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Day #2:


Just in case you live in a top-floor Parisian apartment with feeble water pressure, if you’re testing recipes involving baked meringues, I don’t recommend disposing of them here.

I hope by tomorrow they’ll finally be gone.

UPDATE: March 8 (the next day)—they’re still not gone!



    • neil

    So you’re a seat up kinda guy.

    • Sean

    Comment est-ce qu’on dit “eeeeeewwwww” en français?

    • Jessica

    Oh David, that is too funny. Unless it’s your toilet. Then it’s ewwww. Bon chance!

    • Connie

    Oh My !

    • Sandy

    Hey, atleast you have a toliet seat! I didn’t see many while I was in Paris!! That freaked me out! Are folks supposed to just “hover”? What is up with that? I am really short…….

    I have six kids, If i went in a saw someting like that I would be screaming in search of “who dunnit”…
    love your blog!

    • McAuliflower

    this white on white study of food display is just fascinating…

    • brian

    If you had a dog they’d be gone by midnight..but somewhere else come morning.

    • barbara

    I can’t believe you tried to flush them. Is this normal in France? But they are a good colour for meringue. Mine always end up a tan colour.

    • Claudia

    Why did you try to get rid of the merengues this way? Wouldn’t the waste bin be a better place?

    • David

    Sandy: Yes, I think you are supposed to hover.

    Parisians do their reading in their living rooms instead, I guess…

    And if I had 6 kids and woke up to this, I’d be calling the doctor!

    Claudia: Since I don’t generate that much garbage, if I tossed ’em in the trash, after a day or so, they would’ve gotten kinda funky.

    But who knew they’d last so long where I put ’em instead?

    McAuliflower: At least I didn’t show the chocolate meringue experiments…which I ended up eating.

    Barbara: Yes, the color was good.
    But these babies weren’t baked.

    Neil: I go either way on that…

    Brian: Ha ha! That cracked me up…
    ; )

    • Lisa

    Or out the window! hehehehe

    • Tai – Tai

    It’s a floater…

    The previous tenant’s kids flushed a whole apple, I found out shortly after we moved in when nothing would go down the toilet.

    Luckily a nice Chinese man found it after taking up the toilet.

    Now everything is moving the way it should!

    No pun intended…

    • Judith in Umbria


    • Polly

    VERY funny photo!! Usually I just flush, um, soupier foods down the toilet here in Paris. Dry stuff goes in the garbage.

    Explanatory note: there are no in-sink garbage disposals here, so it is a bit of a challenge.

    But why toss the meringues? They look so good. Well, formerly, that is. I remember a friend of mine once flushed two croissants down the loo in order to avoid the temptation of eating them both.

    • kayenne

    hmm… next time, just bag the meringues or whatever and throw ’em in the freezer until trash day. soupier food items go into a strainer over the sink. solids in the trash. lol

    • Alisa

    oh. my. god. I laughed out loud when I saw this photo…. Thanks for that!

    • ParisBreakfasts

    I have to say Ewww tooo
    Didn’t you show the square ones last week David…
    Uh oh…

    To: POLLY – I like yr site!
    No comments though I guess..Hmmm..

    • ever sy

    You’re hilarious

    • Lorna

    Nice presentation:)

    • Eric at Paris Daily Photo

    This is hilarious!

    Barbara said “Is this normal in France? ”

    NOOOOOOOOOO! You have to be David!

    • adrian

    was that before or after eating them?

    • David


    Believe me, I’ve been trying! : 0

    It’s day #3, and I’ve got them down to the size of mini-marshmallows…

    • tokyorosa

    Don’t eat the yellow meringues!

    Do they really get funky, dried out as they are (well, I mean, not *now*), if you leave them in the garbage can??

    • Susan from Food “Blogga”

    This reminds me of the time my little cousin poured some liquid candy apple coating into my aunt’s toilet. Nobody knows why. We do know that it was bad. Very bad.

    • Cat

    Is it a joke ? That’s not a good idea for the environment…

    • bron

    Oh dear, this really is too funny!
    Thankfully I’m able to keep hens to eat my experiments, they’re very dependable.

    • mimi

    Thank you for sparing us a photo of the meringue on Day Two.

    • Lynne

    I hate to say this, but you’re going to have to bite the bullet and go fishing. Think what they would do to your drains even DID they flush down!!!

    Be brave, my hero!


    • Abra

    I’m sitting here in semi-hurricane force winds, roasting a chicken and waiting for the power to go out. And I’m thinking ok, life is good even under these conditions. If I were chez David, it’d be the Attack of the Albino Potty Goobers. Not to mention the hovering.

    • Tai – Tai

    Perhaps some really hot water will dissolve the remaining bits…Good Luck!
    Makes you wonder how they dissolve in our bodies…easier than all the chemical laced junk food I am sure.

    • Nancy

    oh MERDE! lol

    • Megan

    Hmmm… reminds me of the time I tried to dispose of some profiteroles down the toilet at a B&B in Dublin. I hadn’t considered that profiteroles are quite buoyant, and that the chocolate sauce would leave disconcerting and stubborn streaks all over the bowl. Ah, youth.

    • Kat

    are they gone yet?
    p.s. ewww!

    • David

    Yes, they are. After 3 days, of watching and waiting, I’ve got my toilet back.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s something I need to do…


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