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Le macaron truffle blanche

The White truffle Macaron from Pierre Hermé, is part of his fall collection of désires. From the first bite, this little cookie of almond-enriched meringue reveals sweet and reassuring buttercream…then the disconcerting jolt of musky, earthy white truffles. Nestled inside is a dry-roasted nugget of crunchy Piedmontese hazelnut, whose flavor provokes you into realizing that this combination of sweet and savory is surely the work of brilliance.

Pierre Hermé (Available seasonally)
72, rue Bonaparte
185, rue de Vaugirard



    • Guy Debord in shock

    I tasted this macaron recently, and was shocked by the long-lasting ghost presence of the truffe blanche everywhere from my stomach to my mouth. For 3 hours I felt like I had drunken ether, eau de javel, and a dead cat! Pierre Hermé is a genius (Ispahan forever!)…sometimes an evil one!

    • sam

    I din’t like this macaron very much.
    It tasted a bit obvious to me.
    These days I have found white truffle to be a bit overdone.
    Nothing will ever compare with my first ever tasting of white truffle in a cream pasta at Carluccio’s Neal Street Restaurant in the late 80s. The memory of that virgin sampling of a white truffle in a white pasta and cream dish still haunts me to this day.
    As for Pierre Herme’s macaron, I didn’t find it refined, except in its visual appearance which was truly beautiful and why I bought 3.
    I tried several of his macarons and this was my least favourite of the lot.

    ps thanks for the offer of help earlier.
    we are just chilling out and doing nothing
    and it is nice
    our froends come home tonight and fred is on the mend so I think we will be ok.


    • Jay

    I’ve tasted white truffle macaron in Pierre Herme’s Aoyama store.
    I like his Olive Macaron better.

    • laura @ cucina testa rossa

    this is one of my favorites of all of his flavors. this and the passionfruit. when i worked there, this was the only flavor i could stomach at 6am and would occasionally sneak one into my pocket and nibble throughout the day.

    • paul

    my wife and I have eaten our way thru paris on numerous occassions by visiting most of the famous chocolate and pastry makers – I have been making macarons for years by following the recipes from Pierre Herme – do you have any way of sending me links to some of the other formulas for pistachio, olive, fleur de del, etc –


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