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Heather reveals the the secrets of Vélib’, Paris’ new bikes which roll out this weekend.

Paris Mayor Seeks Welcoming Parisians.

If I only had a grill

This weekend I’m going to discover the Hidden Kitchen of Paris.

A potty-mouth comes clean.

2 Terrific Travel Tips: How to avoid a pickpocket in Italy (and elsewhere) and what to do if your wallet gets stolen.

The…um…most…er, ahunusual thing I was gifted in the states.

If I can’t answer these questions either, does that mean I can’t come back?
(Dick Cheney may want to brush up too.)

Findik Ice Cream.

A delectable inside look inside an internship at Pierre Hermé.

Take breathtaking and beautiful food photos without breaking the bank.

See what I mean?…

(“Cobalt blue flying-fish roe mounded on top of a marrow bone and peas and grated carrots suspended in a square of agar-agar” or “Hot Dog Chic au King Crab” anyone?)

And people think we make this stuff up!

I taste Texas’ Blue Bell ice cream (…but, once again, what’s up with always using the worst photos of me?)

(Plus a whirlwind trip through the ice cream shops of Austin.)

And…Shauna gets hitched this weekend…congratulations, girlfriend!
(With Molly in the batter’s box.)

Happy Bastille Day, everyone!


    • Molly

    Oh, excellent! So glad you put up a link to “The Handler,” which I prefer to call, with all due fondness, “David’s Hook.” I’ve been wanting to add one to our registry. ;)

    • Lisa T.

    Happy Bastille Day! Mom and I just listened to you on Gene Burns’s radio show. Great interview! I am not at all suprised to hear that your celebration today included lots of rose. :)

    Good luck with the Gourmet photo shoot tomorrow. Keep us updated on how it goes and when we will get to see your spread in the magazine.

    It was great to see you while you were here in the states. We miss you.

    • My Melange

    I am hoping for a full report about Hidden Kitchen from you. I am having my Hidden Kitchen experience in September…and I can’t wait! Some think it strange that I will travel from the US to go to a dinner in Paris, to eat with a US chef…but hey- c’est la vie! Hope you love it!

    • Rob

    I was hoping you’d post about “the hook”!


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