Paris Meet-Up This Saturday at La Cocotte

This Saturday, I’m going to be having a meet-up at La Cocotte bookshop in Paris.

I’ll be there from 3-5pm, and will be there to sign your books, have a drink, and enjoy a few treats from Ready for Dessert


My friends at Context Travel will be providing libations as well as giving away some of their Paris walking tours to attendees. See you there!

La Cocotte
5, rue Paul Bert


  • Shoot! I have the girl-child and a concert at Chatelet later. Hopefully I’ll be able to see you next time!

  • Oh darn! That bookstore is right around the corner from my apartment… yet I’ll be in California for another 2 weeks. Any chance I can con you into trading a signed copy of your my services as a pack mule to bring over any American goods?

  • Just a week before I arrive for vacation! Too bad! Any chance you’ve got something fun going on Saturday the 2nd? :) Nuit Blanche late night book signing with chocolate and champagne tasting? Okay, now I’m just dreaming.

  • I’m trying to find (unsuccessfully so far) a place in Paris where I can learn to make gelato. Does anyone have any tips/ recommendations?


  • I will see you there!!! Can’t wait to meet you! Looking forward to the book as well!

  • Rats! I’m taking a macaron-making class Saturday afternoon. Do it again, soon!?

  • And we don’t get to Paris until October 7 – double rats!

  • Aw, and I don’t arrive in Paris until next Friday. I’ll just have to hope for another event sometime in October!

  • Will you ever come to Seattle? :) Or you already did and I missed it?

  • I should know better than to try to catch up on reading your posts while I’m hungry, sigh :}. I have to go now. I have chocolate calling my name…

  • looks like a lot of us don’t arrive in Paris until the following week! I always seem to miss your events by a few days.

    Oh well maybe next time

  • I too will be arriving just after this event and hope you might do something the first couple weeks of October. Crossing my fingers since there are a number of us coming at that time.
    Thanks much.

  • Google Translate strikes again…(from la cocotte website):

    More than a best-of “an indispensable dessert addict. In “Ready for Dessert” by David Lebovitz treats us to her best recipes, techniques and basics, tips and tricks, in short, everything needed to satisfy our urges sweet and shine in society.
    He will sign at La Cocotte Saturday, September 25 between 15h and 17h. Do not eat breakfast that day too!

    (She really does shine in society – they got that right!) Hope it’s a great event…

  • Makes me wish I was going to Paris.

  • Are you coming to Provence with your book?

  • My copy of The Sweet Life In Paris just arrived, but unlike most of these commenters, I will not be arriving in Paris next week nor do I live just around the corner from La Cocotte. I am thoroughly jealous, though, here in Durham, NC. But I have my book! Sigh….

  • Arriving in Paris on Sunday. Any chance you can leave a few signed copies at the shop?

  • Elaine: The books all sold-out at the event (apologies to the people who arrived later…but at least there was plenty of wine!)

    Thanks to everyone who came by & it was fun to meet you all!

  • Dagnabbit! I was in Paris that day too (without data though, so I couldn’t have known about it). A few days notice would be great next time…(hint hint)

    Hi Jim: The event has been on my Schedule page for a few months, and I’ve announced it on Facebook as well as Twitter. So if you use one of those social media outlets, you can get the scoop on there as well. Thanks! -dl

  • Lucky moi. I got to spend a week in Paris with my daughter, got to meet David and a signed copy of his book. Merci beaucoup, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, remember if ever in Baltimore……