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Ha! I fooled you.

This time, this really is a ‘no-recipe’ (unlike my No-Recipe Cherry Jam) since unless you have your own bushes and pick them youself, you’re not likely to have enough red currants to make jam.
So, no-recipe.

Last weekend out in the countryside lots of red currants were picked…
No make that lots of baskets of red currants!…
Hours were spent stirring them diligently on the stove until the red currants were transformed into supple, translucent jelly…
A few red currants were set aside to make a tart. Tangy, vibrant red currants, cooked with a soupçon of sugar, atop buttery pâte brisée


Later in the afternoon, we picked lots of perfumed rose petals to make jelly…
Très sexy…Non?

(The rose petals, not the cleavage!)


    • mindalicious

    Hi David,
    Would you be ever to kind as to share your sexy rose petal jam recipe??

    • David

    Hey, is a ‘no-recipe’ post! Actually the insane heatwave got the better of us and we spent the rest of the day in the shade playing Scrabble (in French…which is a killer.) I kept getting stuck with the “W” and there’s like 10 words in French that begin with “W”, and they’re all anglo-words, like ‘weekend’ and ‘Walkman’ and ‘whisky’…so the Rose Petal Jelly was put on the proverbial back burner.

    • Karen Laidman

    Hi David: I just found this page while doing a Google search for red currant jam using Light Certo Crystals. So far, no luck. Lots of recipes using regular pectin crystals, but we find it too sweet.I’ll keep searching: In the meantime, do you have such a recipe?
    Karen Laidman

    • David

    Adam, from Amateur, keeps trying to sell me on the book, ‘Mes Confitures’ by Christine Lefevre, who sells lovely jams here in France. Apparently the book is available in English as well now, perhaps titled My Confitures. That’s hard to believe that red currant anything can be too tart; those little berries are so tangy! You could add some lemon juice, which has lots of pectin to jam to decrease sweetness as well…


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