Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe


Click here to find my delicious, classic Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe adapted from The Perfect Scoop.


Ice Cream


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  • David – thanks for feeding us stracciatella, meringues, and brownies for breakfast during our shoot with you – and for letting me laze in your bedroom. :)

  • Um, yes please!

  • hmmmm David, this ice cream looks delicious
    can’t wait to go back home in the south for the swimming pool and … the ice cream maker!

    – fanny

  • My kid and I have decided that you are the devil incarnate. In the middle of last night’s transatlantic call, we both said “salted caramel ice cream!”

  • This looks gorgeous. I must get your cookbook!

  • Love this, want some of this!!!!!!!

  • I made your chocolate ice cream again last night (for the fifth time this summer). Thank you, again, for writing Perfect Scoop. You rock.

  • When does it air?

  • It’s scheduled to air in the fall of 2007. I’ll post the date once I get it.

  • David,
    I just made your chocolate sorbet (and posted about it!) It is to die for…. Your book is quickly becoming one of those old reliables…. :)

  • Just FedEx that Vanilla Ice Cream Stracciatella to me, please.

  • my favorite flavor of gelato… when I first found it, on a trip to Italy years ago, I told my father, who is a first generation Italian-American, who said “Egg-drop soup?? They make egg-drop soup gelato and you like this stuff?”

    Of course it turns out “straciatella” apparently means a substance with little bits of some other substance sprinkled in it. Thus, egg-drop soup, and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips…