With Sprinkles On Top

I know I’m supposed to be enjoying all the fresh fish, tropical fruits and icy cocktails on offer, but this has become my daily fix…


What flavor ice cream is it? Who cares. It’s all about the toppings, my friends. Some poor fellow has the temerity to get between me and the bowl of rainbow sprinkles…and let’s just say that’s one more person who’s learned to not get between me and a bowl of sprinkles, rainbow or otherwise.

The other things in the bowl are crushed Oreos and Skor bars. People are staring at me (perhaps because I’m eating them before, during and after lunch), and I never really ate all that many Oreos when I lived in the states. But you know what? Those chocolate black cream-filled disks are addictive. Especially when softened-slightly by the Bahamian humidity.

Oh, and in response to all your requests for a swimsuit shot, you’re going to have to wait.

Matt and I had a couple of photo sessions, but decided I just didn’t have the backside to pull it off. So we’re having an open casting call with the male members of the Club Med staff in my room later this afternoon to find a suitable replacement. And we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your understanding.


  • …mmhhhmmm…. delicious….

  • Temerity . . . a word I have not used since SAT prep. It will have to be the word of the day!

  • Hullo from a fellow foodie and IACP colleague. Your life in Paris sounds maaavelous! I particularly could relate to the train story… how could water cost more than decent vin de pays?

    I’m new to the blog world (been busy with my two boys… now back in the saddle). I don’t suppose you’d be up for exchanging blog links? I’ve yet to put a new links’ page on the new web site (cuisineprovencale.com) but shall and will most definitely put yours there as well. I like the idea of your chocolate tours!

    Take care, and best to you,


  • Ah, this brings back lovely memories of the dining hall in college…what with the frozen yogurt machine and the smorgasbord of toppings available…

  • The summer after I graduated from college I went to work for Club Med in Guadeloupe and Martinque. I only lasted 6 months as I realized I might never return to “civilization” if I stayed any longer in these beautiful, sybaritic environs. But the food, oh the food. It’s the only time in my life I’ve been pudgy. Even the fear of wearing a bikini every day didn’t stop me from visiting the pastry and ice cream table after every meal. All the chefs were French and those boys knew what they were doing.

  • Sprinkles. To quote Homer Simpson: “Arrrrrrrrcccccchhhhhgggggmmmm.” Also love them on chocolate ice cream with crumbled up graham crackers. Not the crumbs. Just a good smash in the bag, on the ice cream, with the sprinkles. I fear by writing this they’ll cancel my article contracts, but oh well.

  • We were at Club Med Ixtapa over the Hanukkah / Christmas holiday…if the guys walking around in “Beach Boy” shirts at that location were any indication, you should find no shortage of cute tushies at yours :-)

    See if they have a lemon flavored ice cream – it is divine with chocolate (and sprinkles) on top!

  • Ahhh, oreos. Put your oreos in a cookie tin, hand peel an orange over the cookies, then throw in the peel and close the tin. A week later the oreos will be soft and orangey and utterly delicious.

  • OMG, Lynn D. That sounds utterly fab.

    My son and I wiped out an entire package of Oreos in record time when we returned to the States recently…but this is something to think about!

    When I was at university, my late night study-session power was supplied by 6 Oreos in a coffee mug (they fit perfectly) and filliing the mug with milk. Wait five minutes and eat the whole mess with a spoon. Disgusting, but ohsogood.

  • agreed with you about the slightly soft oreos. and since we’re talking processed food, why not drag them through cool whip?

  • Rainbow sprinkles? Well, okay. Oreos? Sure, I guess. But Skor bars? Ohhhh YEAH, baby! Now you’re talking!

    Oh and by the by… you really do lead a charmed life. Say hello to Matt, Deb, Elise, Jaden, and everyone else for me — I’m the cute CA mom with the hot hubby and three kids who offered to take Jaden’s sister’s place on this trip in case she backed out. Not that this description will help any of you have any clue who I am. ;)

  • All you need now are some toasted pecans and some fresh salted caramel for that divine decadent little bowl of pudgy goodness. Go all out David, you’re on vacation. I say eat that sweet treat morning noon and night and even while auditioning Club Med employees for that banana hammock! The only thing better than ice cream treats is ice cream treats in the Bahamas while scoping out hotties!

  • So good. And so bad. But bad can be good, no?

    How about a recipe for homemade “Oreos” when you return to Paris? You just posted a recipe for a killer Vanilla Ice Cream and your Chocolate-Almond Buttercrunch will suffice for the Skor bar…it seems only natural that you should finish this series.

    Ummm…what shall we call your special, rather absurdly hedonistic Sunday?…

  • and by “Sunday”, I obviously meant SUNDAE

  • Now that’s a perfect bowl of ice cream, the more toppings, the better.

  • Jimmies and Cookies and Skor, oh my! Sometimes it really is all about the toppings :)

  • David I’m in Nassau and I’m jealous!! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!!

  • Good luck with the auditions. ;-)

  • Just when I thought I could not be more jalous about these holidays of yours… pfff, again, I hate you :)

  • David–

    You are a crack-up–this totally made my day!

  • My ex used ice cream as a vehicle for sprinkles. When he was done topping, you couldn’t tell what was underneath. I prefer a crushed waffle cone…mmm…

  • Stop Stop, you guys are killing me. I haven’t had an oreo with ice cream in years, not even at the Sonic. Now your talking soft oreo and ice cream (any flavor) and I find myself salivating.

  • Well, I have to admit we found the perfect…um…specimen for the swimsuit competition. He was the Brazilian water aerobics instructor, but Matt was shaking so much, he couldn’t keep the camera steady. I’ll try tomorrow and hope to post a look at “the goods.”

  • Maybe all the food will help you fill out?
    As for Matt, he looks so buff in that new profile pic on facebook!

    Work those bodies!

  • Just my kind of dish–toppings over AND under!

  • What’s not to love about sprinkles?! They make everything better :)

  • My god. Is Club Med paying you to post this stuff? Between the fresh Mahi Mahi and ice cream, I’m about to die.

  • David, you’re just a kid at heart. My twelve year old takes his ice cream just like you do!

  • Now THAT’s my kind of audition!!! I look forward to the proofs…

    Although, I saw that hiney of yours over at SK – it’s cute stuff – so I know this whole casting call to be a complete farce!!

    All that, and you got a massage from two hot Asian babes – beachside! Dang, you’re good!

    I do like your style. Happy frolicking!!


    ~ Paula

  • David, I love that youl adore things like white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. You’re my kind of food lover–not afraid to embrace the low brow and the high brow. Have a great time on the rest of your vacation!

  • I can’t bear it. I really can’t. But I guess I have to until you get the bare necessities of the photo shoot out of the way. Until then, I’m on pins and needles, eating sprinkles and oreo’s minus that white stuff. Skorr bars? SCORE! Ice Cream? PRICELESS


  • Ahhh, vacation: the perfect time to indulge in these sweet nothings that are really something quite special.

  • David, let’s see, I’m really OLD, guess I’ve eaten about a TON of OreO’s :-) To think that I’m working with super pastry all day, hmmmm. NOTHING like a good OO and Icecream. You will have to try BEN AND JERRY’S Oreo/Vanilla. We actually have a B n J’s right here in EL PUERTO de Santa Maria!

    Isnt’s SUN FUN….!!! Now you know why I live in Spain and not Paris….love PARIS, but love SUN more! Lived in Jamaica for five years, oh what great food, fun and delish deserts.

    Continue your frolicking, your articles are better than ever. Good luck with the tush test.

    MADELINE, welcome back to the cooking world! Glad you have connected to David, he’s THE BEST.

  • From coast to coast there will be heards of people looking for rainbow sprinkles!!! You have started a new rage. Just look at the beautiful ying and yang of the bowl. Light and Dark. Smooth and Rough. I need a Vacation!!! Please someone take me away!!!! Oreo’s become a quick food memory. Do not use a fake Oreo. Something in the patent. Just like Classic Coke. The rainbow sprinkles are fun on cupcakes and Nutella as an accent. Love to see your beautiful blog. Makes my day a happy moment in time. Thanks so much. Stay Safe and Fun!!!

  • Great idea, it’s like eating cookies and cream ice cream. I miss Bahamas, I was there with my husband for our honeymoon last May, almost a year already! We went there particularly for swimming with dolphins.

  • Wow – looks like your having fun!! Thanks for the link to Matt’s website. His photography is awesome so make the most of it. But then those castings sound fun too ;-) Enjoy. x

  • marcj: I think they invited us here to fatten us up, and are planning on feeding us to the locals!

  • You are too cute! It’s what my 8 year old nephew would be eating at every meal if he could. But you are on vacay- so you should eat like a kid and have fun like a kid.

  • heee heee. I hope your open casting call goes well! ;) Can’t wait to see the results of your “efforts”!

  • I like creme fraiche and fruit coulis on my ice-cream. And, if I am being really decadent, chopped nuts…..

    By the way, we are missing you on Twitter!

  • I thought my house was the only one sprinkles obsessed! My boys won’t even eat yogurt without sprinkles. Cal always chooses the donut with sprinkles and pink frosting. He eats off said frosting and sprinkles, and “saves the rest for Daddy”.

  • temerity?

    “I looked it up, Otto.” [from A Fish Called Wanda]

  • I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling the love for those colored sprinkles! Now a little hot fudge sauce concealing a great mound of coconut almond chocolate ice cream – now that’s a bowl of love.

  • Club Med – YEAH! I spent several years working for/at Club Med in Mexico and the Bahamas. Enjoy it all (and when I was there, the food, especially the chocolate bread) was pretty good!).

  • sprinkles? ahhh… don’t you mean, jimmies?!



  • It’s great that you take pleasure in something as simple and lovely as Oreos — a snack that never gets old. As for me, I can always snuggle up with Chocolate Obsession ice cream from Soy Delicious, a good book and a cuddly chair. It works every time.