One Recipe, Six Tries





  • I’ll take a scoop of each, s’il vous plait!

  • I have the raspeberries and yogurt in the fridge, getting ready to be frozen. It’s 90* in NYC and the perfect end to dinner tonight. Well David, perhaps you have started your own revolution…the’cold on the tongue’revolution…which should be celebrated on July 15!

  • Is your freezer big enough?

  • Do I get to sample all of them?

  • It looks like you have been busy! Is it an empty pot de crème fraîche I can see at the top right?

  • I like the color and consistency of top left in the rectangular box. It’s making my mouf water…

  • Da Bombe. Which one tasted the best, and why? Are you trying different sugar syrup densities? I broke down and borrowed the neighbors sorbetiere. I will be groveling, I mean reporting soon.