RaimoGlaciers depuis 1947


59-61 Boulevard de Reuilly
Tel: 01 43 43 70 17
Mètro: Daumesnil

For a listing of ice cream shops in Paris, check out Les Glaciers of Paris


  • I am sitting in a hot internet train in Florence with broken airconditioning…. but a gelaterie is just around the corner.

    Today I think I will have Persian Gelato..mascarpone.. rose water and pistachio… with frozen marscarpone flakes!

    gotta run!

  • One day you were lamenting, “where is Pim when I need her”, and then the next you turned around and had ice cream with that cute Louisa girl. You didn’t think I’d know, did you?

    You underestimated me. I’ve got eyes like a pineapple, I have.

    Men, heh.


  • Pim who???

    : )