Ready for Dessert – Now in Paperback!

I’m thrilled that my latest book, Ready for Dessert has just been released in a softcover edition!

The book has the same recipes as the hardcover edition of Ready for Dessert (all recipes are in standard and metric measurements) and the icing on the cake is that there are more photographs from talented photographer Maren Caruso were added.

chocolate chip cookies

So if you’re looking for my favorite Chocolate-Chip Cookie recipe, chocolate-rich Racines Cake, spicy Fresh Ginger Cake, and Lime-Marshmallow Pie, they’re all in here, in the new paperback edition. Ice cream-lovers will enjoy churning up Chocolate-Coconut Sherbet, there are rich Coffee-Caramel Custards, Cherry Gâteau Basque, and Black & White Cookies for a taste of New York.

You can buy the book in the oversized softcover format on Amazon or from your local bookseller.

(For those in England, and beyond, Ready for Dessert is available in a special hardcover edition published in the United Kingdom.)

red wine-raspberry sorbet red wine raspberry sorbet


  • Congratulations! Very exciting to have a new book out. I’m also a huge fan of cook books in paperback. It lends a special authenticity to the book, feels good in the hands, and looks great on the shelf (also better for wiping splattered batter off the front. Will be picking up a copy soon!

  • Everyone should try your chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s definitely the best I’ve tried. And now that the book is in paperback, there’s no excuse; it should be on everyone’s kitchen counter!

  • Just got my hard cover copy…I love this book. My favorite recipe is the rosemary polenta cake.

  • Congrats, David. What I wouldn’t give right now for one of those luscious black and white cookies featured in your book on the opening pages…

  • Excellent! For those of us who already have the hardcover edition, I don’t suppose there’s any prospect of putting just the new photos on the web somewhere?

    (I bet the answer is no, and I can think of several excellent reasons why. But just on the off-chance…)

  • Loved the video so much! This is my very favorite cookbook of all time and I’d recommend it to anyone. I tried a lot of the recipes (chocolate chip cookies, pot de creme, tart shell, pastry cream, chocolate gelato, amaretto cookies, biscotti, lemon souffle, sponge cake, etc.) and none of them disappointed. It’s so rare to find a cookbook like yours where the recipes are straightforward, work, and just taste delicious! Your name comes up in our house a lot because I rave about you to my husband all the time; I’m always telling him “it’s a David Lebovitz recipe” as though that should explain everything…

  • Thanks for reminder was waiting for this!

  • merci going to order now

  • Ok, watching the trailor of your book made me realize that I never tried your cookies recipe!!! I will!

  • I have the hardcover edition. It’s a fabulous book. I’ve have made the brownies and chocolate gelato.

  • Love the video!

  • Already ordered from my bookstore! Have been waiting anxiously for about a month …

  • yay! congrats! so glad you made the announcement ^^! just checked with a bookstore and i should be getting a copy in the next few days! can’t wait ^^ yay!
    btw, i love all your stories, pics and recipes.. you’re my favorite of favorites, david! thank you for sharing!

  • David, just wondering if there are plans to release the softcover in Europe at any stage?

    • Due to the difficulty of having books published in other countries, just the hardback copy that is published in the UK is distributed in Europe. (The publisher did a wonderful job reprinting the book in the hb edition!)

  • Your chocolate chip cookie recipe is dangerously deliscious and far too easy to throw together – I make it at least once a week. So good!

  • I just tripped over myself to get to the book shelf to check out your chocolate chip cookie recipe! And I’m laughing because I keep your cook book and a few others on the shelf in my bedroom, I read them like salacious novels. I’ve been in pie mode lately baking dozens of pies every week for a client, if I see an other pie I may just…..

    I’ve been craving something else and your CC cookies are exactly what I need. It may put my own CC cookie recipe to shame, I like the right amount of salt and not too sweet CC cookies.

    I’m all about doughs and foods resting also, my grandmother used to put food in the refrigerator for a while so the flavors could “marry”.

    Congrats on the paperback edition, you deserve it! Enjoy some fallafal at L’As du Fallafel for me soon please!

  • Great! I just finish the Sweet life…, so I’m ready to start this one.

    Bonne journée David!

  • I’ve always been a fan of __________’s Greatest Hits, so thanks for this!

  • Great video!
    Je l’aimais beaucoup. Et maintenant…
    To Amazon to order the book. (I have your others).
    BTW I bought the Cuisinart ICE-100 after reading about it here.
    Best machine ever. Everyone loved the ice cream. Thank you.

  • The minute I saw your book would be available in my paperback book club, I put in an advance order for it. It arrived the other day and I can’t wait to start trying recipes. Have been reading your blog for some time now. I may never get to see Paris, but your stories, recipes, and photos are my “10-minute vacations” on my lunch hour at work! Thank you!

  • Sweet!

  • you’ll love (and use ) this book so much you’ll wish you got the hardback after wear and tear!

  • Oh, no! I’m just making my way through The Perfect Scoop, and now along comes another book of temptations. Keep ’em coming, David. There’s always room for dessert!

  • Ooh — coffee caramel custard — I’m in for that one. And those cookies look great, too. New apps and now a new softcover book — congratulations!

  • You can find it at your friendly neighborhood independent bookstore.

  • And my hips would hate me …

  • Excellent, can use for holiday gifts (the book and the cookies/etc).

    We’ve spent the summer eating our way thru Sweet Life (that sourdough/tomato salad is incredible).

    Thank you.

  • Think you need to start your Youtube video channel!

  • ooo nice! paperback is just my style :)

  • Excellent recipe. Simple and delicious recipes

  • Off to the bookstore. Even though I need to sneak new cookbooks into the house…

  • Perfect! I plan to have a stack, wrapped and ready in my front hall, to take as host/hostess gifts during the holiday party season. Love your recipes, David.

  • I must say, the cover is exceptionally well composed & coloured. Very alluring!
    I think I just finished my Christmas shopping.

  • My wife just might find this book under the Christmas tree this year.

  • Great! I’d really like to have it :)

  • Got my copy! The fresh ginger cake looks divine… I think I’ll give it a try soon! :)

  • Just received it! Everything looks delicious, now I only have to choose what to cook first… aside from chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake brownies, which have already been aproved (and praised) by my testers (and by me, of course!)
    Just one doubt… when you talk about using cream or half-and-half, what exactly is half-and-half? Where I live, I can only find whipping cream (about 35% fat) and “cooking” cream (18% fat) so my guess is half-and-half may refer to the latter, am I right?

  • Perfect timing before the holiday season for gifting :)

  • Good to know! Hip hip!