Hot Chocolate with Salted-Butter Caramel

Starting this weekend, you’ll be able to buy my delectable Chocolat Chaud au Caramel-Beurre-Salé, aka Hot Chocolate with Salted-Butter Caramel, right here in Paris.

In partnership with Régis Dion, of La Farandole des Sels, we’ve put together a packet using a special recipe I’ve created for making the richest, most luscious hot chocolate in your own home using his silky-smooth creamy caramel-beurre-salé and fleur de sel, the fine salt hand-raked from his family’s salt marshes off the coast of Brittany.

My Hot Chocolate with Salted Butter Caramel mixture will be available for a limited time at the outdoor markets (below) where Régis offers his fine salts.

UPDATE: Régis has closed his business and the hot chocolate mix is no longer available.

You can try the Wittamer Hot Chocolate Mix, or my Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream.

There’s a classic recipe for Salted Butter Caramel from Brittany in my book, The Sweet Life in Paris.


  • Yikes – there is a problem with the link for the website: it is missing .com !

  • Yikes…you’re right…Luckily I’m a much better chocolatier than a HTML coder.

    (I won’t quit my day job just yet…)

    Link’s now working…thanks!

  • This is just scandalous in terms of timing. One finally gets up the strength to give away all the Christmas chocolate and you throw this into the ring? David, David, David! How could you?
    You will pay. I am thinking about starting a blog of just good looking men. Then I won’t give you the link.

  • aha! this must be the “secret project” you were referring to when I met you in the bastille market on sunday! I did get some of his caramels. Just as well that I’m now back in Boston…hot chocolate with his caramel might just be too good.

  • What are the chances of getting this shipped overseas? Not far, I’m only talking London. Or do we have to schlep over on the Eurostar?

  • OMD (Oh Mon Dieu). Will this stuff still be around when I get there in May?

  • That’s a cool thing!

  • The real scandal is that it’s not available in the States. Mr. Lebovitz, help us out over here! You know the chocolate situation is borderline dire.

  • David, I just left Paris yesterday!!!! Had I known, I would have stocked up while over there. C’est la vie.

  • Tanvi is right! Mr. Lebovitz, please help us out over here in the states.

  • Isn’t this salt guy the same one that sets up at the Marché Bio des Batignolles on Saturdays?

  • David, you keep outdoing yourself! Too bad I won’t be back in Paris ’til November but I’ll nag you then to ask where else you are selling it.

  • David,

    I’m with the States lot here…Please help a sister out!On the other side-boyfriend is going to Paris very soon..Yay!!!

  • I’m with Mimi: will this still be available in May when we are there?

  • at least give us folks in the states a picture

  • Yes, we will require some of thisin May for the complete Parisian experience!

  • Oy. Any chance you can bring some with when you next come back to the bay area?? I’ll bake something special for you, I promise!

  • you go boy!!!
    May have to come up!!!

  • Wha?!?! I offer you my home as the mail order headquarters for the David Lebovitz US Hot Chocolate Packet Distribution Center so long as I get to sample at least one packet a day as payment.

    Doesn’t this seem like a good deal?

  • OK, time for ME to whine now …

    DAVID, HOW COULD YOU … it absolutely is NOT FAIR for you to post something as TANTALIZING as that, and we have NO WAY to get it here in the states … NOT FAIR … hrmmmph!!!

  • That is so mean to post create something that sounds so good and it’s not availalbe for us Americans! ah, another reason to go to Europe. Hot Chocolate with Salted-Butter Caramel mmmmmmmm…

  • And this helps those of us in North American (Canada in my case) how?

    I have cocoa. I have fleur de sel that my parents brought me from France last summer. You must share the recipe. If not now, then after the mixture stops being sold in the markets.

    You can’t just tease a person with Chocolat Chaud au Caramel-Beurre-Salé. It’s cruel.

  • We should put bamboo under your toe nails till you get some over here in the States!No fair!

  • Hey, how do you think I feel with no access to dried sour cherries, Target, corn tortillas, California dried apricots, ScharffenBerger chocolate, customer service, Trader Joe’s, burritos, cheap mobile phone service, the Sunday New York Times, Orville Redenbocker’s, etc…

    I shed not a tear.

  • Yeah I can see your point regarding the customer service David…
    But those dried sour cherries, corn tortillas, apricots and ScharffenBerger Chocolate can always be traded with some of your hot chocolat! Althou neither of us have any warm feelings for La Poste left…;-)

  • hey david, i have to tell you what happened today at your favorite store TRADER JOE’S … since you bring up CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    i was checking out and realized that i didn’t have enough cash for all of my items. i didn’t want to put it on my credit card (i’m abstaining after 2 trips to PARIS this year did MAJOR DAMAGE)…so i asked the cashier JOE, to just tally up some items, and i would put the rest back.

    which he did. then i asked him if i could reshelve the items i didn’t take, and he said NO, THAT’S ALRIGHT, and started to ring them up. i said, OH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THOSE AREN’T HERS(the customer behind me), I’LL PUT THEM BACK. to which he said, NO, THAT’S FINE, finished ringing, then reached into his wallet and PAID FOR THE REMAINING ITEMS HIMSELF and gave them to me !!!

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i certainly couldn’t … that only happens in the movies … and at TRADER JOES!!!

    now THAT’S customer service!

  • You can’t find ScharffenBerger chocolate in Paris? I’m surprised, since there is a shop selling a small choice of small bars of their chocolate in Düsseldorf (North of Cologne, a bit over four hours away on the Thalys starting Gare du Nord should someone feel the need to rush there).

  • After reading these comments, I am laughing because it feels like fair exchange that I can have this but I cannot have good cheddar.

  • Hot Chocolate with Salted-Butter Caramel, doesn’t that sound mega-luscious?
    Oh David, I want some right know to help me through this hard time called “les partiels”… The soothing power of chocolate+salted caramel; you know what i mean.

    – fanny

  • Well, you can’t put Target in a box and post it but you can with Hot Chocolate with Salted-Butter Caramel. This is just MEAN and utterly tantalising!!

  • Tomorrow, in your honor, I shall buy a burrito and eat it while I shop at Trader Joe’s, scooping up corn tortillas and dried sour cherries. I will then make a phone call to, oh, who cares? – it’s so cheap here! – and then get in my car, waving to the kind employee who helped me find the California dried apricots, and head to Target to stock up on some Orville Redenbocker popcorn. When I get home, I’ll unfurl this week’s Sunday Times and do the crossword puzzle while I bake brownies with Scharffen Berger chocolate.

    And while I do this, I will still be feeling very, very sorry for myself. And possibly sticking my tongue out in the direction of Paree.

  • I’ll be in Paris in March. Look for “David Lebovitz’ Hot Chocolate with Salted Butter Caramel” on Ebay in April. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Isn’t capitalism wonderful?

  • WOW…yet another reason to be excited I am visiting Paris for a week in April!!!

  • We want some in the States too! Not fair!

  • ok david, i can say now that all is forgiven…

    why? well, i just picked up a copy of your book RIPE FOR DESSERT… and with luscious offerings like lime marshmallow pie, carmelized pineapple flan, marscarpone cheese with mixed berries, and frozen caramel mousse, who’s got time to cry about a little hot chocolate … pfff…

    i shall be too busy to even think of it ^^:@D

  • s/b marscapone cheesecake, bien sur.

  • Will your friend and your chocolate be there on the weekend of 2-4 of february ?- at either
    Bastille or Popincourt markets, as my hotel app. is in the vicinity. I’m not at all a chocoholic but my husband joins me in Paris after 10 days of hard-working ski hollidays and HE IS a chocoholic.
    Thank you for the information,