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Welcome to my website. I created the Paris Pastry app guide to feature and highlight hundreds of the best chocolate shops, bakeries, and pastry shops in Paris. Unfortunately the technology of building and maintaining the app eventually exceeded my capabilities and it wasn’t possible for me to update it as often as wanted to. Because of those limitations, and others, I made the difficult decision to remove the app for sale. If you have the app, it should still be functional but I am unable to update it.

For your convenience, I’ve put many of my favorite Paris pastry addresses on this blog and you can find them listed under Paris Pastry and Chocolate Shops. Thanks! – David

At long last, I’d like to introduce you to the Paris Pastry app. It’s a project that I’ve been working on for a while, doing lots of delicious research around Paris, scoping out the best bakeries, chocolate shops, and confectioners in the sweetest city in the world!

Paris Pastry App

In the app, you’ll find hundreds of the best addresses in Paris where to find the most buttery madeleines and financiers, how far you’ll have to go to get the dreamiest salted butter caramels from wherever you’re standing, where is the best cup of rich hot chocolate, and how soon you can get your hands on a scoopendous ice cream.

I visited each shop along with Heather Stimmler-Hall, of Secrets of Paris, sleuthing out the best in the city. And Bryan Pirolli checked to make sure each address, phone number, and opening hours was spot-on.

Paris Pastry App

In addition to the over three hundred bakeries, tea salons, pastry shops, and confectioners listed, there are vivid, full-color photographs of specialties from each and every shop. You can scroll through the photos to find your favorites. And even if you’re not in Paris, the photos will keep you satiated until you do.

We’ll be updating the app as necessary, and you can follow Paris Pastry on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Paris Pastry App

Also included is an introduction and my personal welcome to the app, a glossary in French-English of best-loved pastries and other terms you might need a little help with, a zoomable map feature, a page to store (and share) your favorite addresses, a search engine in case you need help finding exactly what you’re looking for, and a list of my Top 25 Pastry and Chocolate Places in Paris.

Paris Pastry App

So if you have a sweet tooth, or are planning a visit to Paris, or just love French pastries and chocolates as much as I do, check out my Paris Pastry app!


I’m old-fashioned and don’t have a mobile device. I want it!

No problem. There’s an e-book that’s available with the same information. Visit the Paris-Pastry website to download it.

Why isn’t this app 99 cents?

You’ll find plenty of free information on my website. However this project required the assistance of a team to compile everything, as well as visiting each and every one of the places listed (I’m not complaining!), confirming addresses, websites, and making sure there were plenty of photographs. This is not an advertising-supported app and absolutely none of the entries are paid submissions.

Because of the electronic format, there are hundreds of full color pictures and other features which aren’t possible in a traditional guidebook. The price is comparable to the cost of a cup of cup of chocolat chaud in Paris…and this app tells you where to get it!

(If you prefers standard guidebooks, I recommend The Pâtisseries of Paris and Le Guide des Boulangeries de Paris (in French) which is out of print, but worth tracking down.)

Can I try it out first?

Sure! You can download the free LITE version of the Paris Pastry app, which has my Top 25 favorite bakeries in Paris listed on it, as well as other features.

Is this app available for the iPad?

We decided that most people will carry a pocket-sized device around the city rather than the larger iPad, however for those with iPads and e-readers, you can download the Paris Pastry e-book and use it on the iPad. The book will also be available in the iBookstore.

Is there a Kindle version of the Paris Pastry Guide?

Yes, you can download the Kindle version at Amazon.

Why isn’t my favorite bakery way up near the Porte de Batignolles on the app?

We included over 370 bakeries, many in the central part of Paris and in the single-digit arrondissements, where there are a high concentration of pastry shops. Although we live in the outer fringes of those areas, we focused on places that people are likely to be visiting when in Paris.

That said, there are quite a few places located in the various neighborhoods, so I’ve included places that I think are worth a special visit throughout Paris, such as a tucked-away confectioner near the Place Gambetta and a terrific ice cream shop behind a bus station in the 17th, where you’d least expect it. And don’t forget about those delicious cream-filled coffee meringues in the 15th.

Are there bread bakeries on the app as well?

Yes, however because there are over 1250 bread bakeries in Paris, we listed just the top ones. There’s plenty of them to satisfy any baguette cravings you might have, but it’s not possible to list each and every one in Paris. Most Parisians pick up bread at their local boulangerie on the corner, so if you have one that’s extra special, you can let us know through the website and we may include it in a subsequent update.

What about other devices and versions?

The Paris Pasty Guide is available as an e-book and will work with most e-readers and other devices, including Android-enabled smartphones. Most information can be found at the Paris Pastry website.

Who is behind this app?

Aside from the team of engineers and designers required to build the app, I worked with Heather Stimmler-Hall, a long-time resident of Paris, tour guide, and publisher of a number of Paris guidebooks. She has also worked with Fodor’s and other companies on their guidebooks. Bryan Pirolli, another Paris resident, tour guide, and student at the Sorbonne, provided assistance with fact-checking and polishing off any extra pastries and chocolates at the end of the day.

Is the app available for all the other mobile devices out there?

Much of this technology is relatively new and changing on a regular basis. I am the owner of an iPhone and understand how it works. So we decided to launch it on the most accessible platform for me at the moment. In the future, we will investigate offering it in other platforms and there is an Android version in the works. We’ll announce those on the Facebook and Twitter pages when available.



    • ladymacaron20ten

    I’ve visited Paris on several occasions and really wished that I had an app like this – thanks for working on such a wonderful project!

    • Arnaud

    I already love it! I’ll be in Paris next week-end for a birthday, I can’t wait. Every time I’m going there I clumsily compile a list of “best of” places to go to, but am always to far or have too little time. This app will make it so easy.

    • Cathg1g2

    Oh simply the best app, I am bringing my 2 teen daughters from Australia over the Festive Season…perfect app. for their cupcake and macaron obsessions. Thank you

    • Carrie

    OMG! This makes me want to go back to Paris immediately. When I last visited in May, I made a ‘Paris pastry map’ on google maps based on information from your site, this makes it so much easier!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I used to make notes as well, and carry guidebooks around with me. But this format makes it easier to do it, and to find other things that are around where you might be going that could be missed if you didn’t know about them. Plus I can update it whenever necessary, unlike a guidebook.

    • Tanya @ Lovely Greens

    I’m definitely going to recommend this to a friend! You could make a day out of it traversing from bakery to bakery and hopefully the walking in between will burn up a few of those calories ;)

    • mhs

    ummh, I not only haven’t a mobile device, but don’t tweet either, nor do I have a facebook account.
    I am, however, an avid Paris traveller and a all things sweet lover so what will I have to do to get the downloadable PDF? Will you put a link here in the blog, too? Thanks for all the hard work putting this app together.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      I will update this page when it becomes available, although I don’t know when exactly the PDF and other format will be out. You can also check on the Paris-Pastry app page from time to time – as that information and link will be posted there.

    • Romney

    Now I just need you to map the rest of the world too and my whole life will just be a walk between pastry, chocolate and ice cream shops…not unlike it is now, but better.

    • Susie

    What a great idea. Thanks.

    • shirley@kokken69

    Awesome! This is exactly what we need. Can you do another one on ingredients and baking ware? …. could be a smaller subset..

    • Heidi

    This is fantastic. Wish we would have had it when we were in Paris this summer, but should come in handy in the future. Do you have plans to extend it to other cities?


    • Dale

    Love this. I am planning a trip to Paris next year, can’t wait to try this out.

    • Ron Shapley

    Dave…….From a world away(sort of) NYC, I say GENIUS………. Congratulations !!!

    • Jade

    I envy your research phase on this project … I’d love to have a legitimate reason for trying all the best pastry shops in Paris! (Or pretty much anywhere, or that matter).

    • Gretchen @

    How did we survive before smart phones?

    • Jennifer

    I actually bought The Pâtisseries of Paris book years ago and when I went to Paris I was so excited about using it. Unfortunately not only were a lot of the locations permanently closed/moved but some of them had just closed up for the summer as many shops in Paris do. I was pretty bummed.

    I hope you make an app for great places to grab a meal in Paris as well. I can’t wait to use this app the next time I am in Paris. :)

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      That’s one of the unfortunate drawbacks of guidebooks – most book get published at least a year after they’re written (or more) and places change, hours change, etc..That book is very nice and well-photographed, and a majority of the places are “classics” – so they should stick around. With the app, we can update it whenever necessary.

    • Mary

    ah… a little too late! I just came back from Paris! Nevertheless I did visit to most of the shops you did recommend in your earlier post, David! :) and they’re awesome! thanks!

    • Cyndy

    Android version, please…hopefully soon? There are legions of us Androiders out there.

    That’s addressed in the FAQs. Due to development time, we’re not sure when it will be released, but hopefully soon.. -dl

    • sillygirl

    How much weight did you gain getting this together? Or does walking from one pastry shop to the next just work it off (wishful thinking!)?

    • Jeanette

    When you said you were developing an Adroid version – you brightened my day. The post itself made my day. This is a wonderful tool. Thank you for putting it together. I will be sharing it with everyone who asks me for information on Paris.
    Merci bien!

    • Sharon T

    Too bad I just got back from Paris! However, I did finally succumb to the iPhone so I may have to invest in this app for future visits. It looks great and very helpful.

    • Gerri Carlson

    Do you know of any listing for gluten free shops in Paris? It would be a great addition to this app.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      A few places have gluten-free items, but seeing as they we often placed on the same shelf as the regular items, for someone who has celiac issues, I’m not sure about any cross-contamination with flour and wheat items. I did a post on Gluten-free Paris that has some suggestions.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Check out my post on Helmut Newcake, the first gluten-free bakery in Paris!

    • ParisienSalon

    Congratulations! It looks delicious, and it’s already on my iPhone.

    • Maia Brindley Nilsson

    If only I had an iphone and a trip to Paris in my future. (I know you mentioned an e-book, but I REALLY want an iphone.) :)

    • Marlee

    Brilliant!!!! What a great idea and for $5 bucks!? That’s AWESOME!!!! Now I need one for San Francisco!

    • Melissa

    Baaaaaah! I JUST came back from my very first visit to Paris. Gladly, we survived by finding a nearby Eric Kayser and stumbling upon Pierre Herme near that famous pharmacy in the fifth.

    A helpful tip for anyone who is worried about how many extra calories this app will add to their vacation, just do as we did and book a 6th floor walk up on or I cursed those stairs from day one, but gladly did not gain a single pound after a week of pastries and cheese.

    • Judith Basham

    As soon as it is available for Android, please let us know! Regards, Judith

    • Nari

    David, this totally makes my day! I need to go to Paris soon to test it out, I guess!

    • Elizabeth

    iPad yes; iPhone no.


    “Swipable” or not, we carried ours discreetly in Paris, with the hodge podge of maps and locations of food stops I had put together.

    I bought the existing version anyway, although it’s a little hard to read. Hopefully at some point you’ll find it technically and economically feasible to provide a dedicated version for the iPad as well.

    In the interim, I’l squint a bit and dream over the version I have. Thanks so much!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      There is now an e-book version of the Paris Pastry guide which works on most e-readers and iPads, of various sizes and formats.

    • Lee

    I’m looking forward to the Android version! Last time I was in Paris, we used “Paris by Pastry” to eat our way through the city. An added bonus were the directions to small neighborhood parks near each pastry shop where we could sit on a bench, enjoy our treat, and watch Paris unfold before our eyes. Heaven….

    • Cragg Hines

    Wrong choice on iPad. It looks great. Please reconsider.

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Originally I had planned to have an iPad version, but because there were so many photos and information, the app crashed when opened.

      The other issue is that no one in Paris would take an iPad out on the street or métro. I was surprised when I was in New York City last summer and people were using them on the subway, but if you took an iPad out in the métro, there is a good chance it would get swiped. Some friends from LA had their taken out of their hands while exiting the métro stairs to the street level!

      (I have an iPad and I would love to tote it around Paris for reading and such, but I don’t for that reason.)

      That said, the app does work on the iPad, but is not formatted specifically for the device.

    • Stephanie

    This would work in most cities, but in Paris where the small shops run out of the popular items early in the day, and a ‘fermeture exceptionnelle’ means the shop is closed for an undisclosed/unscheduled reason…well, it makes tracking down your favorite things a lot harder. But, I was thinking that it makes the acquisition more exciting/rewarding. When shopping for anything in Paris, the hunt is part of the fun :)

    • Val

    Another reason to plan my next trip to Paris! (like I needed another reason) The app looks great. Looking forward to using this to eat my way through the city. Thanks David!

    • Lucy F

    Booking my Eurostar ticket as we speak. Perhaps you could include a couple of suggested long walks and Gyms!!

    • ken schultz

    you are a marvel!!!! i look foward to opening my e mail to find something from you.
    just want to say thanks so much for your work and for making it fun to read.
    best wishes always!!!! keep em comming!!!

    • dawn

    Eagerly awaiting the Android version, but it looks AWESOME!

    • Shannon

    My first purchased app! What? So, I’m cheap, big deal. Anyway, it must be a clear testament to compelling usability and easy format that yours cheaply doled out the dough to buy it. Hot chocolate here I come!!

    • Devon Harlow

    I am buying this immediately! what a wonderful app — when i was last in paris i had a map with different transparencies i made for bakeries and chocolate shops — but this will be so much easier on my next visit!

    • eRin @ Growing Up Senge

    This such wonderful news!!! I can’t wait to visit Paris again so I can make REALLY good use of this!! You are like, the patron saint of Parisian treats.

    • Kristin Friedersdorf

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of Paris knowledge with us! What an amazing project. Congratulations on the launch and on all of your hard work. I look forward to enjoying this app and hunting a bunch of great bakeries in Paris, as soon as possible.

    • Lindsey

    Bryan told me he was working on some big project with you and Heather and he was true to his word – he kept the secret! What a wonderful project. I’ll be downloading it!

    • taylor

    too cool!

    • Gavrielle

    Next Paris visit + Android version = must buy.

    • Leslie

    I’m so looking forward to loading the app when My new iphone arrives!

    • Betsy

    Also eagerly awaiting the Android version! Any idea when that will be out?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Yes, it will be out in the spring. You can download the e-book format of the Paris Pastry guide and use it on Android devices.

    • rosemary

    what a grand idea! love it ! fabulous work indeed!!

    • Margie

    David, I’m ancient. I don’t Tweet, FaceBook and I don’t have an iPhone or other device that will allow me the advantages of this sweet app. I’m going to PDF myself into a dream state the minute I hear the good news.
    Kudos and best of luck!

    • Grant Palmer

    Dammit, Mr. Lebovitz, you’re a genius and an inspiration. You are truly improving the quality and richness of people’s lives. Countless people’s experiences in Paris will be elevated to a completely different level, because of you.

    You’re one of the most awesome people alive. Thank you for this, and thank you for everything.

    • Stephanie Butler

    Brillant! Love the app. See a future for more apps in other cities. Heading for London and Munich, any suggestions?

    • Elizabeth

    Oh, one more comment. For anyone worried about weight gain, we averaged two pastries per day, plus dinner out, plus wine, plus cheese, and came back a pound lighter each. It’s all the lovely walking.

    If you aren’t in a walk-up, you can always exit one metro stop sooner and walk a little further!

    P.S. David, the only way to convince my husband to carry a man bag instead of a hideous backpack was by cleverly pointing out it was perfectly iPad sized and now he’s very attached to traveling with both. We would never take it out ANYWHERE near the metro or heavily touristy but we do love it and we’re still gonna take it on travels. Besides, it’s insured and our American insurance agent is easy to deal with, unlike, perhaps, some French bureaucracies. :) So, when you’ve satisfied all the Android, Kindle, and PDF users, please consider us again. We’ll be here!

    • Cathy L

    This is wonderful! Thank you for creating it!

    • M

    Great app! Will be very useful.

    • Jeff

    This is a very cool app. I’m planning a vacation to Paris next month and this will be very handy.

    • Jenny

    Bought it love it!

    • Suzy

    What an inspired idea! I will download it for my next trip to Paris.

    • Alice

    Wow, this looks delicious. I was just trying to decide between an iPhone and another Android…guess I have my answer!

    • Katie

    You are my hero. Last time I went to Paris I armed myself with an old blog post of yours about the best chocolatiers in the city and went to every single one… it was probably the best vacation ever. This app is a fantastic idea, although an Android version would be nice!!

    • naomi

    Oh, you smart man.

    • tobias kocht!

    Looks like fun! I would love to try that out.

    • Cathg1g2

    Purchased and can’t wait to use it!
    Thank you

    • Anna

    can’t wait to try it!

    • Carolyn Z

    Looking forward to the Android OS version. Although I probably will never get to Europe. Well I’ll need something to protect my phone from the drool then. Ziplock bag?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      You can download the e-book of the Paris Pastry app and use it on Android devices.

    • 2moresheep

    Brilliant, David! Can imagine how much work this required. Thank you. And congratulations on your launch. Downloaded it immediately for iPad as we are finally here in Paris and will use it TODAY!

    • Martha in KS

    My nieces are going to Paris for Xmas. This would make a great gift for them. Thanks!

    • Jean

    Hi David,
    Love your blog – it’s become my primary reference for my upcoming trip to Paris! I will be traveling to Paris next week. I would love to bring back tons butter – can you tell me if you pack it in your carry on or your checked baggage? Do I need to bring some of those blocks that you can freeze or will it be okay without?

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      In general, I would put anything like that in my checked baggage. Things like butter can be confiscated at security although people have brought them from France to Italy (which apparently is okay between EU countries) and it went right through. Depending on the climate, butter will keep without refrigeration for a while (a fromagerie told me not to refrigerate butter – ever, but just to keep it in a cool place.) Also check your country’s list of what can, and can’t, be brought back legally. I posted some links at Bringing Food Home from France.

    • Miss Joy

    I can’t wait for the Android version! I live in Paris and enjoy this blog very much, so I’m looking forward to trying out all of the delicious places in the app. Please keep us updated on the Android app.

    • Marie-Eve

    Awesome idea, looking forward to my next trip to Paris so I can spend hours looking for pastry shops!

    As for bringing butter back, mine got confiscated from my hand luggage at CDG security. The poor agent looked so sorry and embarrassed, but her superior was having none of it: “Butter melts! It’s a liquid! It’s a security threat! No no no.”.

    My 4lbs of butter went straight to the garbage. I’m still furious about that one….

    • Anna Bee

    You just gave me a reason to get a smartphone :-)

    • Lucia

    We arrived in Paris last night. Happy to report we got up this morning, clicked on Paris pastry and quickly discovered we were staying around the corner from Gosselin bakery….which means our first meal in Paris was fabulous! Amazing baguette and croissants. Thank you,thank you,thank you. It really is a great app. Just one quick question….on the map we have noticed that in addition to the featured spots there are also names of other restaurants and cafes. Are these places you also recommend or are they just additional points of reference/landmarks?

    • David
    David Lebovitz

    Lucia: Glad you’re enjoying the app and finding it helpful! The restaurants and cafés on the map are just part of the map itself (ie: landmarks) so they aren’t particular recommendations.

    • Maria Paz

    I just had to come back and say, this is AMAZING! We used your app during our trip to Paris last week, and I’m happy to report that we went to that was listed, we loved. Must have been so fun choosing the ones that made the list. Especially boulangeries.

    • Ginny

    This is excellent. I’m visiting Paris from the 2nd of January to the 10th so this will certainly come in handy. Looks excellent!

    • Chaumierelesiris

    This is reason enough to plan a trip to Paris, soon. Can’t wait to try the app, it looks gorgeous.

    • carol

    Please, could we have it for webOS so we can use it on the TouchPad?


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