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I’d like to find out how my readers are visiting the site:

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  • Hi David,
    What was the question?

  • I voted but got a message “cannot connect to server”

  • I discovered your site by the Foodporn site.
    I visit it by RSS (atom).

  • Through Amateur Gourmet blog.

  • i found you via notmartha.org

  • I have your dessert book and search your name on Google and took me to your website. I marked your website as one of my favorites. From then on, everytime I want to go to your website I just click it from my list.

  • i visit your site directly from my rss feed, but you dont have a button for that.


  • David –

    Depends on how busy I am…I watch for new posts via bloglines. If I’m busy, I skim the post there. If I have more leisure, I move on over to the blog.

  • (Oh, and I voted – but felt I needed to expound, thus, the comment.)

  • I also found you via notmartha.org……

  • I searched Paris and chocolate initially and now you have been saved as a favorite.

  • Hi David,
    I have you in my Technorati favorites, which pulls your RSS feed and presents the headline and a few lines of text. I then click over from there to your site. I don’t read your blog through a newsfeed reader.
    I think there is a distinction between how one finds your blog and the manner in which they read your blog.

  • Sam:

    There are three RSS feed icons on the right hand sidebar. Don’t they work for you?

  • Elise: Thanks for the info! Yes, I’m trying to find how people get alerted when the site is updated. I get alerted using News Fire (for it’s awesome Mac Aqua interface) then go right to the site, since I don’t like reading site through feeders.

  • Both! I use bloglines to alert me of new posts and then visit the site to read in context and see the pictures.

  • Originally via Amateur Gourmet’s trip to Paris video. Now, I check for new posts via RSS.

  • RSS feed. I discovered your blog through Chocolate & Zucchini.

  • I discovered your site through chocolate and zucchini, and now it’s on my favorites list. I love your updates on the many ups (and the few downs) of daily life in Paris.

  • I found your blog through Lucillian Delights blog. After a long day/night in the kitchen, it’s relaxing to sit on my couch with a glass of Pinot Gris (out here in Portland OR) and take a little trip out of the country – and off my couch :)
    Keep up the pith and wit!

  • I found your blog through Lucullian delight’s blog. It’s relaxing to come from a long day/night in the kitchen, sit on my couch with some cold Pinot Gris (out here in Portland OR), and take a little trip out of the country.
    Keep up the pith and wit :)

  • Bloglines… however depends on my mood, you torture me, I’d love to be in Paris! No matter the weather, hehe!

  • I heard about you on Evan Kleinmann’s podcast, found your website and now it’s one of my favorites. I check it every day for new entries – it has become part of my morning routine…

  • The question had disappeared by the time I got here (even tho it’s still July 21 where I am, ie. Chicago), but count me in as a frequent visitor!

  • Bookmarked the RSS, so I don’t miss a beat, but I skip right over to the site to read.
    Yours, as well as Chocolate and Zucchini are among the first I always read…. must be pining for mes jours scholaire en St. Malo. (and you both, um, like, write wicked good with all the words and stuff :-)
    At current count there are 79 other entries on other sites that I’ll get to sooner or later.

  • you’re on my favorites sidebar….can’t trace the history of DavidLebovitz.com any further back. I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so maybe I happened to find your site through Cousteau.

  • I just recently found you through Matt Armendariz, and I’m loving your posts.

  • Of course, I voted as a direct visitor to your delightful, informative and very amusing and uplifting blog! But then I know you and would always support you – but why you keep living in a Paris oven, especially under a poorly (if at all) insulated zinc roof, instead of a proper apartment on the Avenue Foch beats me! Move onto Florence or Rome and then we can all experience your fascinating life in those wonderful places. You’re a great blogger, David, and thanks for it. Big hugs, John x

  • You are on my bloglines list. Imagine when it says there’s something new and there isn’t when I reach you. Desolated I am.

  • I found you through Cybele’s Candy Blog. I have a button for you on my Firefox toolbar. I usually check every day for an update, as I have a lot of free time on my hands.

  • Hi David,
    I don’t use RSS feeds at all. Yes, I am probably the only person out there, shame on me ;)
    Btw, like someone mentioned in a previous post’s comment, I too have problems reading your comments because the popup is too small (width) and it is not resizable. Would be great, if you could adjust the width or set the window to “resizable”.

  • Through C&Z

  • When I first started browsing food blogs last spring I clicked on some other, lesser, now-forgotten food-blogger’s link to your site. Now I’ve got it book-marked and check it regularly.

    I’m assuming the question is “How did I find your site?” There’s no actual question there on the blog entry.

  • There is a question, “Do you read or visit my blog via an RSS or similar subscriber feed? Or do you visit the site directly?” which is in the blue vote box. (Which I’ve noticed doesn’t always seem to appear! Try refreshing your browser…sorry.)

    Thanks to those of you who responded in the comments and by voting.

    As for the comments size, once someone left a rather long URL which threw it outta wack, but the size on my laptop is read-able. WIll ask my web master if it can be made larger so you don’t miss one of my, or my reader’s, witty and incisive comments.

  • Hey David! You’ll be glad to know about this:

    Long-Awaited Sunscreen Approved for Sale

    Sorry if the HTML code doesn’t translate well.

  • woops sorry, that comment was way off topic but i found you while googling for palets de breton. now i’m hooked.

  • I too found you on C&Z and now I have you in my MyYahoo RSS feed.

  • I think I found your site on C and Z–not sure. You’re on my favorites list, and I check for a new post every 2 or 3 days.

  • you are in my favorites list and i check your website almost every day! I took french for 12 years and majored in it in college. Since i’m not using it, I’m losing a lot of it. your website helps me so thank you!

  • Found your blog through The Girl Who Ate Everything site (www.roboppy.net/food, who I found through http://www.tigersandstrawberries.com, who I found through http://www.simplyrecipes.com — this is one of the few food blogs i’ve bookmarked and visit regularly. Love the posts!

  • I found you via Amateur Gourmet. Now I come here of my own accord.