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One of the great things about having a food blog is that instead of doing something productive (like, perhaps, work on your next cookbook, for example…) I scan what others post then immediately hop on the mètro and whiz over to the newest and most exciting pastry and chocolate shops in Paris at a moments notice, sans hesitation.

When Louisa posted about discovering a new pastry shop, Xavier Le Quéré, I ran over to taste right away. I trust her judgement since she’s a pro and gets to work with famous chefs. (Kinda like I used to do…before I moved this continent where all the chefs speaks funny languages.) It’s hard work, and often not as much fun as it sounds, but I’m glad she found this place and shared it with us.

So here’s what I found…


Beautiful pastries, including a delectable caramelized pine nut tartlet on pâte sucrée, buttery tart dough.


Almond financiers studded with plump-sweet framboises. Financiers get their name because they’re shaped like little bars of gold, although I like to think it’s because they’re so rich.


I walked away nibbling a Piemontais, twin hazelnut sablés smeared with homemade gianduja filling.
I couldn’t resist walking down the street while wolfing it down.

Terribly un-Parisian of me…

Xavier Le Quéré
121, rue Mouffetard (5th)
Mètros: Place Monge or Censier-Daubenton
tel: 01 58 10 00 32
(website coming soon)



    • Richard AB

    My god you torture us!

    • Gail

    Oui! LOL

    • Sil (Bs As)

    It’s not fair! someone get me a plane ticket!

    • Louisa

    LOL! Jessica, that is some compliment! :) David, beautiful photos – and leave it to you to find the gianduja!

    • diva

    Total poptart!!!
    work work work!!!

    • jess

    lovely pun. I would be thrilled if the only bakery in Ukiah even had one thing that looked half as good- or used butter (I’ll forgo beauty for butter).

    • David

    Pop Tarts??
    I’ll keep that between us. I don’t think Xavier even knows what a Pop Tart is. And somehow I don’t think Gianduja Pop Tarts would be a big hit in the US (although you never know…maybe if Nutella teamed up with Pop Tarts??)

    Jess; Isn’t there a good bakery in Ukiah? I think it’s called The Garden Bakery, and they use butter I assume (since the owner worked at Chez Panisse)

    • keiko

    Hi David – I was reading your tips on flour/butter etc on Sam’s site, it was very useful (and I just remembered I was actually reading your books at Books for Cooks in London the other day!). I often have similar trouble like Sam mentioned – I think I’m getting better when I use Japanese books here in the UK, but still difficult when I use US measurements (I am Japanese and live in the UK).

    Your site is fascinating, loads of lovely posts and recipes. I’ve never been to the patisserie above, it’s already in my must list for next time I visit Paris. Thanks so much!


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