Food Blog Award

Thank you all for your kind words about winning the Food Blog Award for Best Chef’s Blog.

It was nice to be noticed and recognized for the blog, and I’m glad so many of you are enjoying my adventures, tips, whining, recipes, ramblings, stories, travels, and other things I post here on the site.


I don’t think anyone starts a food blog for any reason other than to share a part of their lives. And in the case of a chef or baker, they share the hard work that they do as well. Anyone who takes the time to chronicle their craft in a food blog deserves a great deal of merit no matter what.

And while it’s nice to be recognized (especially when there’s prizes!) for all the energy we all put into our blogs, this doesn’t feel like a competition, but a chance for readers to discover some new food blogs through this event that highlights the interesting places all over the big tangle of the web. I was fortunate enough to find several new places to stop by during the nomination process and I hope you take a moment to do the same.

So big thanks and congratulations to voters and all the winners and nominees, especially the excellent blogs in my category which I suggest you visit and add to your reading list…

Jesse at Corduroy Orange, who offers excellent cooking tips and advice with step-by-step photos, as well as well-written discourses about food and dining.

Young chef Aidan Brooks admirably and enthusiastically writes about his cooking adventures with tremendous passion for his craft.

Kelli and Andrew at Lovescool, the two very fine bakers who own Amai Tea & Bake House, which has gorgeous desserts that I can’t wait to taste when I visit New York this spring.

And Shuna at Eggbeater, who nabbed top honors as Best Food Industry Blog. It’s always interesting to read her personal insights and thoughts about life as a pastry chef, both in and out of the kitchen.