Except “BabyCakes” has no fried chicken sandwich.

  • Brilliant!

    Why don’t you do one for your book? I envision you dancing around the streets of Paris, eating ice cream and tasting chocolate.
    (my god, can you imagine the looks you would get?) lol

  • What an advertisement for a book!! hot hot

  • this is just awesome ! i don’t know what to do first though – start dancing around my kitchen, piping icing or eating any sweet cake in sight… or perhaps ordering that cookbook ! i think i’ll start with the former. cue music………. !

    oh, and i’m totally with loulou above – i want to see YOUR video to promote the new book ! how fun would that be ?! :)

  • what? huh? I am shocked! are you telling me (well, all us avid blog readers) that people don’t react like that when shown “the perfect scoop”?

    I would have thought that would be the natural reaction…

  • Terrific! That advertisement rocks!



  • What a fun way to start my morning. It makes me forget my backache!

  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shake it baby!

  • Those cupcakes look soooo good. I’m with Loulou, you should do a video like that about your book. Sure, you would get weird looks. You could be maniacally dancing around and the Parisians would be all “WTF?,” but that would make it all the funnier!

  • Yeah, that’s exactly how I bake cupcakes, too. Am I hot or what?

  • Haha, yeah also my kind of bakery. :) Very nice Vid.
    Greets from Cologne…

  • ok so I wanted SO BADLY to like babycakes, but I have to say, I went there and I found that the cupcakes were dry and tasteless and everything was way expensive. And I mean, I make an awesome vegan cupcake, so it’s not like the vegan thing is an excuse. Could someone pretty please tell me that I’m wrong and that it was just a bad day so that I can love babycakes as much as I want to??

  • Egg-free macaroons?

  • Egg-free macaroons?

  • BABY CAKES!!!!!!

    Brilliant video, brilliant woman.

  • Oh, sure. It’s all fun and games until you find the woman’s hair all over your cupcake!

    I think the video was made when the bakery wasn’t open and the flying hair (and limbs) were meant to evoke the fun of baking, rather than intending to be serious. -dl

  • That was Amazing.

  • I’d get more excited about a book and bakery for MEAT-CAKES! That’s something I could sink my teeth into. Can’t get too excited about sugar-gluten bombs anymore.

    What’s up with the cupcake craze anyway? Cupcakes are little kid’s party food.

  • Lol that was awesome! I’m still giggling.

  • Looks like fun, until you uncover the sinister truth – gluten free, vegan and sugar free.


  • Bbq dude: I dunno. From the looks of things, gf, vegan, and sugar-free can lead to some pretty wild behavior.

    (So does bbq, but I haven’t seen anyone dance around a bbq like that…!.)

  • David, if you know of someone who bakes with agarve in Montreal can u let me know?

  • Michele, If you believe our reporter in Paris, it is possible that the hair flying around the Poilâne bakery is not from the head of female bakers. Isn’t the sweat the secret ingredient in good croissants? The ladies can slather frosting in slo-mo any day for me.

  • Man! Why didn’t I ever think to create a cool video about one of my books?

    Good for them – that is great fun! I hope they didn’t get hair all over the bakery though. : )

  • Sugar free doesn’t REALLY mean sugar free. Agave is absolutely awesome and I use it on a daily basis! Just don’t tell my husband ::shush:: I guess that’s just the “crunchy” in me.

    Pretty hot ad for a cookbook, now I think I’ll turn the volume up and dance around with my toddlers.

  • Thats a great ad for a cookbook. Though from the reviews I’ve seen it doesn’t live up to the in-house treats. Pity because it has such a great promo.

  • That’s one fantastic ad!

    I agree that you should do something similar with ice cream ’round Paris. What a hoot that would be!

  • Babycakes – Great name, great ad. Talk about marketing a product.
    David, You could do the same, as a reporter on the trail of “The Perfect Scoop”. ;-)

  • To David and craigkite: I was only joking! Thought a lighthearted video should inspire lighthearted comments, but oh la… I am so misunderstood… :)

  • Cool video!!! Loved it!!!

  • Thanks great video and promo for a book. Now, I am hungry and part of it is your fault.. lol

  • that was excellent. we were just there last night at around 10 and it was packed, even though the rest of that typically very hip neighborhood in the lower east side is usually mobbed but even memorial day weekend could not keep people away from babycakes. the video has convinced me that i will have to try one of these treats — even though i have so far resisted but maybe there is something i am missing (or maybe that is obvious)!

  • I just got my copy in the mail last week, and it’s such a gorgeous book. So far, I have the vanilla frosting chilling in the fridge, and plans for the chocolate chip cookies, and eventually- using both- the Fat Pants Cake.

  • I’m with the others, where’s your video David?!

    Seems to more frequent with allergies and whatnot, to have everything “-free” so that’s a good thing. I have to wonder, though, if the cupcake craze is going to spiral soon. ?

    Good for her, she’s excited about the book…..but I dug her boots more than the idea of some of those cupcakes, just me humble o-pinion.

  • I meant DIG her boots….brain and fingers need to communicate

  • While I have never been there, I have to agree with Cait that $4 for one cupcake is expensive!

  • Michele: That’s what happens when you try to get between us men and our cupcakes!
    ; )

    Natalie: I don’t know any bakeries outside in your area that bake with agave, but there are some great books I’ve heard about so you can do it yourself. (And you can dance around the kitchen, too!)

    Bernadette: A few people have opened cupcake shops in Paris, selling them for €3.40 each. With the current exchange rate, that’s $4.75. They’re pretty easy to make at home (and you can dance, too…)

    Although I haven’t seen this book yet, if you’re avoiding sugar and other things, the recipes in this book might be your ticket.

  • Ok… and thanks for the encouragement to do my own video. I’d really wanted to do one but it got nixed by the powers-that-be. I did get in touch with the man responsible for this one and if he comes to Paris, perhaps there’ll be a video in my future.

    So I’d better start growing out my hair!

  • Don’t worry about your hair, David, just practice your wicked dance moves and wear some fun-kay snazzy clothes for the video!

  • Looks like my kitchen on typical day. ; )


    ~ Paula

  • I’m with everyone else…would love to see you in a vid like this David! And OUCH! @ $4 for a cupcake…I’m so glad I can bake, lol.

    Anyone know the name of the song and who’s singing it? Catchy tune…

  • Everything looks delicious, but there’s too much hair flying in the air :) You know, not a very good sign :) Nothing is worse than finding a hair in your plate…

  • I would buy some of those cupcakes

  • Hi David,
    Contrary to those who think cupcakes are for babies…. huh..? LOVED the video, it totally rocks. If I were not 67 years OLD I’d immediately change my whole website :-) THANKS for always sharing this upbeat stuff. This looks like a BAKERY that TINA TURNER would love. xo G.

  • Great ad! I loved it. I’d just like to point out that, even though this cookbook looks great, it claims to be gluten-free – and it isn’t. Recipes that don’t contain wheat in this book apparently often contain spelt, which does have gluten.

  • what…no hairnets?

  • I’m interested to know if BabyCakes NYC will redo their recipes because of the recent findings of the Weston A. Price Foundation about Agave Nectar.

  • I love them! Could this be one of the coolest bakeries in the world? God, I love a girl with style x

  • Wow–I wonder how they get that frosting to be fluffy and hold its shape? Guess I’ll have to buy the book to find out. The only recipe I have uses lots of non-fat dried milk, which gives it a weird, un-frosting-like flavor.