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My ultra-special mix for Hot Chocolate with Salted Butter Caramel is now available at several outdoor markets in Paris, and we hope to make it available to our friends in the US and elsewhere.


One kit makes 6 warming cups of the most luscious hot chocolate you’ll ever have since it’s infused with smooth, buttery salted caramel (made with Breton butter), bittersweet French chocolate, and a soupçon of hand-harvested fleur de sel. It’s equally delicious made with whole or low-fat milk. I love it, and I hope you will too!

UPDATE: This kit no longer available. However…I published the recipe in my book, Drinking French. Enjoy!


    • sam

    this looks very lovely but since lovely people keep giving bags and bags of the stuff to me I already have a lifetime supply of fleur de sel de guerande to get through… where can I get my hands on that caramel sauce on its lonesome? WHo needs hot chocolate? I just need a cuillere!

    • David

    Sam: If you’re a very, very good girl between now and June, you might be in for a special treat when I come to visit then. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Jonathan

    I went to the Web Site you mentioned, David, but didn’t see the Hot Chocolate basket. Am I missing it, or is it something I need to specifically inquire about. I would love to get to Paris so I could hit the outdoor markets you mentioned and treat myself, but business in NYC (not to mention the weather) keeps me grounded.

    Any tips on how to get this would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • David

    Hi Jonathan: Yes Regis is supposed to get it on his site, but I’m hoping he’ll get his PayPal set up soon so he can take orders. We’re trying to find a distributor in the US so it’s easier and less-costly to ship, but I wanted to post the market dates now since it’s getting brisk around here and we all need more hot chocolate!

    If you visit his site, you can certainly inquire and he will write you back (do you speak French, I hope?) I’m going to help him translate his site soon. I believe shipping is 15 euros to the US although you can combine it and add some fleur de sel, or other things.

    • simona

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the photo of the the little basket which honours my kithchen table on your post….
    As promised, I visited Regis Dion’s stand at the Bastille market on Sunday two weeks ago. It seems I missed you by 5 minutes . He was so kind to try to catch you but returned empty handed , with no David to be seen around. He also thought I was french ( I do speak good french, Sorbonne oblige..), so he told me to add some milk because the resulting chocolate could be a little too sweet ( but very very good , he added) for our test buds. I’m not french, but I will take his advice. Meanwhile, my husband concentrates , -armed with a spoon-, on the salted butter caramel.
    I’ll try your chocolate recipe ( with more milk) on Saturday morning for breakfast.
    Congratulations on the release of your new book.

    • Corrie

    Chocolate, salt and buttered caramel? I might be willing to fly to Paris to pick some up.

    The basket is gorgeous also.

    • Corrie

    Chocolate, and salted, butter caramel? I might be willing to fly to Paris to pick some up.

    The basket is gorgeous also.

    • Catherine

    Dear David,
    How can I manage to befriend you between now and June, when you will visit my fair city by the Bay? I am not above bribes. Is there anything your little heart desires that is mailable? Perhaps a little sumpin-sumpin from Trader Joe’s?

    • m’s elle

    Hi David, I’ve been reading along, and I love your blog. It has inspired me to return back the kitchen, with a resolution to try a new recipe every week. (I too, was once a cook, and you have reminded me of how much I loved it, and what I miss about it).

    This combination of caramel and hot chocolate sounds positively sinful! Barring a quick trip to Paris, I might have to pick up a copy of your chocolate book as well!

    Thanks for your enjoyable info & tales.

    • Kat

    ooh, I hope they import this to Japan!

    • pom d’api

    I love chocolate.

    • good enough cook

    That sounds just amazing. Especially as we here in a large chunk of North American dig out from under a foot or more of snow (and prepare for the next storm…)

    I hope Valentine’s Day brought you some excellent chocolate.

    • Ash

    Oh David! I have to buy some. As soon as it’s up on his site I’ll be clicking and paypalling :) If I owned a shop I would be buying these to stock.

    • sam

    when are you coming in June – i was about to book my vacation for latter part of june, bur now i need to make sure I am here when you arrive.
    If you are here at the beginning of june let it be known it is my birthday and I will then deserve caramel whatever my behaviour AND you will have to come to my karaoke party.

    • David

    Sam, my dear, obviously you don’t get my fun-filled, exciting newsletter. I just sent one out yesterday to my subscribers and it included tidbits on how to have a terribly naughty night in Paris (not that you’d be interested in that sort of thing…right?), a fabulous opportunity for readers to join me for dinner in May, and a great new recipe for Cinnamon Ice Cream, which I stuff into profiteroles and douse with chocolate sauce and salted almonds.

    Oh yes, and my spring schedule was there too.
    I’ll be in San Francisco that last two weeks of June. Then we’ll really put those bartending skills of yours to the test…

    • Ben

    “Tres content” to stumble upon your website & blog. Often at Chez P (cafe) during my – numerous – years in SF&Oakland. Now I’ve been wasting away for the last 4 years in Montpellier. So I will hop onto your email list and maybe get a Bay Area fix along with my sweet tooth. Bonne Continuation.

    • Sil (Bs As)

    Damn! not a French speaker =(

    • David

    I’ve been working on him, translating his site.
    In the meantime, this site provides reasonably good, albeit sometimes unintentionally hilarious, translations to-and-from many languages (except Breton).

    • sam

    that might be when i am in europe :(
    i am trying to juggle with my jet setting europesn family who may not be there to accommodate me. we will see…

    • Leland

    I just subscribed to the newsletter, but will I be able to hear about this May dinner if I missed the last newsletter? I’m pretty new here…

    • simona

    “Big saturday” morning was big indeed this time, David, thanks to the above reccomended magic basket I bought at the Bastille market two weeks ago, including your so simple ( everything is simple when ingredients are first class as those above) but oh! how super-delicious chocolate recipe. I decided to do it as per your exact instructions, as the main beneficiaries of the results were meant to be my dear (very sweet tooth) husband and my chocoholic grandchildren. (I’m sorry, I’m a vodka and salted herring person; sweet food just doesn’t do it for me, but I can appreciate a masterpiece when I taste it!).
    It was sweet indeed, but that’s exactly how they loved it: they were 4 chocoholics to lick (literally) every drop of your 6 persons recipe. Like Sam, I would like to ask: Where can I get my hands on that awesome butter salted caramel sauce/spread? .I can find good chocolate and even very good milk in the land of Milk and Honey, and sel de Guerande I have plenty enough for the next ten years or so, but the caramel, Oy Oy Oy, the caramel, where can I find it? Is it for sale online?
    I don’t suppose that you’ll hit the Middle Eastern shores in the near future,- so I’m not as lucky as Sam to get it delivered to me in person- and Paris is a few month away. Only mail can save this tragic and desperate situation. Any suggestions?
    Thank you very much ( for your recipe, but also for your interesting and excellent blog ), and I hope your new book will be a big success.

    • Kristen

    I can imagine that this is the best tasting hot chocolate ever. What a fantastic sounding drink! Can’t wait for it’s debut in the USA. I’ll keep my eyes peeled to your blog for updates.

    • Alice

    Hi David! Just wondering if these kits will be available for a few weeks, or if it was just this past weekend… I would definitely be interested in acquiring one! I live in the ‘burbs now, I’m afraid to say, and I usually do my “fresh” shopping at my local market on Saturday mornings, but I would trek into Paris to get one of these hot chocolate kits for sure, especially if it’s one of yours! Thanks in advance…

    • David

    hi Simona: Regis does sell jars of the caramel but I’m trying to get him to set up a PayPal or some kind of online payment system for his site. Keep checking there, and hopefully he’ll have it up soon.

    Alice: He’s selling the mixes through the winter. If you’re coming into Paris, you may wish to email him through the site to ensure he’ll be at the market that particular day. (I think this coming Sunday, he’s going to doing tastings at the Bastille market.)

    (Oh, and thanks for the link to Weckonline, Ashleigh. I didn’t realize they mail-ordered them. They have the most beautiful canning jars!)

    • Lorna

    OK, Is there some way we can hurry this product along at Central Market in Texas for you?

    I did try to write back on this web site about the chocolate Idiot Cake….my mother said…’so…if you can’t make it …that means you’re not an idiot’. PERFECT. My parents were always so supportive…to my detriment.

    Anyway, I did make your wonderful dessert for company who happen to hate desserts….all I heard were people screaming from the dining room.

    Thanks so much, you’re wonderful to share your knowledge.

    • Jeanne

    OMG, does that ever look and sound fabulous! Why don’t you just call them “Hampers of Sin”?? My kinda hamper.

    • Julie

    Is this still available? I would love to get some before I leave Paris in October!

    • david

    Hi Julie: It’s no longer available, it was just for a limited time, and Régis has sold his stand as well.


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