Something’s Popped Up in Paris

I’ve been craving popcorn for quite a while.
Then Heidi came along and posted a recipe for spiced caramel corn, one of my favorite treats. I scoured the ethnic shops in Paris to track some down and…violà!

J’adore the soupçon of patriotism…
C’est très americain!




  • hey.. it’s sunday and my day to play!
    I have my popcorn stash as any good expat should (easy to find in Italian grocery stores although I don’t know anyone that eats it!)

    and spicy carmel is my weakness..
    I make Croccante Piccante every christmas for my market people as part of the christmas cookie package…
    will try this using the DrogheToscane, sort of like pumpkin pie spice, used in making panforte and ragu!

  • hmmm, one euro for a bag of authentic “statue of liberty” popcorn isn’t bad!