Think Links

With friends like this…

Just $15.95 ?

Dorie Greenspan reveals her secret addresses in Paris…

…and Linda Dannenberg uncovers the best boulangeries &agrave Paris aussi.

I hate voice mail mazes.

Get an earful (ayor)

Three more weeks

…but the wait’s over for this one!

(Congratulations Heidi…)

Food blogging do’s and don’ts from the experts.

Is this the coolest Flickr page—or what.

C’est possible to go back?

Not links…but did you know some of the top search words for my site this week were:

“Bridget Bardot, cottage cheese, Tucker Carlson (55 people), bunnies, Charo, pickles, choxie bar, Nancy Grace (44 people), curds.”




  • I was so frightened and appalled at the blind ignorance on the $15.95 link that I hardly had the strength to understand the rest. I am afraid that figure will haunt me for weeks. Am I a poor planner if I say that I cannot prepare a nice meal for friends for that COST, let alone full-service finished meal?

    We are not talking crepes or pasta for drop-ins here, but a planned meal to honor and entertain people you supposedly give a damn about.

    David, you may have wrecked my weekend.

    So, the meringues are gone, I hope? If not, borrow a steam cleaner and cook them in the pot, and try again.


  • Thank you for the voice mail thing! That will be quite useful.

  • That Flickr page is very nice, but so is this:

  • Judith: I could only eat so many meringues!

  • Once again David–You are the Man! I had to call Dell, couldn’t find the number, and went to the anti-voice mail maze and yelled AGENT to them until someone helped. Thanks

  • Hi David,
    Returned from Paris on Saturday. Thanks for all the helpful tips. We ate lunch 2x at Cusine du Bar-really good. On the 2nd time we were at a table next to the sideboard and were able to watch their baker deliver the freshly made desserts. Fabulous. We shared a Paris-Brest which was by far the best one I’ve eaten. Ate dinner at Maison du Jardin on Vaugirard–do check it out if you have not already. The 29euros meal was an amazing bargain.
    Thanks again.