…and she can cook, too!

Sophia Loren cookbook

(Seen in the window of Gastéréa bookstore in Lausanne, Switzerland.)


  • Are you in Switzerland? How do you like it. Lausanne is a very nice City, but there is much more to see…

  • Ohhh, you’re here?! Do come check out Basel and, though I know what a busy man you are, our Expat Kochen (http://www.expatkochen.com) team would love to take you out for a glass of wine! Luring… :)

  • i found this book in august and wrote about it at my blog, too! http://www.sutumesarellemekarisma.com/2010/08/yemege-mutfaga-dair.html from this link u can see the Turkish cover of the book! amazing,isn’t it! Sophia Loren, Academy award owner Sophia Loren has a cook book! She also got talent to win peoples affection by cooking, in addition to acting…

  • Is there any Italian around who cannot cook? ;-)

    I wonder if that is a new cookbook or a re-edition of an older one.
    My “Recipes and Memories” of Sophia Loren is from in the the 1990s, a Christmas gift, I don’t buy “cookbooks” by celebrities (beautiful to look at, though, with Alison Harris’ gorgeous photography and dinner plates and serving pieces from Richard Ginori).

    I traveled to Lausanne in August, to see the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Fondation de l’Hermitage. The exhibition is closed, but I noticed a large vegetable garden in its surrounding park. That, and its location high above Lausanne, well worth the walk up the hill!

  • Dear merisi, about your question David Rocco has a lovely quote “”I’m not a chef, I’m Italian.” :) This is gene i guess… By the way u may have concerns about celebrities book but this one is very sincere, she even wrote about table plan, entertaining guests even wines… Very hearty:)

  • Sophia Loren’s cookbooks are utterly fantastic! Filled with amazing recipes and the best stories. They should all be brought out for reprinting. She’s so much fun on talk shows, especially when cooking. I don’t think many people realize how intelligent Sophia is. Publishers, are you listening?

  • It seems unusual that the gas on the burner is lit behind her. Perhaps the photographer wanted that blue to play off of the blue in her apron.

  • “Con amore”, that all that matters. She is just gorgeous! Enjoy your trip.

  • i found this book in august and wrote about it at my blog, too! amazing,isn’t it! Sophia Loren, Academy award owner Sophia Loren has a cook book! She also got talent to win peoples affection by cooking, in addition to acting… this book has published in 1972, firstly…

  • Love it! I collect old cookbooks and this would be a perfect addition to my collection! Please tell me you bought it!

  • This made my day. Thanks! :)

  • @Merisi: We are not allowed to be legally Italian unless we can cook. :-)

  • Belissima! My grandmother loves her, she grew up in Pozzuoli, which was very near where my grandmother grew up. Maybe I should send her this cookbook, although she does have an adversion to cookbooks in general.

  • My mother had the book and she loved it.
    Thank you David for bringing back happy memories.

  • That better be pasta dough she’s working on. Everything she is, she owes to spaghetti, according to her.

  • @GabeGonzalez – I don’t think the blue in the background is a lit burner but part of the bow from her apron strings.

  • This is hilarious! Who would have thought she could cook. Even celebrities from years ago were throwing on a kitchen apron and acting like they could cook!! Good for them. Makes for an interesting read I would imagine.

  • David, did you buy the book???

  • I got this book from my italian grandmother when she passed away.. and it’s in italian.. I love cooking from it (great recipes and yes she can cook) it makes me feel a bit close to her.

  • I wish I looked that good when I make pasta!

  • Ooooh, mia Sophia…. I LOVE her tremendous smile, her curvy body, her oozing charm – and I am a very happily married woman`! What a treat – I think if ever I stumble upon this cookery book, I’d probably buy it too…. I love beautifully photographed cookery books and I own tons of them but never use any because I just look at the photos – maybe I get some inspiration but then cook nearly always without recipes. but the books are utterly gorgeous!
    Thank you for this upload David+++

  • Not to be picky, but Sophia is no “celebrity” (a la Paris or LiLo or some such) as an earlier commenter mentioned, she is a straight-up, old-school star, and from what little I understand, one of the few to actually understand and love cooking…

  • Sophia Loren a cook book! I found this book in June and gave it to my granny as a birthday present, she enjoyed in reading and cooking from it.

  • This is my father’s ONLY cookbook (er, the english version). He’s had it since his bachelor days. Obviously, I’m stealing it next time I’m home; thanks for reminding me about it.