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Do you want to know…

The reason I’ll never have my own television program…
(page 109)

What a barely-there string bikini, high heels and world peace have in common with mango sorbet…
(page 108)

Why you might find me, nearly-naked, standing on your sidewalk someday…
(page 141)

The final installment of the trilogy, concluding my lifetime of disappointment…
(page 88)

Why I fear the ‘apple autocrat’…
(page 110)

What were the sordid fruits of my first online rendez-vous
(page 186)

Why I’m not (too much) of an annoying food snob…
(page 136)


What made Adam play his amateur card (and what made his mom say “Oy!“)…
(page 73)

How I got my comeuppance for insulting the mysterious Lemon-Lady…
(page 152)

How historians uncover Aztec-era paparazzi…
(page 29)

Further evidence of why I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer…
(page 57)

What incites fist-fights—coast-to-coast…
(page 128)

My exacting frozen revenge on a childhood bully…
(page 96)

Buttering up my fish boys in Paris…
(page 92)


It’s finally here!

You’ll find the answers and lots more in my latest book, The Perfect Scoop, featuring hundreds of recipes for ice creams, sorbets, granitas, and all the sweet things that go along with them. Along with over 50 full-color photos, there’s recipes for sauces, like Salted Butter Caramel, Hot Fudge, and gooey Marshmallow Sauce, as well as recipes for candied French Almonds, Spiced Pecans, and homemade Peppermint Patties that can be mixed-in to your favorite scoop or scattered on top.

You’ll also find recipes for crêpes, blondies, brownies (2 kinds, folks…to keep the peace), and big chewy cookie recipes, including Oatmeal and jumbo Chocolate Chip, for making the best homemade ice cream sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

The Perfect Scoop is now available online and at your local bookseller, just in time for spring and summer, and I’m certain everyone out there will get years of enjoyment from the recipes.

(And not just from the recipes, but from the stories. Don’t you want to know the answers to the questions above?)


My advice for ice cream makers can be found here or in my ice cream shop. But many of the recipes can be made without a machine and I’ll be doing a post in the future on making frozen dessert without a machine. There’s custard-based ice creams with detailed photos and instructions, as well as tangy frozen yogurts, creamy-smooth gelati, fresh-fruit sorbets, and icy granitas too.

You like the blog?—you’ll love the book!

So why not get your copy of The Perfect Scoop today?

(The stunning photos from The Perfect Scoop used with permission of Lara Hata.)


    • michele

    Lovely pictures, gorgeous cover, fabulous title! I’m totally going to get one, and not just so I can keep it on my shelf and tell people: “oh yeah, I know him. We’re tight.” But listen, this time if I get you to sign it for me, stay away from the superfat Sharpie will you?!

    • Hande

    Hi David, just a question about the measurements in the book: American or metric?

    • David

    Hi Hande: All recipes and measurements in the book are both metrics and American-style (ie; cups and measuring spoons).

    Good question; thanks for asking!

    • Lil

    hmmm… i’m glad that my friend gave me an ice cream maker for christmas… now all i need is your book and bucket loads of cream…

    and if only summer will come quickly enough.. ;)

    • fanny

    David: I want the book but more than that I want to marry you.
    You should take this proposal very seriously.
    I’ve arranged everything.
    The wedding will take place in Antibes (Hotel Eden Roc).
    Be there next monday by 15h and everything will be ok.

    Your soon-to-be wife :)
    – fanny

    • Johnny

    Hi David,
    Congratulations on your new book!!! Is the purple colored ice-cream above (next to the dog picture) made of yams? That is one of my favorite ice creams!

    • Erielle

    I can provide the music for your upcoming wedding in exchange for free ice cream. You will be giving out ice cream at the wedding, right?

    • Lili

    Wow, seeing that picture up there, of the chocolate sauce just beginning to drip on the scoop of ice cream actually gave me a visible definition of “food porn”. I never thought I would really see it, but that pic makes me want to stick my face in there, it’s almost obscene! Sold! *trots off to Amazon with a few wadded bills in hand*

    • Joy

    Yay! (Also, too much bugs, not enough yum.)

    • Alisa

    Congratulations!!! The looks so beautiful…can’t wait!

    And those fish boys….

    • matt

    This is pathetic, sad and indulgent of me, but we’ve already made SEVEN – 7 – of your ice cream recipes already. Ok ok, I know that’s what books are for, but everyone knows to pace themselves, don’t they? don’t they?

    Seriously peeps, this book is so good and fun and by far the best book on ice cream I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because the author shaves his feet with microplaners.

    David, you are the best EVER! We love and love this book!

    • Meryl

    Hi David,

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I’ve yet to comment. I truly enjoy your stories and am thrilled at the prospect of an ice cream book. I made my first batch of ice cream about 2 months ago (I know, I know, in the middle of winter) and I definitely need some practice. Now I have an excuse! Congrats on what looks like a gorgeous book.

    • Kim U

    Yeah! I’ve been looking forward to this book coming out! The pictures look delicious.

    • David

    Fanny: J’accept!

    Johnny: That’s Fresh Fig Ice Cream. It’s amazing it came out that color, isn’t it. But luckily for you, there is a recipe for Sweet Potato Ice Cream in the book.

    Joy: Jeez, what a memory…

    Lili, Kim, Meryl, and Matt: Enjoy the book…I loved writing it.
    And of course, it wasn’t so bad churning out all that delicious ice cream every day either!

    • deb

    I’m buying it either way, but if you tell me there’s a salted butter caramel ice cream in there like the one at Berthillon, I might even buy two. Because, you know, I’ll drool all over the first one.

    • Brilynn

    I think ice cream is my favourite food group… I need this book.

    • Brett

    David, you tease. If I didn’t already have my copy of your book safely in my hands, I would go crazy not knowing the answer to those questions. And the photos? If I weren’t heading out of town tomorrow, I’d make ice cream for breakfast…on second thought, I could do a lot of damage to a quart of ice cream in 24 hours. I’m positive this book is going to get a lot of use over the years. There really is no other book on the subject that even comes close.

    • Terrie

    Inquiring minds need to know. Just followed your link to Amazon and purchased your book.
    Will there be a quiz and prizes for the correct answers? Also, can I come to the wedding and will the fish boys be there?
    I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts, seeing your pictures on flickr and I really look forward to receiving your book. Thanks.

    • karin

    This is so exciting! Your strawberry frozen yogurt changed my life last summer, can’t wait to see what will happen once I have an entire book of these gems.

    • bea at La tartine gourmande

    Oh nice nice! What a treat for the coming summer! Congratulations! I am sure you must be thrilled! Great photos! Une épine de moins au pied!

    • Erin

    Thanks again for tipping us off about that Cuisinart commercial ice cream maker sale a few weeks ago–woo-hoo! You might want to think about making your new book searchable on Amazon–sometimes that can really help sales (not like you need it!). Thanks for the fun reading and congratulations!

    • Trig

    On my birthday present list.

    • Louisa Chu

    David – congratulations! Oh, page 41, I’ve got to read page 41. Though I guess that will have to be a nearly naked you on my sidewalk in Paris as we can’t tempt you to Chicago this year. Not even Garrett’s? Imagine a nearly naked you on the sidewalk outside of Garrett’s on Michigan Avenue. Never mind – I’ll bring you the CaramelCrisp. Could you please make me another dozen or so ice creams for dessert like you did that one night? Much love, dear David, see you soon.

    • soo

    Hi Dave, Amazon emailed me a couple days ago to let me know it shipped. When i first heard you wrote this book, i preordered it. Then my fiance bought me an ice-cream maker for my birthday! I’m so excited, i put the freezer bowl in the freezer so that the moment the book arrives, i’ll be ready. And the weather is finally warming up a bit, here in Montreal…

    • soo

    Hi David, Amazon emailed me a couple days ago to let me know it shipped. When i first heard you wrote this book, i preordered it. Then my fiance bought me an ice-cream maker for my birthday! I’m so excited, i put the freezer bowl in the freezer so that the moment the book arrives, i’ll be ready. And the weather is finally warming up a bit, here in Montreal…

    • Luisa

    Congratulations, David, on yet another beautiful book. My library of your books grows ever larger! Fantastic job.

    • shauna

    Mine is arriving any day, and I am so antsy for it. We bought the ice cream maker. We just await the book.

    But more importantly — Fanny, back off! He’s mine. He agreed to marry me over a year ago. Okay, I am marrying the Chef this summer, but that doesn’t stop us. We can pull it off, David.

    • Jessica

    Congratulations on your new baby, David! Yes, this is going on my birthday wish list… of course I’ll end up buying it for myself long before my birthday. Because it’s at the end of August and I need those recipes for the Summer! Thank you in advance!

    • fanny

    Shauna, i’m sorry to inform you that i won’t let that happen!

    Ok i’ll stop being silly – though, isn’t april known as the fools’ month?

    – fanny

    • Belle

    Congratulations on the book & multiple nuptuals – If anyone can pull it all off, it’s you, David!

    • Vicky

    Congratulations!!! I’m ordering a copy (and I don’t even own an ice-cream maker!!).

    Et pour quand l’édition française ?

    • Nancy

    ‘Tis the season to eat ice cream. Can’t wait to get my copy.

    • Jen

    Just ordered my copy, along with Michael Pollan’s ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ and Nina Planck’s ‘Real Food.’ Yay! Foodcentric reading! Plus, well, the 2 ice cream books I currently own are a bit slender (‘though the mascarpone ice cream in one is pretty delish), and I’ve ended up just experimenting on my own (Greek yogurt with lemon and honey was a serendipitous experiment) more than anything.

    I’m looking very much forward to trying out the recipes in your book, David! And thanks for posting the recipe for friendship bars — I’ll be trying those soon.

    • Molly

    Congratulations, David! I had preordered a copy from Amazon, and it came last week. So, so exciting! I’m having a terrible time deciding which recipe to try first…

    • Connie

    Congratulations on another great book, and by the way, can you be bribed down the isle with promises of cake , chocolate and ice cream ? That fact on your blog could make for an interesting summer . Now on to page 41 !

    • Connie

    In my world it is an isle !

    • erin t

    Oooh, this looks scrumptious! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    That dog looks exactly like mine! She must have snuck off to France before we got her from the shelter!

    • David

    David – My copy of the book arrived early last week. It is simply wonderful…thank you!

    • Wanda

    Congrats on the new book. I went to Overstock to buy it and it was all sold out, which is good for you, but bad for me. Once they get it in stock again, I’ll get a copy. I bought a Cusinart Ice Cream Maker a couple of years ago and just used it for the first time last summer, so I really should get some more use out of this summer. I look forward to your book.

    • Diva

    Just got my copy too, and although I live in the land of Gelato…. many of those recipes are calling my name!

    I love American ice cream a lot and the toppings, so smart of you to include the sauces and vessels!

    I s’Cream!

    • talida

    What an enticing post. You have me sold. Congrats!

    • Terri

    Hi David!

    I just got your new book, “The Perfect Scoop” from today. Wow! I can’t wait to start making some of those delicious ice creams and sorbets! The photography is just outstanding! I do hope you will be making a stop at Sur La Table in Los Gatos on your upcoming tour. (There’s always Manresa for a late dinner…)

    • Tea

    An ice cream book by David? What could be better? It is sure to be a very sweet summer this year!

    And hey, weren’t you already promised to Sam even before Shauna…and now Fanny? Clearly the way to a woman’s heart is ice cream…and chocolate…and loads of wit and humor. Congrats, David. Keep up the great work–our lives are sweeter for it.

    • oggi

    I just got the book this afternoon. First project: Black Pepper Ice Cream, then Watermelon Sorbetto, I can’t wait to try them!

    • Jeanne

    Hey – congratulations!! The book looks amazing and I have a birthday gift voucher from Amazon that’s itching to be spent… Of course, I will demand that you sign it the next time we meet up ;-)

    • Lisa


    J’ai fait la glace au Turron et c’est fantastique!!!!

    I have now made honey lavender, Turron, Eggnog (oh man it came out boozy), and the Salted Caramel. I paired the salted caramel ice cream with a chocolate/caramel tart at work and it’s a big hit.

    The Turron has really stolen my heart though- and I was so happy to see Leche Merengada. I would move to Sevilla if I could, and the recipes brought back some memories. La Campana in the heart of the city serves their leche merengada with some fresh nutmeg on top..

    Anyway, bravo. I’d fly out to Paris and tell you in person in a heartbeat.

    • Cathy

    I’ve made the strawberry frozen yogurt, and it was (notice the past tense!) WONDERFUL. I ate much of it right out of the ice cream machine. I just made the philidelphia style chocolate last night–and my batch is a bit strange. It doesn’t liquify when it “melts”… I think it may be too rich! (It seems to behave a little like ganache) Could the butterfat in the Straus cream I used be too high? Should I try a different milk/cream ratio next time? Or did I do something else wrong?

    • David

    Hi Cathy: I love that Strawberry Frozen Yogurt too. It’s so easy! I don’t have much experience with Strauss cream. We used it at Chez Panisse for a while, but changed back to Clover since it behaved oddly. Another factor may be your chocolate. I tested the recipes using a dark chocolate with approximately 55% cacao content, a good average, and had terrific results. Maybe your chocolate is too high in solids, or the Strauss cream is too high in fat.

    • thecoffeesnob

    hi David,

    I just got your book as a present for my 21st birthday, i practically made my best friend get it for it coz i dont think its available in Australia :)

    I made the lime sorbert today. My goodness, it was just fantastic, the texture and flavour was amazing. I just got my ice cream maker as well, and you’ve totally restored my confidence in ice cream making. Thank you!

    I can’t wait to try the Vietnamese coffee ice cream. I’m just crazy over Viet coffee :)

    • Nancy

    I just found this blog as I was looking for an Avocado and Coconut ice cream recipe I’d read in the LA times. Of course it was your recipe! I’ve been using your book for a while, I think I bought your book for the Mojito Granita and Fresh Fig ice cream recipes. They are two of my favorites. Last week my boyfriend declared the Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream the best he’s ever eaten. (He ate the whole tub in one sitting and asked me to make more.)
    I’m looking forward to trying out the Absinthe ice cream recipe on this blog, one of my favorite drinks in New Orleans is an Absinthe Suissese, it’s a kind of creamy Absinthe drink I’ve always thought would make a good ice cream.
    Thanks again for the great book and now a great blog!

    • Laura

    I can’t wait to try every recipe in the book! I received both your ice cream book and the Kitchenaid stand-mixer ice-cream-maker attachment for Christmas. Tonight I was craving the coffee ice cream and whipped it up as fast as is humanly possible and it is even better than my craving promised! I was in such a frenzy that I removed the beans before making the custard… did I lose any coffee flavor by not leaving them in longer? In any case, it’s fabulous, and it seems that the custard stirring would be easier without the beans. I’m looking forward to the Parsley Ice Cream, and having it all to myself in my non-adventurous household.

    • Christopher Matthews


    Thanks for writing ‘the Perfect Scoop’ it has helped me and hooked me on so many sweet and savory combinations of frozen goodness.

    I have a question, which a simple google search isn’t solving. I live in the NYC metro area and still am baffled as to where I can find a good variety of containers to store and share my Ice Cream. Do you have any suggestions of either mail order or in and around NY that I can get disposable (non-plastic) containers from 1/2 Gallon down to 1 pint?

    Any lead would be appreciated.


    • Bridgit

    My 12 year old daughter just made the Gianduja gelato from the Perfect Scoop, and I took the soaked hazelnuts and used them in my Mexican Wedding Ball/Russian Teacake recipe, reducing the butter (to counteract the extra moisture from the milk soak), and swapping in some cocoa for some of the flour. I baked/cut them according to Deb Perlman’s recent shortbread recipe, and they are delightful! Hazelnuts are too much of a treat to discard!

      • David
      David Lebovitz

      Glad the Gianduja Gelato was a hit! Yes, I mentioned the hazelnuts can be reused for a batch of granola or brownies too, in the updated edition of The Perfect Scoop. Glad you found a good use for them in the shortbread cookies :)


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