Winter in Paris

A baker takes advantage of the sub-zero temperature of Paris…

…where rooftops multi-task as cooling racks…






  • ciao bello. not the same pot that was on the floor?
    greetings from London!!!

  • (hand on forehead covering eyes over embarrassing realization that Poilane doesn’t even SELL baguettes:)
    At least it’s winter somewhere in the world. Man, I feel like we’re getting jipped here in the Big Apple. I think it’s snowed…once? So sad, before we know it it will be back to 90+ temps. Maybe my fire escape could double as a grill!

  • Belle photo. Watch those Parisian pigeons tout de même!

  • Ooh. Nice cookware. Stainless Steel All-Clad?

  • I am jealous. And I also want some of that chocolate!

  • It’s funny, I do the same on my balcony table which is just under my kitchen window! I even use it when I have no space left in my tiny kitchen…
    By the way, don’t let that pan fall on somebody’s head!!!

  • Glad the bitter cold here is useful for SOMETHING!

  • Ah very clever mais bien sur!! I hope there were no pigeons around! ;-)

  • Thankfully, all the pigeons have flown south for the winter.

    Pigeons do that…right??

  • ah, well, not sure they do that, do they? Let me go back to my encyclopedia OR better! Let me google “Do pigeons migrate?” Isn’t Internet le paradis?

  • Hi there,
    I really enjoy your blog !!!
    I lived in Paris in the early 70’s.And I have
    the best memories of the city . With your beautiful pictures I am reliving those years .
    Boulangerie Bazin , baguette et Roquefort… Mon Dieux!!!
    I have a question thought… old appt.
    still have a long wooden box with a lid at the base of the window (outside)to keep food fresh? My girlfriend’s appt
    must have been pretty old.I don’t remember the street.