Paris Booksigning: This Saturday, July 14th

I’m doing a little booksigning this Saturday at La Cuisine cooking school in Paris. It’s going to be an informal affair and if you’d like to come and get a book signed, this is your chance.

There will be copies of Ready for Dessert, The Perfect Scoop, and The Sweet Life in Paris and I’ll be at the school, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, which is located at 80, quai de l’Hôtel de Ville. You can get a map, and more information, at the Facebook event page.

Happy Bastille Day!


  • Bonjour David. Darn. Just returned from Paris. Would have come otherwise. I have the book and often recommend it to my French students… Have a successful event on July 14th! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  • If I were only still in Paris…

  • Ah, if I had the funds I’d jet back to Paris at any excuse, copy of my book in hand to be signed. I hope you have a lovely time meeting your enthusiastic fans.

  • Funny, a copy of your book is sitting within reach, only I’m in California. Maybe the next signing you do a signing in Berkeley! I love that book, by the way. It’s the best guide for anyone going to France for insight into local customs.

  • I do not actually own any of your books… but maybe I would pass by just to say hi to guy which with his blog guide my Parisian food journeys

  • I took a class at La Cuisine in April and it was fantastic! I recommend it highly. I also attended a book signing that David did for SOS Help, the English speaking help line in Paris and it was fantastic too!

  • Hi David, I’m a great fan but too expensive to fly Paris tomorrow. I could use that money to prepare all your fantastic recipes; if I purchase the book, will I get a signed copy?

  • I too would love to fly to Paris with my dog eared copy of The sweet life…here’s hoping you have a pleasant, yet busy evening!

  • and a happy bastille day to you!

  • I can’t believe I missed this!! I took a baguette class at La Cuisine and they said you were going to be there on the 14th. I just returned from Paris after being there for a glorious month. The Sweet Life in Paris was the best guide book. We experienced all of it. I wanted so much to meet you but then read the chapter on visitors :) Thanks David!! Loved loved loved Paris!

  • Just came home last night from paris and will so miss meeting you. I would have asked you this about paris restaurants…are there any french or EU codes for restaurant hygiene, and are grades available? I was really enjoying my rare honeyed duck breast until i realized i was not alone, so to speak…vraiment, am i being too tough in expecting more.

  • Tahini and Sahlab cookies sound DIVINE!! Yum. Lucky you! Silvia

  • Was in Paris in May, reading “Sweet Life” on my iPad. Next best thing to a book signing. Well, maybe a bit farther down the list…