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Since I posted about putting your name on my mailing list, I was miffed that so many of you weren’t receiving it (and it really is worth receiving) after all the hard work that goes into it. So I’ve scrapped the previous mailing list provider and switched to a super-duper, ultra-responsive, hi-tech, rock ‘n roll version that has amazing capabilities to do whatever I want, whenever I want it, with the touch of a button.

(Now if I could only find a partner with those qualities as well.)

If you didn’t get the previous fun-filled, slightly scandalous newsletter I sent out, you can re-enter your email address in the Subcriber Form to the right. If you’re not sure if you’re on the list, simply enter your email address and if you’re already in the database, you’ll get a message of confirmation. Please note that I send out between 4-6 newsletters annually, so you won’t be innundated by emails from me.

And your email address is not shared or used for any other purpose.

(Unless you’re that person that possesses the qualities I’ve listed above—then we can talk.)

So why not sign up now?
That way you’ll be sure to be the first to learn about my upcoming Paris chocolate tours, special culinary events, my upcoming book release party, and a whole lot more.



    • Alisa

    i kept thinking that it was a problem on my end that i wasn’t getting the newsletter. anyway, have un subcribed and re subscirbed. can’t wait for the results! when and if you find that person/thing with “those fabulous qualities” could you ask it to make one for me? bisous

    • Steve

    OK–I just subscribed and was informed that I’m already in the database. But Alisa’s message makes an interesting point–should those of us so situated unsubscribe then subscribe back in? I’ll leave it alone unless there’s additional guidance forthcoming.

    • David

    Steve: Alisa’s had to much wine, I suspect.
    ; )
    There’s no need to unsubscribe then re-subscribe. The previous mailing list was transferred to the new mailing list provider. If you want to make sure, re-enter your email address. You’ll get a message back instantly if you’re already in my highly-exclusive database.

    • katz

    “amazing capabilities to do whatever I want, whenever I want it”

    You should probably be touching more than one button to get your partner to respond like that! ;-)

    • JD

    I subscribed but didn’t get anything and yes I clicked to confirm the subscription.

    • David

    JD: You won’t get anything (except a confirmation) until I send out another newsletter. Thanks for subscribing!

    Katz: Amen!

    • Tegan

    Kevin: Are you sure it’s not something(or someone) else sending shivers up and down your spine?


    • Chris

    Awww, we won’t get to see the last newsletter because we signed up for the list too late? It sounds so titillating. At least we can read your blog; you keep up so nicely. Thanks!


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