A Menu For Hope III

Here on the site, we talk about food. A lot.

Especially when it comes to Chocolate Rum Cake.

But seriously, I was fortunate to be born in a country with lots of food. And living in Paris, I’m doubly-lucky and there’s plenty around for me to eat whenever I want. And believe me, I do.

Unfortunately that’s a priviledge that I take for granted.
Like many of us do.


But each year ten million people die from hunger and hunger-related disease. Ten million!

So for this year’s Menu For Hope III the charity organization will be the UN World Food Programme. Last year a whopping $17,000 was raised during the auction. Once again, this year Pim has organized our third annual auction, and this year promises to be bigger than ever, with some top-name food celebrities and food bloggers worldwide offering items.

So, what can you do?

If you have a food blog or food-related web site, contact the host or hostess in your area (listed below) right away to donate. If you live in Europe, contact me.

If you’re a reader, tune in December 11-22, when the blogs below will list the fabulous, amazing items offered ’round the world. You’ll be able to buy virtual raffle tickets for all the stupendous prizes and at the same time, you’ll be assisting those who are going hungry worldwide.

I’m not allowed to let on some of the great things offered, including something terrific from me, but there’ll be many gastronomic items that are once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences…so stay tuned!

Here’s a list of this year’s hosts and hostesses:

US West Coast: The lovely Sam of Becks & Posh

US East Coast: The handsome son of Mrs. Roberts, Adam the Amateur Gourmet

US (the rest): The dreamy Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen

Canada: Exotic Jasmine of Cardamom Addict

Europe (and the UK): Hyper-handsome David of Davidlebovitz.com

Latin America: Sultry Melissa of the Cooking Diva

Asia Pacific: The get-down-under girl Helen of Grab Your Fork

Menu For Hope III: December 11-22

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  • November 29, 2006 8:37am

    I believe you mean hyper-hyper. Not just once. Just saying.

  • November 29, 2006 9:25am

    OMG… If a dinner with Mrs. Roberts is offered I am sure you will be the top bidder. Your too funny!

  • hillys
    November 29, 2006 10:14am

    No hosts from sunny Angleterre?

  • November 29, 2006 10:46am

    Hillys: I thought England part of Europe. Just in case they’re not (which is okay…I’m not either), I added that.