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It’s bacon and it’s vegetarian?
(Thanks Melissa!)

I just knew those hand sanitizers were evil.
You can take them off your belts now, folks.
(via Derrick)

Deb’s not as smitten as the French are about McDo‘s.

Why rugby rocks (See what you Americans are missing?)

Are we sure he’s talking about the New England?

How great French butter is made.

Adam’s out!

Work on an organic farm in France.

It would be a crime to miss this.

v2.0 is here.

Faith and 254 friends.

Let me know when there’s an iPee for Paris.

Steve isn’t the only one who shouldn’t be eating these
(Thanks Bruce!)

He wouldn’t do that if he realized how valuable those things are around here—expired or not.

Some wiggly reasons why you shouldn’t buy counterfeit chocolate. (Watch ayor.)

End of tomato season?
Make white gazpacho.

Sugar High Friday goes local!




  • Yes, but bar soaps are a different story…

  • Oh boy, I’m sold on rugby now! How could one resist? Glad you’ve found The Sneeze — that entire page about “Steve, don’t eat it,” makes me laugh and cringe all at once.

  • Jessica: Well, the Rugby World Cup starts here pretty soon. I can blow up the Aerobed.

    How soon can you get here?
    ; )

  • Most of the hand sanitizers, particularly Purell, are alcohol based and do not contain antibiotics. Studies have been done in hospitals that show they are more effective to use than soap and water.

  • Sorry, didn’t understand…….

  • Adrian: For your description, sounds a wee bit like ‘old’ England to me! ; )

  • OMG, the minute I read a reference to rugby on yuor site I KNEW Dieux de Stade cudl not be far behind. I bought the 2005 calendar for a friend (found it at a Carrefour near Nice) and I though he might die of a heart attack brought on by sheer excitement.

    Feeling a little fluished now and might have a little lie-down.


  • Don’t lie down quite yet…

    There’s been a few documentaries depicting the making of those calendars with rugby and football players shown on television here.

    One particularly educational one is this one (…and people still keep asking me why I live here…)

  • Ciao David,
    My girlfriend and I have been reading your blog for some time now and are enjoying it a lot. We are from the US but are now living in Genova, Italy.

    We used a lot of your recommendations for our trip to Paris last week, especially Ble Sucre and the falafel place in La Marais (amazing!).

    I wanted to comment now because we are currently volunteering through WWOOF Italia on an organic vineyard in Monticello Amiata and are having a wonderful time doing it. We just made grappa from the early pinot nero harvest and will be picking the Sangiovese this Saturday. I linked to my blog if you (or your readers) would like to learn more.

  • It just got hotter here in Houston ……..excuse me time for a shower.