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Place Dauphine

Ever have data loss? I ran Disk Doctor once, thinking I’d be cleaning up my goofy hard drive. Well, it works..and – poof! – everything on my computer disappeared, never to be seen again. Sign up for Crashplan and back up your data off your computer. (Thanks Michael!)

Speaking of which – you might want to back up your Flickr or Facebook accounts? Backify will take care of that for you.

I’ve been deluged with desperate requests for macaron tips. Here’s my round-up of techniques and troubleshooting for Making French Macarons. And that’s all I can tell ya’…

Although I usually use Kayak for planning a trip, Hipmunk let’s you plan your trip with various factors, including layovers, flight duration, or stopovers, which you can search and filter by the “Agony” factor.

Round-up, reviews, and ratings of photo apps for the iPhone. (Personally, I love Instagram.)

A gorgeous glimpse of outdoor markets around the world.

Who the heck has a fax machine anymore? Well, apparently some very, very stubborn people still want faxes. Hello Fax allows you to fax for free (up to 5 pages/month) right from your computer. (Thanks Kris!)

I’ve become a bit obsessed with Thai food lately. So yes, I want to make everything here.

Tired of paying insane prices for cool eyewear in France? Thanks to Jimmy Fairly, you can get vintage-style glasses at a reasonable price, delivered, with a free trial. (And there’s a showroom in Paris, too.) You can also designate a pair to be donated to people in need. (Thanks Heather!)

(In the US, Warby Parker has retro glasses at similar prices as well.)

Are you a friend of Paris Pastry on Facebook yet?

Making a push for local produce in Paris and France, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui bridges the gap between farmers and shoppers. (Thanks Phyllis!)

I’m enjoying leafing through the stunningly beautiful book, forty years of Menus for Chez Panisse by Patricia Curtain.

Want to call someone abroad, but not sure what time it is? I use the Meeting planner to coordinate times across the world, so I don’t call someone at 3am instead of 3pm.

An interesting take on recipes online from The Guardian.



  • I LOVE the “Agony” setting on Hipmunk!

  • Oh I love the site She Simmers for Thai inspiration! I’m also obsessed with instagram and like your photo of the chocolates. :)

  • I don’t like Instagram. Not at all. But, more power to those who use it.

  • Dear David, this post has made me late to work ;-) Fabulous stuff here. I just wandered from link to link, wash, rinse, repeat. Wow. Clearly need to give up working. Thanks much!

  • Thank you for mentioning the Guardian link – I just spent a more than hilarious 30 minutes watching US Foodnetwork Stars on Youtube – OMG!

  • Drats, and I just got new glasses. Oh well, next time. I suddenly have the urge to make macarons but first I need to check out the rest of these links. This post is way too much fun. Thank you David.

  • This is a long list of things to be checked. I still use Kayak but check the other one out! Thanks for the list. Have a good weekend:)

  • My biggest fear in life is losing everything on my computer…so it’s really good to know about Crashplan. Thank you!

  • That meeting planner is genius! My work colleagues span 4 times zones, and I’m always afraid I’ll mess up the meeting time. Bookmarking that site!

  • Thanks for the link to the blog about Thai food (shesimmers). I’ve added it to my Google Reader list–love it!

  • David, you have a Mac, right? Couldn’t Time Machine retrieve your lost files?

    • I’m not sure, but I think you have to back them up to an external hard drive? If so, those things have a way of going wonky. I used to use Backup in my Mac account (which was $99/yr) and it never worked, but Crashplan is free, or there are paid versions as well. One thing I really like about them is that they answered my email questions and they have telephone support, which was very helpful when I ran into a minor glitch.

  • This picture is beautiful. Love its composition, and the décalage between the romantic light and setting versus the so pragmatic “cour de cassation” bookstore made me smile.

  • Thanks David. BTW – Dropbox is the best way to backup anything. It’s just amazingly seamless!

    Cheers :)

  • I love Hipmunk! Used it just last night and ended up saving about $200 (and agony!)

  • And I thought that I was spending too much time on the computer writing my blog…. When do you sleep? Oh, I love the Paris street photo. Takes me back.

  • Thank you! I find good resources are the backbone of what makes life easiest and saves time for more fun things. Appreciate all you shared.

  • Some of these sites are useful – thanks. And it sure seems the Guardian likes you, too!

  • I particularly liked the photo, which prompted me to play Google tourist and look for the location in Paris. For anyone interested in taking a little street-view stroll around the tip of Île de la Cité, here’s a Google map link

  • The Guardian site certainly has lots of down-with-America comments, but I can’t argue with the opinions they have about the popular American “chefs” that assemble stuff from cans and the freezer. Terrible. Fortunately most Americans think they are a joke, too.

  • I too just spent about 20 minutes reading the Guardian article (and the comments) that you linked above. I’m glad you linked this particular article. I was proud to see some American sites proposed by the writer. I was not suprised by some of the comments. It seems there will always be people defending their own ways of food preparation by bashing others’ methods, (and that includes the chef bashing, too) It happens regionally here in the U.S. as well. I will never understand the bashing, I guess. The point is, the world of food has been opened to everyone who cares about the possibilities and there are sites that explain how to convert measurements (as well as products available) and substitute ingredients or at least define some of the vernacular used so that anyone (who is really serious about cooking) has the opportunity look at or try new things. I’ve never been easily more informed and/or happier as a home cook. How lucky are we?

  • I adore this picture and would love to walk there. Would you mind telling me the address? Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • Dear David, Thanks for Hello Fax. I just used it to fax Air France about my seized ( i.e. expired) miles. Merci encore, Lisa

  • Hey David – Thanks so much for recommending us and for the link love!

    To everyone else, who’s commented that they love our site and the “Agony” sort: thank you very much as well :)

    -Jacqueline Tanzella, Hipmunk

  • I’m looking for a cloud storage / backup. Thought the iCloud might be good since it automatically stores data & updates all my apple devices. But i’ll check out crashplan too.

    David, thanks for sharing your favorite links. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  • David, can you include a link for your own website? You deserve too. I read a lot of food related sites all the time and you seem to have the most tasty, unpretentious, well-organized, slightly pornish, just plain cute website of them all. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations on your rave review in The Guardian, well deserved. And thanks for the Thai food blog, looks great. Can’t wait to try her satay peanut sauce.

  • Oh, that’s a great overview, there are still some interesting links for me to discover, thanks.

  • The Guardian piece–how insufferably snotty.

  • interesting links, I am mostly backing up on my external hard disk drive, maybe I should try something else to be safe
    and the Thai food blog is amazing! not I am craving for Thai, which is not at all common here where I live.

  • So many great & practical links – I’m especially intrigued by Hipmunk!

  • Fun post! But I have to tell you how much I like that first photo… such beautiful composition. I love it!

  • @ Tracey, that street, I believe, is place Dauphine, in the 1ere.

  • David – if you like to go out for Thai – I found a great place called Mme Shawn.
    You may already know about this place – but if not here’s the details.
    I went to the one located at 56 rue Lancry in the 10th.
    It was fabulous!

  • Hi — regarding macarons, I’d like to recommend to you the blog Not So Humble Pie. She’s a former scientist, now a dedicated non-professional pastry chef. I don’t know her, have no connection, but I’m impressed at how thorough she is in testing, varying and retesting. This post will give you an idea of what I mean:

    Thanks! I added that blog to the page. Appreciate the link.. -dl

  • Beautiful books like Curtan’s “Chez Panisse Menus” don’t deserve to be trapped on a bookshelf. I’d love to prop the book open on a bookshelf, mantle, or counter, so I can gaze at the wonderful images within. Does anyone make a tool that would let me do that? I know about cookbook holders (and have one or two), but they have that ugly (yet functional) plastic cover, which would get in the way of the art. A tricky thing about this idea is to be able to hold the book open to any page — not a simple task, to be sure.

  • Great links… especially Hello Fax will come in handy…. and Crashplan… I NEED a crash plan…I’ve been livin’ on a prayer


  • Found you on Amazon – Kindle Fire

    A snapshot of your website on the new Fire – Chopped Vegetable Salad page. About 2/3 of the way down.

  • That Warby Parker link is great! I just ordered a pair of glasses. So inexpensive and cute!