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Chocolate Angel
“Hmmm. Where would you send someone looking for a romantic dinner in Paris?”

One of the questions I’m rather frequently-asked is for romantic restaurant recommendations in Paris.

It’s not that I don’t go out to eat. It’s just that I don’t get asked out to romantic restaurants, so I wouldn’t know. Most of the time, I’m lucky if a paramour plops a falafel in my hands on the rue de Rosiers or I’m sharing a nasty bowl of stag stew with sex writers and rugby players—which someone commented made me look kinda ‘horny’.

And not in the way you might think.

But I know there’s folks out there looking for something with a little more panache.

(And believe me…so am I.)

There’s Le Ciel de Paris, overlooking Paris, with spectacular views and groovy Knoll chairs. And the food isn’t bad, but some people look at me skeptically when I tell them they’ll be eating atop the highest building in Paris.

(Personally, I think it’s kinda cool and not as touristy as one might imagine. But I’m a sucker for those Knoll chairs.)

Of course, there’s also Le Grand Véfour, which is one of the most gorgeous dining rooms in the world. Except I always have to include a caveat about the prices, since it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Paris.

And who can resist Le Grand Colbert, which brings up images of being seduced by Diane or Keanu over roast chicken and Champagne?

But I’d like to know if anyone has any recommendations for some nifty places in Paris that are cuddly, sexy, and good for schmoozing—where the final bill won’t kill the mood afterwards.

Got any ideas?

(The angel above is a chocolate sculpture from Jean-Charles Rochoux, one of my favorite…and most romantic…chocolatiers in Paris.)



    • EB

    Would eating chocolate angels until you’re sick be sexy? Cuz… um… that’s what I’d do.

    • Leela

    Boeuf sur le Toit on rue de Colisee is great for budget diners. Nice ambience. Well decorated. Good food (except for the Baba au Rum … blech).

    • Elo

    Oh boy there are sooo many places!

    – The first place that comes to my mind is the Cristal Room, inside Baccarat’s museum and showroom. And more particularly the private dining room (fits up to 8 persons). The menu is incredible and the setting is extraordinaire (huge black cristal chandelier, pink walls, little private terrace…)
    It is pricey but so unique…

    – The private dining rooms at Lapérouse are quite something, too. So much history in there – I just love the old mirrors on which the mistresses used to scratch their diamonds to check how real they were…

    – in a little more affordable section I would select Le Grand Café Capucines, near the Opera, it is open 24/7 and offers a delightful old setting and quite the traditional menu. Last time there my visiting friends loved the dégustation de café after dinner: they were presented with a little tray of 3 cups of different coffees, something quite unusual.

    – So many places… there isn’t enough space to list them all! I’d like to finish with a suggestion of a romantic picnic in a small park or garden, like the one hidden in Montmartre up rue Burcq, or Parc Montsouris, or the Parc Floral in the Bois de Vincennes. A few macarons from Laduree, a bottle of champagne (actually good Cidre or Clairette de Die is a lot cheaper and very good too!) – do be discreet with the alcohol in a public park though, it’s best to keep it in a bag or something.

    There are many boulangeries that will provide good elements for a picnic (Delmontel, Kayser, Ganachaud…). Simpler things are always best.

    • missy

    Definitely – Le Coupe Chou. SO very romantic.

    Also – Les Hombres at the top of the Quai Branly museum. The Eiffel tower view through the glass ceiling makes it romantic even for lunch.. but dinner at night with the lights twinkling.. spectacular!

    • Joanna

    Les Fables de la Fontaine 131, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007.

    It’s probably not the most romantic restaurant in Paris, probably not even in the 7ieme, but it’s really cosy and warm and the food is fantastic.

    • Catherine

    Le Pre Catalan in the Bois de Bologne is quite the romantic place. Lots of cherubs, only they are not made of chocolate (too bad). Like stepping back in time.

    Very expensive, so lunch prix fixe is the way to go.

    • Bron

    Just being in Paris would be romance enough for me!!
    Hell, I’d even eat McDonalds!

    • Meg

    My favourite for atmosphere is right around the corner from you, David – Le Ravaillac at 10 rue du roi de sicile. It’s delicious Polish food (pierogis to die for!) in an entirely candle-lit room. When you walk in, it looks like a dive, but the seating for the restaurant is upstairs and is lovely. And not too expensive either!

    • Joan

    We always come to Paris for our wedding anniversary and indulge in a HUGE plateau of fruits de mer…. our favourite places are Wepler in Place Clichy and the Brasserie L’européen opposite the gare de Lyon.

    • Eileen

    Bron took the words right out of my mouth!

    • ParisBreakfasts

    Hmmm…well I send all my readers to you who come asking for reccommendations. Just sent another. I eat at Restaurant YAOURT most nights..
    Ho hum

    • JosieinParis

    My favorite (expensive and hard to get a reservation, but completely worth it!) would be L’Ambroisie on the romantic Place des Vosges, and there is also a delicious and reasonably priced menu at La Mediterranee on Place de l’Odeon opposite the Theatre de l’Europe, a beautifully decorated restaurant (Jean Cocteau and other artists had a hand in the decoration in the 1940’s) just steps from the Luxembourg gardens – it’s also open 7 days a week, so you can be romantic anytime.

    • katy

    I really liked Le Coupe-Chou as well! Touristy, yes, but absolutely beautiful — and their homemade foie gras was to die for!

    • Cristina

    Allard is sexy and romantic in an AJ Liebling kind of way. So is Le Severo and Le Petit Marguery, for that matter.

    • flor

    Thanks for your Eric Kayser recommendation. I have my pan and ingredients ready (had to search for that pistachio paste) One more little question, I figured you would be the source of info. I’m back in the states now, where do I get financier tin pan? They are all the flex kind. Thank you again

    • Kirstin

    One of my most romantic dining experiences was spent sitting on the grass of a Parisian park, sipping wine and eating baguette and cheese. But then a French dog appeared out of nowhere and started jumping over and through our picnic setup. This happened about five or six times (same dog) during a period of ten minutes. Couldn’t see the owner anywhere, but i did note that the dog was very well groomed.
    So I can understand while Parisian parks and gardens are surely the most beautiful and romantic in the world, why one would want to dine in closed facilities

    • Kirsten

    One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is a tiny place called Le Timbre (“The Postage Stamp”)in the 6th, near the intersection of Boulevard Montparnasse and Boulevard Raspail…it is warm, elegant, and the food is absolutely fantastic.

    • Irene

    I don’t have any recommendations since I, sadly, do not live in Paris. I just wanted to comment that “stag stew” and “horny” cracked me up… :D I think I would like the chocolate angel better in dark, very dark chocolate. Now that would be truly romantic. Mmm….

    • Denise

    We love Au Gamin de Paris ~ 51, Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75004 Paris, France, Tel : 01 42 78 97 24.

    The back room is all lit by candles. The food is good classic bistro fare and the Apple Tart is fantastic – I normally do not like apple anything! If they are out – then the chocolate dessert is pretty darn good. For entrees, the steak or salmon are wonderful!

    • ardnaxela

    Love the blog! I’ve been lurking for awhile, but this is my first post. A great restaurant is L’Ambassade d’Auvergne (22, rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare 75003). The food is fantastic (aligot to die for), reasonably priced, and best of all the wait staff is amazing! They once offered my table an entire huge bowl of chocolate mousse (for the price of 1 dessert) because they saw I was crazy about it. What could be more romantic than watching your loved one wolfing down large quantities of chocolate mousse?

    By the way, I once ate at a restaurant near Montparnasse that had mousse au chocolat à volonté on the menu. I can’t remember the name of the place, and I’m going crazy! Anybody know of such a place?

    • Elo

    ardnaxela: You may have been to Le Bistrot Romain, which is a chain of restaurants, and has carpaccio and mousse au chocolat à volonté on the menu, all year long.

    Nothing extraordinary there, but quite affordable and serves non-stop which is useful especially near Montparnasse with all its cinemas and theatres!

    • Adelaide

    Ah, Fish on Rue de Seine in the 6eme. I worked at Cosi across the street for a while and would make bedroom eyes at my lover, the chef of Fish, from the second floor.

    Wonderful, simple food; incredible wine; unpretentious but beautiful atmosphere. And, while I’m biased, it’s endorsed by the likes of Dorie Greenspan.

    • Mel

    Having a cheese lunch at Androuet was the best meal I’ve ever had in Paris.
    I’m not sure if they still have restaurants- but it was pure heaven!

    • Trig

    Amazing – I can’t believe it. I logged on to ask you if you could recommend a romantic restaurant in Paris.

    My brother’s girlfriend has just received her British passport at last and Joel can now take her to Paris without the extreme hassle of being a non-EU citizen. So they are going soon, to celebrate their anniversary. And Joel asked me to recommend a romantic restaurant. So I’m here.

    Somewhere with views of the Seine, good modern food but not too experimental, a relaxed environment suitable for a couple in their early twenties and a sensible price (150-250€ for two).

    Recommendations much appreciated.

    • Stephane

    Le Christine in the Quartier Latin is very nice. There are tables for two near the cour interieure which seem quite romantic. The food is affordable and pretty decent too.

    • Cedric

    Hi David,

    My favorite place is a restaurant called Baxo near the Canal Saint Martin. Baxo has great dishes that you can eat in their very nice Patio.

    Baxo, 21 Rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris
    01 42 02 99 71

    Baxo Restaurant Paris

    Video Baxo Restaurant Paris

    • philippe

    I love the restaurant Lapeyrouse is so beautiful and the Hotel Particulier Montmartre surrounded with a beautiful garden.The decoration is carried by Morgane Rousseau. Its the most romantic place i found in Paris to have a drink with candels.


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