Upcoming Classes at Central Market in Texas

Next month I’ll be teaching classes at the Central Market Cooking Schools in Texas. You can register for the classes at their websites for the various cities I’ll be stopping in…

-January 13: Dallas

-January 14: Fort Worth

-January 15: Austin

-January 16: Houston

-January 17: San Antonio

The classes often sell-out so if you’re interested, sign up early. I’m really looking forward coming to Central Market as it’s one of my favorite stores anywhere*.

And of course, the barbecue and fresh corn tortillas are another incentive as well : )

So for those of you who live in Texas—see you in January…!

*Although I’d love to go elsewhere, Central Market only has stores in Texas.


  • Oh no! I’ll be there just 2 weeks before! Any chance you’ll make an early stop to Dallas? :)

  • Your post says this:

    Next month I’ll be teaching classes at the Central Market Cooking Schools in Texas. You can register for the classes at their websites for the various cities I’ll be stopping in…-January 13: Dallas

    There’s says:

    WED, JAN 19 2011
    6:30 PM

  • Ginger: The class is listed on their home page for Dallas on January 13th but I did notify Central Market about the discrepancy, which they told me they are waiting for their IT department to correct. In the meantime, you can call the school direct for confirmation and registration as well. Thanks~

  • Be still my heart, David Lebovitz in Fort Worth! This is a day maker. Now to convince somebody, anybody, that I need this for Christmas!

  • oh hurrah! I love Central Market too. I hope the weather’s decent while you’re in Houston (it’s been pretty pleasant lately).

  • I just secured my spot for the Houston class – can’t wait!

  • Just reserved my spot for the San Antonio class. Merry Christmas to me!

  • David, please come to Toronto. We would love to have you here teaching!

  • Thanks for coming to San Antonio! To echo Lana, I’ve already signed up for the class and Merry Christmas to me! Hopefully you will be signing books . . . ?

  • Fingers crossed that I can get in on the Austin class. This would be the best Christmas gift I could ever give myself… if I manage to get off the waiting list and into the class!

  • Jen – re: Houston class, me too, see you there! :)

    terry: you could always take a little day trip to Houston or San Antonio.

  • Wow, I am a big fan, thanks for coming to Dallas! I am gonna go sign up, just a bit confused about the date mix-up, also curious – would we have some hands-on time in the class? I have been dying to try the caramelised white chocolate!

  • Oh man! I’m jealous! Texas is my home, but I’m living up here in Boston for the time being. I’ll be home for Christmas but will miss these classes by a couple weeks!

    I hope they’re a blast and that you enjoy your time in Texas, David! If you get to missing the Eiffel Tower while you are there, you can always stop in my hometown Paris, Texas (2 hrs NE of Dallas) where we have our very own Eiffel Tower topped with a red cowboy hat…it’s as incredible and awful as it sounds. :)

  • David, I am so excited to meet you! See you in Houston, and I am bringing a friend!

  • I’m all registered!! I am like a giddy school girl, just ask my friends (three of them are joining me). Seriously, I can’t wait to combine two of my favorite things, Central Market and cooking with a foodie idol! I even devoted a whole blog post to Central Market and more than one to you. Okay, I’m gushing now, but I promise to behave less groupie-like when I see you! Safe trip and see you in the new year!!!

  • Yipee, can’t wait to meet you!

  • I wish I could fly home for this! When Central Market opened in San Antonio, David Rosengarten did a demo class there and he was really impressed with their selection of everything. It is my favorite store.

  • Your Austin class is already waitlisted :( but I’ll cross my fingers and hope a spot opens up! If nothing else, I’d like to thank you in person for the “boiled tart dough” (who’d have thought?) and the tarte aux tomates et chevre… it’s become my sister’s all-time favourite dinner (that drizzle of honey on top is what makes it, honestly)…. please come back to Austin again? Do you plan to do any informal baking with other bakers in town while here?

  • Yay! I’ll be at the Dallas class with bells on!

  • Unfortunately, I will not be in Texas area in January. Any chance of ever seeing you in Canada (Toronto). We’re very nice up here, but I would recommend coming in the spring/summer/fall. Cheers. :-)

  • Yippeee! My sweet husband took my subtle hint and booked me for the class in Dallas. Since that was so successful, I would love a 2011 Paris schedule please, so we can do a chocolate tour or some such fun! Looking forward to the class!

  • Today is my laundry day and I totally miss your post, Houston is sold out already, I’m on the waiting list, any chance of teaching 2 classes?

  • I’m an ardent fan. Have signed up for your class in Houston. Wish I were going to Paris. Sigh. BTW, I know sometimes you have have time to visit other food sites when you’re traveling a city. Since you like Mexico, if you have time you might want to check out Hugo’s restaurant on Westheimer, a couple of miles east of Central Market. Hugo’s a native of Mexico; his chiles en nogada are the best. Also, his pastry chef roasts and grinds his own chocolate beans. The hot chocolate and chocolate desserts there are great.

  • Am in on the Houston class with a friend. That’ll be fun! Been a while since I’ve done a CM class.

  • I work as a pastry cook at Central Market Houston and I was so excited when I saw you were coming I dropped everything and reserved my spot! Can’t wait to meet you and enjoy some great recipes.

  • I so wish you were traveling to Southlake, TX., David. Can you add us?

  • David, this is terrible news! You will be in Texas just when we arrive in Paris from SF. I was hoping to catch a tour or class. Ah, next time.

  • I can’t believe you will be in Texas when I don’t live there anymore :( le sigh…

  • Austin has sold out already!! I cooked for two days in preparation of our family’s pre-Christmas celebration this weekend & I missed the post. Je suis dévasté! I have a a 10 month-old, so traveling to one of the other classes won’t work. Un grand soupir… Peut-être you will return next year?

  • Just signed up for the Dallas Class. Super Excited !!!!!

  • Do yourself a monster favour when in Austin and to to the Salt Lick for bbq. You won’t be sorry!

  • Nooo, sold out already?? David, will you be doing any kind of meet and greet for the people who can’t come to your class?

  • Debbie: I’ve been there and I plan to go back!

    Wendy: I asked the school if they were interested in planning a book signing in the stores but they told me that they don’t usually do that, I’m afraid.

  • I used to live near one of the CMs in Austin…. but now I live in Boston.

    Polvos in Austin makes fantastic corn tortillas and has a great little salsa bar; it used to be my go-to breakfast place.

    Since you’ll be in Texas for a month, I also want to suggest taking a night off from the common fare in Austin and trying Uchi or Uchiko… The food is spectacular (yes, it is Japanese fusion in central Texas, don’t be frightened) and the desserts are sublime.
    [and I used to assist the pastry chef, who’s a wonderful guy… and a big fan of yours].

  • boo, I am waitlisted in Austin as well. David, any chance for an impromptu booksigning at Teo? My treat for a large gelato! (salted caramel? salted almond and dark chocolate?) whatever it takes!

  • Just registered myself and a friend for the Fort Worth class – WHOO HOO! I keep pinching myself to make sure this is not a dream!

  • Boohoo! Waitlist in Dallas. Hope I can sneak a peak and maybe say “hello”. Such a coincidence I even learned of it scrolling your site, as I do everytime I am heading to France. This trip will be six days from Marseille to Nice and back. Then just 24 torturous hours in Paris. How to choose!! Staying in the Marais, as usual, but will go wherever you tell me for one great lunch and one great dinner. Please advise me my gastronomic guru!

  • P.S. I am thinking Chez Dumonet and Breizh Cafe?