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We’ve been tinkering with the web site and blog here for the past few weeks, making some changes and adding some features based on some of your feed back. As the blog continues to evolve, I realized that it had quickly outgrown some of the previous formats so I’ve been working with my long-standing (and long-suffering) web master to improve the site


Wondering where you can find these Orangettes from Jean-Charles Rochoux here in Paris? Try the new search feature.


We’ve added a search engine to this site so you will be able to search for whatever you’d like.
So, let’s say you’re in Paris and you need to find an escort.

You probably won’t find it here.

But If you’re looking for advice about chocolate shops, my favorite wine bars, recipes, great bakeries I visit, knowing the maximum prison term for punching out a Parisian, and restaurants that I recommend, use the search feature to find whatever information you’re looking for.
The search engine is currently at the top of this page in it’s beta form and searches the blog entries and archives.

Test it out and let us know what you think.


Due to the unrelenting amount of spam, I’ve turned off comments in posts that are archived. While I’m sure that many of you might be interested in increasing the size of your private parts to gargantuan dimensions, or watching videos of sorority girls doing what we all suspected they do when they’re having slumber parties, or helping the Royal Family of Ugibanzubia recover their family fortunes during the horrible revolution of 1998, it was taking too much of my time deleting the spam flooding in so I closed the comments in archived entries.

All comments submitted to the site may be edited and are subject to approval for posting. If readers have any concerns with that, visit here or here, for further information.


The Paris Chocolate Exploration Tour is now sold-out with Mort Rosenblum in May.

My Chocolate Classes at On Rue Tatin with Susan Loomis in November of 2006 still has spaces available, for a limited time. We’ll be doing a series of hands-on cooking classes at Susan’s fabulous professionally-equipped kitchen at her home in Normandy, one-hour from Paris, as well as offering an extra day exploring Paris’ outdoor markets, chocolate shops, and bakeries with us.


Enter your email address in the field to the right and I’ll add you to my mailing list and you’ll get timely and special news from me about new chocolate discoveries, upcoming tours, my next cookbook, and more.
Your address is kept confidential and is never shared or sold.

KitchenAid and Central Market Appearances and Classes

I’ll be appearing at the KitchenAid Experience in Greenville, Ohio at noon on March 27th, for a free demonstration on making chocolate desserts. Come visit, have some chocolate, and get your book signed!
I look forward to meeting many of you there.

The week of April 4-8, I’ll be teaching a series of chocolate classes at Central Market stores in Texas, one of my favorite markets in the world. Their classes are great fun, the staff does a terrific job, and there’ll be plenty of chocolate desserts to sample…I can’t wait to return for a big Texas welcome (and some Texas B-B-Q!)

You can find the exact dates on my Schedule Page and sign up by clicking on the links there.

Never miss a post!


  • Amy Schell
    February 20, 2006 7:17am

    The Chocolate Classes at on Rue Tatin and the Paris tour of the outdoor markets would be my absolute ultimate experience. Someday when my kids are out of the house, my husband and I will be there!! I only have 12 more years to wait……….. Amy

  • February 20, 2006 7:19am

    so, David, when are you coming down under? :-)

  • Helen Dowd
    February 20, 2006 12:11pm

    Hi there,

    I’m heading over to the Salon d’Agriculture next week to report on it for the official website.

    I’m a British journalism student, and the Ministry of Agriculture is paying for us to come over to report – in English – on what’s going on at the event.

    As pre-trip preparation, I’m contacting people who may be at the show, to say hi, and see if we can arrange to meet at the show if you’re running stalls or involved in any way. Or, if you spot anything newsworthy going on (I know, the show looks hectic and almost entirely newsworthy!)

    It would be great to hear form you if you’re going to the show, or if you know anyone who is.

    We will be interviewing people throughout the week, and I’m anticipating being rushed off my feet so thought I would get to work on making contacts now!

    My email is and I am told that there is a dedicated journalism area at the show, so feel free to drop by!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Helen Dowd

  • February 21, 2006 4:20am

    Yippeeeeeee!!!! So glad you now have a search engine!

    Congrats on the redesign – improvements all around!

  • Judith Umbria
    February 21, 2006 6:37am

    I am crushed! Does that mean if I come to Paris for a blacktie premier you wouldn’t consent to be my escort?
    I wouldn’t worry too much about it coming up, but thought I’d ask. One never knows which of one’s friends will become famous or powerful or movie stars.

  • darling
    February 22, 2006 3:57pm

    Molasses is spelled “molasses” not “molassis” (you have it wrong in the heading).

    Cheers otherwise.