Le Creuset Holiday Give-Away!

As holiday thanks readers, through the generosity of Le Creuset, I’m giving away a six piece set of classic French cookware in cherry red. This colorful set goes from oven to table effortlessly and includes a large 5 1/2-quart round covered French oven, a 2 1/4-quart covered saucier, a 10-inch square skillet grill, and an 8- x 11-inch rectangular roasting dish.

This time of year traditionally food bloggers get together to raise money for charity.

So I’d like to offer these charities up as places where you can give this holiday season. No donation is required to enter for a chance to get this fantastic set of cookware. But just the other day, I was watching television on the devastation in many parts of the world, and was sitting in my heated apartment with a refrigerator full of food, and realized how fortunate I am.

It’s easy to forget or to click away to something more entertaining when we see a natural disaster or a face filled with misery. But instead I sat down at my desk and sent a donation to Doctors Without Borders, an international aid organization. It took just a few minutes and no matter how much you can contribute, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Five charities that I would like to point out that could use help this year:

Doctors Without Borders: This organization provides urgent medical care to people in areas struck by emergencies.

Share Our Strength: Carol at Alinea at Home is starting her annual campaign for Share Our Strength to help feel hungry kids.

101 Cookbooks Kiva Group: This organization helps distribute loans to small businesses in underdeveloped countries and you can loan money to help a specific individual begin a new life.

Stoves for Darfur: This is an amazing initiative started by a young American teenager to provide low-cost stoves for women who normally gather wood, walking at great lengths and often getting assaulted (or worse), just trying to feed themselves and their families.

The Smile Train: The Smile Train provides free surgical procedures to children to fix cleft palates, which gives kids around the world a reason to smile.

Although a donation isn’t required for a chance to win this fantastic set of Le Creuset cookware for your kitchen, please do consider helping out one of these charities if you possibly can this holiday season.

NOTE: The give-away has ended (see #1, below) and comments have been closed. The winner will be notified by e-mail on Christmas Day. Thanks to everyone who participated and hope you all have a terrific holiday! -dl

To Enter

1. Simply leave a comment below. When you leave a comment, please include your correct e-mail address in the field that asks for it. It will not be visible to the public there, so do not leave it in the actual comment area.

I will close comments promptly on December 24, 2010 at noon Paris time, and the person who will receive this set of cookware will be chosen by a random number generator, then contacted by e-mail on Christmas Day. Winner must respond by December 31, 2010 noon Paris time, or forfeit the cookware. No exceptions.

2. Le Creuset can only ship this set to a winner in the United States due to customs and other restrictions. (If you want to gripe about things available in the states that aren’t available elsewhere, the line begins here…) Shipping is included to all 50 states although winner is responsible for any local taxes or charges levied, if applicable.

If you live abroad and you wish to bid, you can do so only if you: 1) Have a mailing address in the US that accepts parcels, or 2) Use a mail and parcel forwarding service. If you choose to use one, you will be responsible for any and all fees, including customs, duties, and taxes that may be levied. I have no experience using one but you can find one by searching Google, using the search words “International Forward Shipping.”

3. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will all be disqualified and you will get a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. (Or worse.) When you enter, you agree to the delivery terms listed above. No purchase required.

4. Bonne chance! (Good luck!)


  • Happy Holidays David!
    I love Le Creuset!!

  • Bonnes fêtes!

  • Just made your Salted Butter Caramels….they’re in the process of cooling off, but we cannot wait to try them! Thanks for the recipe and beautiful photos.

    Happy Holidays!

  • I can’t tell if my comment went through but happy holidays!!

  • Thanks for sharing your sweet life with your wonderful blog and this tempting chance to win this awesome cookware. Merry Christmas!

  • I really love Make-A-Wish Foundation too…

  • Enjoy reading your adventures in living! Keep up the writing.

  • Joyeux Noël à tous!

  • Happy holidays! I love your blog.

  • Joyeux Noel! Here’s to a great 2011.

  • My day begins with this in mind – `what’s David cooking today’. Thanks for making my day – everyday!

  • Happy holidays!

  • David,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and trying your recipes! (However, my ever tightening clothes secretly loathe you! =D) You never cease to make me laugh with your quick wit and honest observations. You call it like you see it; a trait that I admire very much.

    Thank you for providing the information on those very deserving charities. I have been a great supporter of Doctors Without Borders and The Smile Train in the past. I will be sure to check out your other suggestions, as well.

    Wishing you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


  • This is a wonderful site, David. Sincere thanks for the posts. My girlfriend inadvertently purchased THE SWEET LIFE IN PARIS a few months ago (she was in search of a book we came across a year ago – the title and author to which neither of us can remember – and purchased it on the chance that this was it; needless to say, she was thrilled over her “mistaken” purchase) and has been talking about it since. She’s given a number of copies away as gifts to our friends and families. Curious as to the intrigue, I looked up your blog and find that I enjoy your posts as much as she does! It also offers a great opportunity for us to identify recipes we’re both excited about and make together. This is my first time posting, so apologies if this is long-winded. Anyhow, thanks and have a happy holiday!


  • Merry Christmas, David! Love your site!

  • Thanks for reminding us of all those fantastic charitable organizations. And for continuing to inspire me on the cooking/eating front. Happiest of holidays.

  • Love your recipes and gorgeous photos! Can’t wait to try your gougeres!

  • thanks so much for this site! and the wonderful give-away :) Happy Holidays to all.

  • Thank you for reminding people to donate–and thank you for everything you do!

  • Happy Holidays!

  • I’d not previously heard of 101 Cookbooks Kiva Group and will certainly share it with others. Thank you for the information. Have a great holiday.

  • Happy Holidays! I just made your carnitas tacos last night and they were AMAZING!

  • Great list of charities!

  • Good charity list! Merry Christmas!!

  • Merry Christmas.. I made this fantastic soup tonight – potato, cheese and chili from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest, which for some reason, made me think of you and I had to come check out your site. Glad to find a contest at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

  • You are right- we often forget how very lucky we are to have a roof over our heads and enough food to eat. Thanks for the reminder about thinking of others who might not be so fortunate and for the list of the charities.

  • David, I just love you site. Keep up the wonderful work. I love to come to the site for inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  • Happy Holidays! I love your blog and I can’t wait to explore some of the places you’ve written about when I come to Paris this winter!

  • David,

    Thanks so much for your writings and inspiration. I loved “The Sweet Life in Paris”! I am a supporter of Doctors Without Borders and avidly watch their progress with the devastation that continues to today in Haiti. Thanks for the chance to win the Creuset cookware. Happy Holidays!

  • In time where things are rough at home, I always find donating a way to lift me up no matter how little I have for myself. This year, my father and I bought gifts for a little boy for the Salvation Army. It felt amazing and it made wish I could give more.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  • Thanks for the recipes and the stories! Happy Christmas.

  • I’ve always dreamed of owning a Le Creuset set. Cherry red is the dreamiest color too.

  • Your Web site was sent by one of your subscribers and I am happy to receive it.

    I enjoyed the story about Comte, one of the many French cheeses that I love and that I have enjoyed on many visits to France.

    On one trip, when my son was very young, he tried Camembert, and when we returned home, asked for more of that “common bear” cheese!!

    Thanks again.

  • Merry Christmas all!!

  • Season’s greetings. Love your blog!

  • Happy Holidays!

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

  • I have enjoyed checking out your blog and I would love a Le Creuset set! (That goes without saying of course).

  • Beautiful set, I hope someday to own a piece.

  • Great charity drive, I’d love to enter to win the Le Creuset set! Thank you!

  • I love reading your blog. My mother sent me a set of Le Creuset 40 years ago, but I had left my apartment and was traveling. I never received the package and have missed it ever since. She was French and used it all the time, so I did inherit some pieces that I gave to my children. I love your recipes and your photos and writings about food and France.

  • Your website is fantastic David! I always enjoy your recipes and stories. Joyeux Noel!

  • Happy Holidays!!!
    Thank you for all of the great recipes and recommendations through the year!!

  • I’m throwing my hat in the ring (#6,534, whoah!). Thanks for the reminder about making charitable donations – I am a member of 101 Cookbooks Kiva group and I am going over there now to make another micro loan. Happy Holidays and Bon-Bon New Year!

  • Trying your tomato tart tomorrow. Very Excited!

  • Thanks for reminding us all of our bountiful blessings, and reminding us to share them. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents throughout the year.

  • Red for the holidays?! Yay!

  • What a nice treat for your readers, David, and hopefully it will inspire lots of donations to some very worthy causes. Happy holidays to all!

  • This is an awesome set! It would be a blessing to win!

  • Well, I have to tell you that I had more laughs reading the Sarah Palin comments the other day! (So hard to take it all seriously)…the Le Creuset would look so awesome in my red kitchen (just saying-ha!). I’d happily accept take a runner-up award of a trip to Paris, if possible…Happy Holidays!

  • Wow! What a great holiday giveaway! Thanks for doing this!

  • Love your blog! Happy holidays to all!

  • I left the wrong email on the last one!

  • Love, love, love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for prompting the donation.

  • My friends and I make donations in lieu of gifts each Christmas. My charity of choice this year was kiva. An amazing organization. Thanks for highlighting the joy in giving!

  • Love your blog & have been wishing & hoping for le creuset for a long time!:) Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks so much for letting us travel with you through food. It gives me many reasons to try something new!

  • Happy Holidays to All!!!

  • Thank you for reminding us to be thankful for what we have and how nice it would be to donate to a charity of our choice. Wishing you a very healthy, happy holiday!

  • Feliz navidad David! Harumina xristunia !

  • Happy Holidays! This is an awesome give away!

  • I’m pleased to have such a wonderful excuse to leave a comment on your blog. I’ve been reading it–and baking your recipes–for years now, and am an ardent fan, doctor! (Cherry red is the very nicest color for Le Creuset, as well!). Happy holidays!

  • happy holidays, david. i love your books and your site!

  • Red Le Creuset is so perfect for the holidays. The baker would look fabulous on a holiday table! thanks for having the giveaway David!

  • Your site is awesome. :)

  • Love your blog and Le Creuset!

  • It is so nice that you take time on your blog to talk about charity. Thank you!

  • happy happy holidays!!

  • I love your blog and your recipes. I lived in Germany for many years and often visited France.

  • I love reading about your adventures and your ice-cream recipes have been a hit around here. Happy holidays to you!

  • I would LOVE to win! These pans make me happy just looking at them. :)

  • Merry Christmas

  • Great giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Holidays, I could really use a new set of pots and pans

  • Happy holidays! I want those pans!

  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge.

  • Happy Holiday’s! I admire Le Creuset, can’t afford to buy it, but I would really love a chance to win it… Thank you.

  • That shade of red is just so attractive.

  • What a lovely set of cookware!

  • Thank you for highlighting organizations that are doing real and important work in the world. Happy Holidays!

  • I always love checking in on this blog!

  • You are too kind – what a beautiful red! Happy Holidays! Hugs to the Eiffel Tower!

  • Yo le creuset is too expensive to buy, i have some old hand-me-downs with the enamel chipped off, are they safe to use? Bonne chance et merci beaucoup adieux Karen

  • Thanks David for your most entertaining blog and of course for the chance to win!
    Mercy Corp is another fine organization.

  • merry christmas and happy new year everybody!

  • Merry Christmas

  • I enjoy your blog so much, thanks!

  • Thank you for the links and the contest! Merry Christmas!

  • What is worse than coal in your stocking? Not much! I’ll only enter once. :)

  • David,

    The Perfect Scoop is my personal Bible, and I’m officially addicted to your blog – thank you so much for making cooking, baking and ice-cream making fun and un-intimidating! I wish you the most wonderful of holiday seasons, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the coming year!

    Best wishes,

  • Happy holidays to all!
    I just made your french apple cake! It was delicious!

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  • Love your blog! Have enjoyed recipes, good laughs, etc. Appreciate the diversity of it. Thanks for putting out the word to consider giving during this season.

    Have a lovely year!

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  • I’ve been reading your beautiful, hilarious blog for awhile, and this was just the prompting I needed to finally tell you so!

  • Always a great source of recipes. Right now I am in search of pomegranate ice cream. Never had a bad experience with the Perfect Scoop.

  • I love your blog!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

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  • joyeux noel! and many thanks for endless inspiration and entertainment…

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