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Here’s my address book for the most popular and some favorite places for ice cream in Paris. I update the list from time to time, and for the most up-to-date information, check out my Paris Pastry app, which lists over 300 of my favorite places in the city for ice cream, chocolate, pastries, and hot chocolate.


In addition to these glaciers, some of the pâtisseries make their own exceptionally-good ice cream which they’ll scoop up from freezers parked on the sidewalks outside during the summer. Some of the best include Kayser, La Maison du Chocolat, and A La Mère de Famille.

Many of the places keep curious hours, some of which I’ve noted. Most don’t open until mid-morning, and one, Deliziefollie, simply closed for the winter while Berthillon closes mid-July for the summer. I’ve listed phone numbers so you can call in advance.

Passionfruit sorbet


Little needs to be said about Berthillion that hasn’t already been said. This most-famous of all Parisian glaciers makes what many consider the best ice cream in the world. Go see for yourself! I was a fan of their glace chocolat until I saw the light and switched to the chocolat amer sorbet, which has the deep intensity of chocolate but without the distraction of cream. Their Caramel Ice Cream is excellent, but I think the Caramel-Buerre-Salé doesn’t measure up to it. The fruit sorbets are excellent and the one made with tiny wild strawberries, fraises des bois, is worth the supplement.

Berthillon is served at many cafés in Paris, and other locations near the original also scoop it up, which is helpful when they’re closed. Beware of other storefronts nearby which some people confusing think serve glace Berthillon as well. (They’ll always display a Berthillon logo if they do.)

31, rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile (4th)
Tél: 01 43 54 31 61
Métro: Pont Marie or Sully-Morland
(Closed Mondays and Tuesdays, the second half of July and all of August.)


Popular with tourists and locals, Amorino does quite the business, making delicate ‘flowers’ of gelato on cones. Interesting flavors include Bacio, the Italian-style ‘kiss’ of hazelnuts and chocolate and Amarena, candied sour cherries embedded in vanilla custard. Those of you who are lactose-intolerant can find digestive comfort in Amoriso which they say is made with rice and rice milk. Twelve boutiques in Paris.

31, rue Vieille du Temple (4th)
Tél: 01 42 78 07 75
Métro: St. Paul or Hôtel de Ville


More often than not, you’ll find me at Pozzetto, waiting from my scoop of sticky gelato in a cone being handed through the window to me.

While folks line-up a couple of blocks away at Amorino, for my money, Pozzetto is where it’s happening…it’s simply the best gelato in Paris. The pistachio gelato is made from bright green Sicilian Bronte pistachios and the gianduja has the smoky-nuttiness of roasted Torinese hazelnuts. You can also get a real Italian espresso here too.

Scooping Gelato

39, rue de Roi de Sicile (4th)
M: St. Paul or Hôtel de Ville
21, rue de Lévis (17th)
Métro: Villiers


Readers of The Perfect Scoop are familiar with my fondness for Raimo (page 133.) I used to go for the décor, which was retro-modern before an unfortunate remodel. But most come here for the just-churned glaces here, especially the fruit-based ice creams of summer, flavored with peaches, nectarines and melon. My favorite is fleur de lait, an icy-cold boule of light frozen cream. Worth making the journey to this neighborhood a little trip from the center of Paris, although there is now a shop in the Marais.

59-61, Boulevard de Reuilly
Tél: 01 43 43 70 17
Métro: Daumesnil
(Closed Monday)


17, rue des Archives

Le Bac à Glaces

Tucked away behind Le Bon Marché is Le Bac à Glaces, an unassuming glacier that boasts all-natural ice creams. You’ll never know what flavors you’ll find: I’ve seen avocado, mango, fig and blackberry. In many you’ll find little bits of fruit.

Le Bac à Glaces
109, rue de Bac
Tél: 01 45 48 87 65
Métro: Sèvres-Babylon
(Closed Sunday)


Yquem gelato

A few other places:

81, rue de Seine (6th)

If you don’t know Grom, from Italy, you should. Read about my Grom visit.

Raspberry Gelato

Mister Glace
6, rue Descombes (17th)
Tél: 01 42 67 76 24

La Marquisette
31, avenue de Saint-Ouen (17th)
Tél: 01 45 22 91 65
Métro: La Fourche

Martine Lambert
39, rue Cler (7th)
Tél: 01 45 51 25 30
Métro: La Tour Maubourg or Ecole Militaire

Une Glace à Paris
15, rue Sainte-Croix-de la Bretonnerie (3rd)
Tél: 01 49 96 98 33


mary's gelato


Can’t Make It To Paris?…Churn it up at home!

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-The best Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream, better than Berthillon!

-Tangy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Roquefort and Honey Ice Cream

-Gale Gand’s simple White Chocolate Sorbet

White Chocolate and Fresh Ginger Ice Cream goes great with summer fruits

-Icy & easy Strawberry Granita

-Wondering which ice cream machine to buy?…Meet Your Maker here, and more about The Perfect Scoop.



    • Eye_carl

    Ok this list is one year late David, I was in Paris last summer and I would have been all over your list. Oh well at least we have “Scoops” here in Los Angeles.

    • Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

    Excellent reference!!! (Files away for future use)

    • Rosa

    Thanks for sharing your list, David! It’s worth mentioning that Scoop does the most fabulous Turtle sundae, for those of us who get nostalgic for Turtles.

    • Aiste

    I love Berthillon “fraises des bois” sorbet!!!

    • jef

    Man Dave, you have ice cream on the brain these days. You’ve been talking about ice creams enough these days that it has infected my household. New ice cream maker, your book, and now a freezer full of flavors.

    If I ever get to Paris, we’ve got to get together for a few cones.

    • Candice

    There is a second glacier doing the ‘flower cone’ thing, called Gelati d’Alberto. My husband and I tried the gelato there when we were in Paris last July; we found it to be about the same as Amorino’s.

    For those interested, their locations (as of last year):

    45, rue Mouffetard (5th)
    12, rue des Lombards (4th)

    • simona

    What could be more French than closing a GLACE shop in July and August? Isn’t it perfectly logical? Who would like ice cream in July and August? Of course, December -January, on the other side, are the best months when Gelato is a must, and shops should be open!!!!

    I discovered this Berthillon charming French anomaly while a student at the Sorbonne in the 70’s, to be more precise in the summer of ’74, one of the hottest summers in Paris (or was it ’75? I’m too old to remember).
    Anyhow, I’m not a Glace person, though I’m sure I’d like David’s Salted caramel (butter?) ice cream.
    Vive la Glace and a lot of success with your book, David

    • Kailie

    It’s like you have anticipated my trip to Paris this coming weekend. I was not able to visit Berthillon when I was there just a week ago, so I look forward to it this coming one. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Robyn


    …I mean, yes. It’s awesome. :D I’m glad it has your approval. When I was in Paris for spring break I went there on the first and last day of my vacation. There’s a really nice guy who works there named Naylar (totally wrong spelling, but …it’s something like that!). He has a very distinct laugh. Mm hm.

    I was excited about Deliziefollie but kind of disappointed too. The huge paddlefulls of gelato were nice, but flavor was not uber awesome. :|

    • Jesse

    My fondest memory of france as a child is a large scoop of pistachio ice cream in a hand made waffle cone.

    • rob

    Thanks, David, for the handy reference. I only wish we’d had it prior to our last visit to Paris. I’ll never forget the raspberry sorbet from Berthillon we enjoyed on that trip. It was the most intensely raspberry anything I’ve ever tasted. It was so good Rachel and I returned the following evening to taste it again.

    • Mercedes

    Great, another reason to get back to Paris soon (like I needed one). I’m glad to see several of my favorites on the list, as well as some new ones to try!

    • ParisBreakfasts

    Your hot chocolate list was my best friend and constant companion last trip.
    I know whose coming along next trip.
    I agree on Amorino = faux italian
    A gelateria from Tourino is opening TODAY in New York, called GOB or GELT or something like that..
    Should I shut the shop and run up to 76th & Broadway & try it? $5.95 a scoop too :(
    At least we have La Maison’s wonderful ice creams here…
    But Gelato – that pony don’t ride outside of Italy IMO
    I did have the Pistache 2x at Pozzetta. I was not overwhelmed
    Bertillion’s Caramel is another superior story
    I do not trust myself to make my own ice cream or I would run out & buy your book, the machine and throw caution to the wind. Is it possible to tire of one’s own hand-made ice cream?
    I think not. Too dangerous for me

    • My Melange

    Have tried both Berthillon and Amorino. Both good but I am more of a gelato fan, and nothing beats the real deal from Italy. I am looking forward to trying Pozzetto in September though!!! I have an ice cream maker and I have made both ice cream and gelato(Nocciola…my fav)and I must say….each one has been excellent! I couldn’t live without my Cuisinart!

    • Jessica “Su Good Eats”

    Agree on Amorino. It’s too fluffy. Have you had Grom in Italy? They just came to NY, but $4 for a small is pricey!

    I buckled an finally bought an ice cream maker! But I was cheap and ordered a refurbished model, which is on backorder. Once I get it, I’ll be sure to try your recipes.

    • David

    Yes, GROM is opening in New York City soon. And if you taste it, you’ll find it’s worth the slightly higher price. They’re using top-notch ingredients from Italy.

    I guess after living in Europe for a while, $4 seems like a bargain to me for the quality and taste of real authentic Italian gelato. And if I remember correctly, that’s around the price of a Starbucks Frappaccino, isn’t it?

    • ParisBreakfasts

    I went to GROM last night. There was an hour & 1/2 wait for a FREE cup(!) so I shelled out $6.23 for 3 flavors tout a suite in a rather small cup – Pistachio + Chocolate + oops can’t remember the 3rd flavor. IT WAS GOOD and I’d do it again. No question.

    • Gideon

    Good recommendations but how do you avoid those damn mile long queues that arrive with the first ray of sunshine?

    • L

    Yum! I don’t know the next time I’m going back to Paris, but I’ll definitely remember to print out this page before I go!

    I’m waiting for the Remanufactured Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker to become available again. I’m kicking myself in the butt for not buying it the first time I saw it.

    • Mindy

    Sadly, I missed a have-to-go-there stop at Berthillon when I was in Paris two weeks ago (I was too busy noshing at Boulangerie Malineau in the Marais), but I did make it to Pozzetto which was fantastic. I also went to Amorino on rue de Buci (it was near our hotel). The line was about 30 people out the door, so I figured it must be good. I thought it was decent (not great). The flower cones are cute, but cute doesn’t cut it when it comes to taste and quality.

    • Diana Benedek

    Hello, my son is casein intolerant. In the USA we buy almond milk or rice milk. We are travelling to Paris in June. Is there a store in Paris that you can recommend that would stock these types of milks. Normally they are health food stores.
    Thank you so much for helping

    Diana Benedek

    • David

    hi Diana: There’s a chain of health-food stores in Paris calle Natralia that has those things. Similarly, many of the larger supermarkets, like Monoprix have a ‘bio’ (organic) section that would carry them as well. Pozzetto makes some gelati without dairy in it, on occasion, which is worth a try for sure!

    • anne

    THANKS, MERCI, MILLE GRAZIE (or Grazia?)-my Italian is not so good despite my love for Gelato. I had POZZETTO last night. Twice. Bob had to drag me away. Seriously.

    First a small, then a large. Call it addiction. Janduja (gianduja?) and pistachio. And the fresh strawberry with fior di latte?! It made me scream! More important: I never had anything like that even in Italy.

    • T. Shiels

    You have a great site. You must lead the kind of life most of us think can never happen. I have a question which may be beyond your expertise: There was a famous ice cream cafe in Paris for many years near the opera (probably in the same block) that was there in 1828-1830. Supposedly it was world-famous & its prices were high. I imagine that only the rich and famous of that day ate there. It was somewhat of a status indicator for people to eat there. Have you ever heard of it?

    • David

    Hi T: Sorry, don’t know about that place. But since it was over 150 years ago, I doubt it’s still around…although plenty of other places are—thankfully!

    • lebovic.claudia

    La marquisette est certainement le meilleur glacier de Paris, moins connu, plus discret, mais à certaines heures de la journée l’attente est longue pour déguster l’une de ses merveilleuses saveurs.

    • Jérôme

    There’s another Glacier that i love to go to , it’s Pascal le glacier, in the 16th ardt, near Métro La Muette :)

    • Ailee

    Do you know if any of these places have “light” options? Like reduced fat or no sugar added options?

    • G.

    Interesting post, thanks!

    As an Italian living in Paris for ten years I must say that I find Amorino far from being an insult to the real “gelato artigianale”. Quite the contrary.
    The care they put in their ingredient selection and preparation is outstanding.
    I must say that I am speechless when I read expressions such as “gelato with no dairies”… What the.. ? Well that might surely be some nice dessert but such a thing cannot be a gelato artigianale italiano.
    In my humble opinion in Paris, the closest thing to a gelato artigianale – as you can have it in Italy – is Amorino. Then Grom. Then Pozzetto, than Alberto.

    Berthillon, again in my opinion, is nothing more than a fancy name and they might serve whatever dessert they serve but it is not gelato. I tried twice their (once?) famous sorbets and I twice I was disappointed.

    French ice cream place in gastronomy is next to italian camembert, imho. :-)

    • Robin Patrice

    great list.
    perhaps its been updated?
    if you have found a passion fruit sorbet better than Martine Lambert in the 7th I want to know about it!

    • David

    Yes, I update the list, as I find new places. For example, a few weeks ago I added the new gelateria “Mary” and removed a place that had closed. And of course, readers are welcome (and encouraged!) to leave suggestions as well. Thanks for the tip! : )

    • Allison

    It seems that Mary’s has officially closed. Also, please note that Scoop has closed and the new place “Oh Mon Cake!” does not serve ice cream or gelato. Unfortunately I went to both places yesterday in addition to Raimo, which was also closed (but only until February 10th). I have been to Amoretto and Grom and Berthillon and was looking for something different yesterday. Oh well…….trial and error.


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