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A favorite quick-bite on the streets of Paris, at L’As du Fallafel.


L’As du Fallafel is one of the few places where Parisians chow down on the street. Beginning with a fork, dig into warm pita bread stuffed with marinated crunchy cabbage, silky eggplant, sesame hoummous, and boules of chick-pea paste, crisp-fried fallafel. Spice it up with a dab of searingly-hot sauce piquante.

L’As du Fallafel: 34, rue de Rosiers, in the Marais. Open every day, except closed friday beginning at sundown, reopening for lunch sunday.


    • Aliza

    I also remember a really yummy falafel stand down a side street near Centre Pompidou. I went back several times. If I remember correctly, it’s run by two brothers–least of all two men, and perhaps ‘brothers’ is somewhere in the title. The name escapes me just now. I made a mistake by going to the place next door the first time I ventured down there, because I didn’t want to wait in the line of people crowded around the falafel joint. Big mistake. Note to self: almost always go to the place where there are impatient and hungry Parisians lining up. Usually a sign there’s something there worth trying.

    • Jonathan Goldstein

    My family and I visited Paris for the first time several years ago. We found this place and enjoyed it so much we went twice…once in the pouring rain! We still dream about the fallafel. The best we’ve had in the world.


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